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When Changing Jobs Make Sense
By:Doyle Percy

There was a time when employees would stay at their jobs for 30 years or the life of their career. Today it is unusual to find someone that has been at their job for beyond 10 years. Employers used to frown on applicants that appeared to be job hopping. It raised questions as to the persons loyalty and work ethic. The trend has seemed to shift and employers treat long time employees as if they were lazy and lacked ambition because they did not look elsewhere for better opportunities.

The stigma is no longer attached to job hoppers as a matter of fact as long as you have been making strides in your career no one seems to care where those strides were made. Given this information it is still important to realize that changing jobs is really a big decision, especially when job security is so important in this economic climate. People change jobs for many different reasons. Money, advancement, boredom, and many more reasons. Before changing jobs there are several factors that should be considered, such as commute time, is the commute time longer if you switch jobs? Money; would the compensation be higher if you change jobs? And at what cost would that compensation be rewarded (more work more responsibilities)? Is there room for advancement? Whatever the motivation is the decision should be made in a rational manner never out of anger.

When a Job Change is Beneficial

A job change is beneficial when you have reached the pinnacle at your current job. When there is no possible way for you to achieve a higher position. Instead of becoming stagnant in your field it is best to move on to another job. In certain fields you almost have to change jobs to be successful in your career. If you are in a support oriented career than changing jobs is something you have to do to climb the ladder. Many times changing jobs will give you an opportunity to expand your skills in a given career field this is always beneficial. A larger salary, better health insurance may be a benefit for changing jobs even if you like the job you have. Changing jobs should not be confused with changing careers generally if you are happy with what you do but unhappy with the company that employs you to do it than changing jobs is the answer. If you are unhappy with what you do and it is not relevant to the employer than perhaps a career change is in order.

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