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How to Write a Job Transfer Request
By:Kenny Leones

Employees commonly write job transfer requests if they want to be promoted or if they want to be transferred to the other bases or facilities owned by their employers. Being able to write these requests effectively is important to get the job position that you want. In order to submit an impressive job transfer letter to your boss, it is beneficial to follow the simple and easy steps discussed below.

How to Write a Job Transfer Request

To make an interesting request, the first thing that you should consider is the reasons for writing the letter. If the reason for writing the request is that you are interested about a promotion, then it is best to indicate that you heard a vacant position, which can be helpful in your career. If the reasons are personal, then you can cite that the job vacancy is important to improve your relationship with your family. You can also state that if you transfer to a particular facility of the company can save you time and money since it is nearer to your place.

After providing reasons for writing the letter, it is important to state your personal achievements that make you qualify for the open position. You can indicate the special trainings that you attended, which makes you fit for the position. To increase the chance that you will be considered for the position, you can cite that hiring you can be beneficial to the company since your present responsibilities and duties are similar with the job description for the vacant position.

Do not forget to state the reason why you want to remain a part of the company. State that the firm helped you improve your understanding on various fields. Indicate the improvements in your career and personal life that happened since you became a part of the firm. Afterwards, write the things that you can do for the growth of the company whenever you get the vacant position.

Before ending the letter, it is important that you state the ways that you can do to assist with the transition process. Assure the company that you will train the person who will be considered to replace you if you transfer to the other facility of the firm or if you are promoted. You can also recommend an employee or colleague who you think suits your present position. Be sure that the person that you recommend is capable of handling and doing you present responsibilities and tasks.

End the transfer request with a formal salutation. Write your name before the closing salutation and sign.

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