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Employment Tips

Top Tips to Improve Your Body Language
By:Kim Chambers

You've heard the stats that body language makes up the majority of our communication. With the recession getting that job you are after is difficult with the increased competition so here I present my top five tips to show good body language for interviews.

1) Smile

It is important to have a strong and believable smile. Practice in the mirror and get the opinion of a friend. You want to convey that you are a confident and happy person who is excited and wants to work for this company. If you are embarrassed about your teeth then it might be worthwhile seeing what a dentist can do to improve them. The cost will soon be recouped if you get the job and if not I'm sure it will help improve your confidence.

2) Eye Contact

An interviewee who doesn't maintain eye contact will put major doubts in the mind of the interviewer. When you are saying something they might not take it in as they are distracted by your body language. If you don't maintain eye contact because you are unsure of an answer to a question then you will know next time you may need to do more preparation. The interviewer will be thinking of it is down to lack of confidence or if you have something to hide. Again the advice is try practicing with friends first.

3) Sit up Straight

We often slouch if we are used to sit in a particular way and may not notice it straight away but it is important to be aware of how you are sitting. Try sitting forward which will help avoid slouching and will make you look more attentive and interested in what is being said. An interviewer won't be impressed if you are slouching, practice at home first.

4) Have Open Body Language

Think about how you will sit, practice this with a friend. Having your legs slightly apart if you are a guy is good and your hands on your thighs demonstrate that you are listening and are receptive to the questions.

5) The Right Handshake

The handshake will give the first and last impression in an interview. You may not realise but there is quite a lot that can be learned from a handshake. A limp handshake can indicate lack of confidence and you could have difficulties in confrontational situations. If your handshake is too strong you may be too brash and not a good listener. A firm but not hard grip is what you want, try to mirror the interviewer.

Hopefully these tips will help you improve your interview performance. THG Worldwide http://jobs.trovit.co.uk/jobs/thg-worldwide has listed several sales positions, put yourself to the test.

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