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Employment Tips

5 Tips to Earning Extra Cash to Get by in the Hard Times
By:Will Stone

With the economy being as it is, a lot of people are looking for part time jobs in addition to their regular employment in order to stay solvent.

Since their regular job is the main income, they need to find positions that are flexible in terms of working hours.

Remember these tips when applying to that potential employer:

• Prepare a clean resume listing all your current and past experience. Even if you lack experience in position you are applying for, you can show your work ethic as well as show the employer that you are willing to offer your information in a clear concise manner. Highlight your strengths which could make you look to be better than the other people that have applied for the same position..

• When meeting an employer, over dress. Many people make the assumption that in that they are applying for a part time job, they can show up in casual wear. That's a misnomer as it is important to show the prospective employer that you are a professional when it comes to work, even if it is for a lower paid part time position. In addition to the proper clothing be well groomed as that goes a long way in telling the employer how you will maintain his work place. The outfit worn could be business casual. Excessive jewelry is generally a no-no as many employers will think that you will be generating interest for your self as opposed to his products or services.

• Be prepared to hear the work "No" more than once as there are others applying and many are as anxious as you to get the position. Rejection is a part of acceptance and you would need to just let the rejection just roll off your back and move onto the next opportunity.

• When you initially meet the human resource person, make sure that you offer a firm handshake and look them in the eyes. Be prepared to offer yourself in a bit of a sales talk, expounding on your positive attributes and downplaying any failures you may have in the past.

• Follow up - follow up - follow up! It's absolutely imperative that you follow up with your interview with an email or quick letter and then a few days later with a phone call. The squeaky wheel often gets the grease and if the employer sees that you are interested enough to make follow up calls, you have a much better chance of employment.

There are many part time jobs available if you are looking and a part time job may very well be what you need to get you over the hump!

Will Stone has offered employment tips and company background information for years to those that are looking to improve their lives. Click here for a Part Time Online Jobs or to learn more about what Will Stone offers take a look at his Job Information Site http://jobs-work-employment.com/employment_news.html.

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