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Employment Tips

How Should You React If Fired From Job?
By:Yogindernath Gupta

Monster of recession is hovering over everyone across the entire globe these days. Thus layoffs have become a usual affair in the industry. Pink slipping is continuing unabated across almost every sector.

In case you happen to be a victim of a layoff, remember that if you handle the situation intelligently with a sense of self-respect; there is every probability that your company can become your prospective employer once again in future.

Layoff is a typically difficult situation for both employees as well as the employers. In such delicate moments, plenty of unanswered issues crop up & the laid off employee is liable to develop several feelings leading to irreparably bad relations with the employers.

Hence you need be extremely watchful of the situation, while following Do's & Don'ts can be greatly helpful during the hour of crisis.

1) You should maintain great cool & avoid losing temper at any cost. Even if you come across certain unpleasant moments, keep mum.
2) It is quite likely that you may get a strong impulse to react over the following:

a) A less competent colleague occupying the next door cabin to you still happen to be in his job.
b) Irresponsible, foolish, selfish & may be greedy behavior of your employers - as per your perspective.

........but that is your viewpoint & might be fair as per the overall situation.

3) Try not to express your obvious anguish & do not prolong even the slightest anger for long. This can create unbridgeable gaps in relationships with many people who could be of help to you in future.
4) Even if not fired, do introspection & summarize all points being the cause of your anguish & impulsive behavior when your company is laying off people every now & then. Remember that such actions can be the cause of your getting a pink slip in the future. Hence be careful in your expression of thoughts to your friends, colleagues & especially your superiors.
5) Parting your ways with the employers decently shall always to be your advantage. There is great probability that going by your cool & co-operative behavior, the employer might make good recommendations about you, which can be an instrument in getting a better opportunity in the future.
6) It is not wise to plead for your job - since it won't be of any good, as the employers have already made up their mind on you.
7) Remember that your peaceful exit from the company will help you to continue in maintaining good relationship with the employers even after the passing of such hard times. You will find help coming from several past associates in the future. Even you may feel like returning to the company after a while.
8) Keeping in mind certain tips, if you keep your self-control intact & behave with self-respect, there is every likelihood that your employer can contact you for a graceful return in the coming future.
9) There is no point in an open display of your heartfelt anger. Don't develop a feeling of any type of guilt as well; since this situation is not created by you. There is no one in this world that is going to feel good about your present situation.
10) At this moment of crisis, when your heart is full of anguish & your employers too are inexpressive; doesn't mean a total absence of feelings in your employers. This time is certainly equally painful for both of you.

Plan your Future with intelligence: Following tips shall be to great advantage.

1) Develop Portable Skills: Try to introspect & identify such skills, which can especially prove your suitability while shifting among public sector & private sectors.
2) Develop a Multitasking Personality: Try to develop a plug-n-play multitasking personality where you can demonstrate your adaptability to multi disciplinary profiles at any point of time.
3) Develop New Skills: Try to develop additional skills where there is still great demand.
4) Develop flexibility: Do not be adamant or choosy about change of your location, salary package, or even slightly different job profile.
5) Use your Past Network: Use every opportunity to communicate with the guys who had been helpful to you in the past, who can be instrumental in paving a way towards a new opening. Contact the people, collect every piece of helpful information & act with a positive attitude.

If you act with a positive attitude, success is going to fall in your lap very shortly.

Best of Luck!


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