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teaching without textbook or curriculum or degree, please help me!  by: Rio
I'm a native English speaking teenager studying abroad in Germany for a year, and I was asked to tutor a man (30 yrs, I think) in English. We had our first lesson last night, and there's another one..
Re: Drilling Colors  by: Dr. Yanni Zack
Dear John Lee, I would recommend that you create a fun way to teach colors of children's clothes by using their clothes as an example. First, identify the different clothes the students are wearing..
Being an excellent teacher is never easy. Mistakes are committed from time to time as you try to figure out what teaching style and class management technique works best for you. This is..
ESL student newspaper  by: Casey
Hi all, I would like to have my ESL (university) students design their own newspaper for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure how to start and can't find much on the Net. Advice please. Casey
Apathetic High School Students - Thank you.  by: Sandy
Thank you Dr. Zack for the speedy response. I shall certainly follow up on your suggestions and post a response in due course. Regarding realia - we have all the heavy duty agricultural machinery at..
Continuity of Lessons  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Tips and Strategies
Dear Dr. Zack, Many of the students we work with are corporate employees with hectic schedules. It's sometimes difficult, if not impossible for them to find the time for lessons, despite their..
Free at Last - Hi Rheno!  by: Yingwen Laoshi
Hey, it's always exam week/day here. It Tell me about it Rheno! It's been exactly the same for me. Although I've taught in a college before, this has been my first experience teaching writing. I have..
Sentence Structure  by: Rosalind
Thank you. It's sort of a relief to know and I will take you advice on board. Rosalind
Re: pronunciation help  by: Yanni Zack
I need more specific information regarding what you have tried to help this student in working on his pronunciation problem so I can give you ideas and strategies to use.
Beginner: Providing ESL services for 7 year old boy  by: Jana
Hello...I am currently tutoring a 7 year old boy who is chinese and speaks very little English. I have tutored him for the past 2 years. Last year I worked primarily with him as a volunteer in a..
study skills  by: Karen Dickinson
I have taught them the same strategy using the Letters SQ3R. Just an add-on, having used all the same strategies. Many books cannot be written in because they are non-consumable (sometimes even when..
It's a Plan  by: Rosalind
Dear E, I know what you mean. Where I am, we have classes of between 30 - 50 of mixed levels from reasonable speakers to "I don't know what you're speaking about" - even in my classes, which are the..
learning a language  by: jeff
Best way: person to person, books, audio, tv?
Re: General note on this forum  by: Yanni+Zack
Dear Turnoi, Thank you for the kind words posted about me on the forum. Also, I want to personally thank you for keeping the discussion area alive, and for the great information you provided to the..
English games  by: Martina Kozakova
Dear Sir or Madam I have started teaching English and I would like to ask you for some helpful games for children between 10 to 12 with elementary English. Thank you very much. Yours sincerelly..
Re: Best progression for individual student without confusing her with IPA symbols and grammatical t  by: Yanni Zack
Rob, The best way I can suggest to use the vocabulary would be to develop situations using real life situations/experiences associated with her business. Concept teaching is very important as well...
Re: Reverse Engineering an English Class  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
E: What you are doing is similar to the concept of "Top Down" and "Bottom Up" teaching. In "Top Down", you start out with the final product(your final exam) already established and then teach to the..
Re: teaching esl to asian children (unmotivated students)  by: k
Welcome to my world! I have the same problem every day, but with classes of up to 35 unmotivated primary aged students. I figured out some time ago that to provide the motivation, a different..
Re: Adult ESL and field trips  by: luvnchub
Thanks for your input. I should clarify that we do have two textbooks, a functional language student textbook and a grammar book. 2 hrs. of each day is devoted to basic grammar structures which..
i need help re: ESL tutoring marketing video shoot  by: weng
hi..go0d day dr still a trainee ESL online instruct0r,i really need your help.the operations manager t0ld us to make a 30-sec0nd speech for our video sho0t so that students can cho0se and..
idioms  by: pete Brad
Blind as a bat, ok. deaf as a post? hee hee...
Games for classroom  by: Jen
I'm a mother helping out with a classroom party in my daughter's first grade class. They're having a South African themed party and I'm looking for a game to play in the classroom that will take up..
I won't be quitting anytime soon  by: SiamSap
I'll be doing this ESL thing for a while, hopefully for the next twenty years or even longer. For me, the hardest part of teaching ESL has been all the 'rude surprises', such as the shock that in..
Re: Teaching People older than you  by: ariem
hello tiffany. Your question is quite interesting. I am also an educator who deals with adult students. My students are twice older than I. Teaching adult students is very challenging because of so..
Advice Tutoring Adults ESL  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Collin, Tutoring Adult ESL Learners is no differentr than teaching a class of Adult ESL Students: Here are some tips and strategies: Remember to use lots of visuals with the students- pictures,..
Re: Private Lessons to 3 & 4 year olds  by: Turnoi
Yes, at this age small children are just beginning to develop the linguistic skills in their on native language. This is what you should bear in mind when teaching them some English in addition...
Teaching with Technology  by: Wendy
Hi Everybody, My name is Wendy, I have a Florida based company that provides computer assisted audio learning solutions for the academic sector! I provide foreign language labs, ESOL labs, reading..
Effective Technology use to improve language learning in all adult esl students  by: sss123
Hi, I am an esl/efl teacher and I am presently working on my research paper. I am interested to get some ideas/feedback on the various forms/types of technology that can be used and are presently..
Re: a few things regarding 2 classes  by: Yanni Zack
Kate, My suggestion is to first look through this book- there are a lot of great ideas, tips, and resources that teachers in the ESL Field from all levels have posted to share with other teachers. I..
Is grammar important  by: Shelley Vernon
Hello, Yes grammar is fundamental. However when teaching young children I prefer to teach grammar through natural absorption rather than through learning rules and dissecting sentences. To expand on..
Re: first time teaching kids  by: Yanni Zack, Ph.D.
My recommendation is to make sure you are prepared, and have reviewed the material you plan to teach. Also, it is important to make the learning fun, i.e. use visuals, and have the students be active..
Re: How to design reading comprehension questions and how to find articles for reading articles  by: john
Well, I was told that best way for reading comprehension is from the Test preparation books for the GRE test. They have the typical questions like author's tone, purpose, and main ideas. You can copy..
Re: Kindergarten Games Help  by: Turnoi
For mere reasons of interest, I have googled "Phonics" some time ago, and indeed - a lot of different resources were shown as a result of that search. I suggest you do the same; it probably would..
Re: Running an English Corner  by: zombie5
The history of, and love it or loath it parts need serious updating or correction. Speaking as someone who lived in Tianjin and Chengdu in 2016-17.
re: ESL Students Listening to the Teacher  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Mico, I found that ESL Students need a lot of both listening and practice in order to learn English. Thus, I would use a variety of activities which promote listening. However, in order to make sure..
Re: discipline in a foreign language  by: Samantha
This can be tough. I taught Kindergartners here in the states who were all ESL students, so the first day I had the rude awakening that they had no idea what "lining up" meant. Because of the..
Discipline in the classroom  by: Julio Luque
Hello, everyone, my name is Julio and I work in a language school in Lima, Peru. Well, I have read several messages about cheating and other disciplinary problems, so I would like to know what..
It's a sign of variable ability....probably caused by cheating in the past  by: Rosalind
Thanks for your observations. Well, where I work is a new uni made up of students from all over the China - and they are all freshmen. Everything is new for them .. new city, new friends... the lot...
Re: teaching esl to asian children  by: a teacher
Read them a story. Dr. Seus, Charlottes Web. IT's English LIT Let them learn the VALUE of English. Put a word on Each Kids front and have them stand up and make sentences and show them proper and..
First Day of Class  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Dear Roy, In order to open your class up on the right foot, I suggest that you prepare and plan ahead of time before the first class meeting. Also, remember to include lots of hands-on learning, as..