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Teaching beginner ESL 4-5th  by: Lauren
Hi, I would like some suggestions on how to teach the basic skills such as the alphabet and phonics to older students. I do not want to offend them with materials and lessons that seem too "babyish"...
Re: English speaking and foreigners  by: daxx
\-|"> I think it is very important that you don't forget the language you grew up with. and with regards to speaking English, it would really be helpful to watch English films. this will not only..
grammar  by: monique
I've been in the US approximately seven years. I am finishing a bachelor's degree right now. I need to improve my writing skills especially in writing papers. My English teacher makes comments..
Re: Adult ESL and field trips  by: Mark Yates
Looks like a cultural problem. Maybe they don't want to lose face by "getting it wrong". I wonder how you could adjust their criteria so that they only lose face when they don't do anything. Maybe..
Re: teaching English for nursing  by: TEFL nurse
Hi Carmen- Medical English for nurses, doctors and healthcare is truly a specialty English. Maybe a Spanish Esl teacher may not be the best choice for teaching med English to a Chinese nurse. An..
Hard to handle Classes  by: Danielle
Help, I am teaching different level classes and while the older kids are a pleasure to teach, the 6 and 7 year olds are really difficult. I have tried many different games and songs with them. They..
Being an excellent teacher is never easy. Mistakes are committed from time to time as you try to figure out what teaching style and class management technique works best for you. This is..
Re: grammar  by: Turnoi
I am a writer myself, and it very often happens that I have to write texts for books and articles in one of the several second/foreign languages that I know (English, German, French, and Chinese)...
ESL textbooks for kids  by: Lamya
how about "fingerprints", by Macmillan?
Re: How do I teacher ESL to adults who are not literate in their first language?  by: LA
Hey kelsi: I have a similar challenge in my class too. however, my group is very mixed in ability levels. it,s hard not to bore the more advanced and literate students and not to overwhem those..
Cambridge English Playway Books!  by: Wendy
Hi Dr. Yanni Zack. I am at a school here that uses the Cambridge English series of books along with a couple of other series of books. This week I went into a class of 7&8 year olds who all had a..
Re: Writing Center ESL advice  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and St
I also agree that students need to be given more opportunity to practice reading during this tutor time. My philosophy has and always will be that good readers are good writers, and good writers are..
Re: General note on this forum  by: Yanni+Zack
Dear Turnoi, Thank you for the kind words posted about me on the forum. Also, I want to personally thank you for keeping the discussion area alive, and for the great information you provided to the..
my first class  by: Eric (Seoul)
preparation: 1- I get to know each name of the students 2- have a plan b in case they already know the lesson to move to another lesson-topic 3- get my materials ready start: 1- have all the students..
Games for classroom  by: Jen
I'm a mother helping out with a classroom party in my daughter's first grade class. They're having a South African themed party and I'm looking for a game to play in the classroom that will take up..
4-5 year old ESL learners!  by: Brittany
Help! I'm teaching a class of 4-5year old ESL learners. They can speak fairly well, using "My name is.." "I'm 4years old" their favorites colours, etc but they have an attention span of 5 mins tops...
Essay questions  by: Elephant
Dr. Zack, I wish I could use essay-type questions on my quizzes/tests/exams. The sad reality at my gov't high school is that my students just aren't good enough to answer in essay form. Most of my..
Re: Books for private tutoring  by: Yanni Zack
I agree that you don't need books for private tutoring. Use the resources you have available- use the local newspaper (English Version) and have the student write about what they read and practice..
Ghost town  by: Yingwen Laoshi
Hi Rheno I hear you, regarding the discussion forum. I've had the same problem too. It's so dead over there that all I can hear is the old rusty sign swinging on it's hinges and the soft wind..
Welcome back!  by: Sarah
Hello Dr Zack NICE to see you back! Sarah
Video: Teach Kids English Show #1: Smile   by:
Today I am talking about a simple idea: smile!
Re: Running an English Corner  by: Martin Wolff
CHINA EFL: English Corner Martin Wolff, Guangzhou, China About the Author Martin Wolff, J.D. – Martin Wolff has taught Holistic English, international business law and..
I teach old students  by: Naweed
Dear sir! I am an instructor for English at one of the Capacity building programs in Afghanistan and the program is for 2 years and the students are also over 45 years i want to make my class very..
Good advice is needed!!!!  by: Ivan
Hi....i 'am new in teaching English here in KOrea and one of concerns right now is ....MODULESI badly needs help.. Thanx...
Baby Steps  by: Elephant
Thanks for the reply, Dr. Z. Typical of all your replies, I found it helpful. I'm just starting out using this technique. Ensuring my classes have a 'logical' flow is something I'll refine as I move..
discipline in a foreign language  by: Bri
I am teaching at a private school in South America. I teach children 4-7 years old and find that when I try to provide instruction that is disciplinary in nature (sit down, listen, be quiet,etc.),..
Why Should One Learn Foreign Language?  by: Rosy
Dear everyone, I am an Indonesian language teacher for western foreigners in my country, of course, Indonesia. I found it quite difficult to give reason why should one learn foreign language in..
advise tutoring adults esl  by: Collin
Hello Dr. Zack and partners, I would like to tutor Latin American adults beginners. Groups of one to one. Would you be so kind to give me a few tips. Thank you! Collin
Re: i need help re: ESL tutoring marketing video shoot  by: Turnoi
Is that for marketing your school or a demo class to attract students? If the latter applies, just record a live session between a teacher and a student. The more "natural" it looks, the greater the..
Re: Best progression for individual student without confusing her with IPA symbols and grammatical t  by: Yanni Zack
Rob, The best way I can suggest to use the vocabulary would be to develop situations using real life situations/experiences associated with her business. Concept teaching is very important as well...
Is Grammar REALLY Important for a Second Language Learner?  by: Julio Foppoli
This is a typical question that I receive from many new students and website visitors. My answer is clear and simple: “indeed.” Grammar is the backbone of a language and without it any single..
Ontesol TEFL Video: Why is Lesson Planning Important?  by:
Lesson planning is the most important section of a TESOL/TEFL course.
Re: ESL Beginners -- k-2  by: Merry
hi, I agree with the previous post, songs, games, these are you best bets. The youngest group I teach is 3rd grade and they love "Duck, Duck, Goose." Do you remember this game? I have them sit in a..
Thanks a bunch  by: RhenoKorean
Thanks a bunch, Monk. Yes, a lot of the kids in my classes have been left at the doorstep of my school by their aggravated parents who are just looking to get rid of them for a few hours or even a..
Some more advice  by: SiamSap
Congrats on going to Korea. That's the best place for TEFL teachers, in my humble, aggravated opinion. I don't mean to sound negative, but I teach in a certain country down in SE Asia--a place that..
Thanks  by: Karla Couasnon
Thank you very much for the tips. I think it will be especially helpful with my false beginners. I know that it is hard to get adults to talk so this sounds like it would be a great way to encourage..
Re: help needed  by: mark
Thank you for responding yanni , I was told that I will be teaching beginners (young adults), oral English only. I have no classroom experience, so if you are game , your help would be greatly..
Business English books  by: Mike
Hi everybody! I'm in South Korea, and I need a book for a group that I teach. I would prefer one or two books to cover these topics: - Business Presentations - Business Conversation - Business E-mail..
Try Using Games  by: ForumAngel
Hi Gloria, Knowing vocabulary is the basis to being able to read, speak and understand the language, so you'll want to teach new vocabulary as often as possible. Have you thought about using games to..
Students may need help in learning to apply reading skills to study techniques when preparing for class discussions, tests, and report writing. They can improve their comprehension if they learn to..