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How do i teach a high school student?  by: Lerry
How do i teach a grade 1 high school student who wanna go abroad in a year's time? This student in question has a fairly average knowledge of English but he needs polishing in phonetics,comprehension..
Re: how to get to?  by: Yanni Zack
First off, just be yourself. Be positive, and emphasize the strong qualities you have as an ESL Teacher. Remember, you are having to sell yourself to future employers, and give them a reason why they..
Re: Visual Impairment/ESL  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and St
Shannon, Working with a Visually Impaired Student who is learning English as a Second Langauge requires the teacher to modify the way they teach that student. Specifically, the teacher needs to..
Poetry  by: Ravichandran
I would like to know some activities that I can conduct for average intermediate students to help them enjoy poetry and interpret the poem (meaning making).
Improving spoken english  by: Eric
Hello, I teach English at an Academy in Spain and I am beginning to teach private lessons. The majority of the students I have are University students who need help in improvng their spoken english..
teaching strategies  by: arianne
Hi, I'm Arianne! I really need your help. I really need some teaching strategies for online ESL class for individual and group class. Pls....thanks!
Re: Writing Center ESL advice  by: Andrew
Reading is the best way to learn word choice. L2 learners can have grammar stuffed down their throats endlessly, and after a while they just lose interest in developing skills. There are so many..
Acrostics is fun  by: Elephant
Try acrostics. My students really like this game, especially when ice creams await the winners. Acrostics is a game in which the class is divided into groups of three or four. The teacher writes..
Re: teaching through songs - what's Ur oppinion?  by: Dr. Yanni Zack
Sylvia, Using songs to teach Beginning ESL Students is a great strategy. There are a lot of songs out there you can use- current hits, rock and roll, country music, as well as songs from movies.
Visual Impairment/ESL  by: Shannon
Has anyone worked with students who are visually impaired and learning English as a second language?
Re: Ideas for an English Carnival  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Howard, Bingo is a great activity to use in your English Carnival. Another activity to use would be Charades, and also Twenty Questions. Dr. Yanni Zack
counselling  by: suresh
my son is 15 yrs old but he does not study what should i do
Re: how to teach a diverse classroom of students  by: Yanni Zack
Teaching a diverse group of students, including multi-age students can be quite challenging. One suggestion I have is for you to first determine the different skill levels and proficiency levels for..
Re: teaching esl to asian children  by: Caity
I have a very diverse class as well. I have found these strategies extremely useful when working with ESL children (especially in the primary grades) - use a lot of pictures to show what you are..
number recognition  by: Anne
Help, please! I have a beginning ESL student who cannot recognize or accurately state the numbers 3-5 (he now knows 1 and 2). Although he can recite them, he cannot remember what they look like. How..
Re: Effective Technology use to improve language learning in all adult esl students  by: Yanni Zack
Using Technology in ESL Teaching is very common. Many schools use Video Conferencing, Skype Teaching, and Interactive ESL Computer-Assisted Programs where students interact with the material..
Re: Helping ESL students take standardized tests  by: Yanni Zack
Donna, Since she needs help with English on a standardized test for becoming a Nurse, I suggest you work on developing vocabulary with her as well as comprehension question (for essay) that relate to..
Teaching of cursive writing  by: Chunping Wu
Fellow teachers of English: Since the last three years in China, I have found some local teachers wrote some of the English letters in a very different ways. For example, they didn't correct the..
Re: teaching English for nursing  by: Carmen
Thank you for your reply! I will try to do what you say but I have to say that I'm a bit afraid of not doing well :S Bye
teaching without textbook or curriculum or degree, please help me!  by: Rio
I'm a native English speaking teenager studying abroad in Germany for a year, and I was asked to tutor a man (30 yrs, I think) in English. We had our first lesson last night, and there's another one..
Ive just started privately tutoring a middle aged Chinese man.  by: Naomi
Ive just started privately tutoring a middle aged Chinese man. His English is already very good, but he wants to improve because he is running a business and wants to be able to better interact with..
Re: teaching English for nursing  by: Carolle
I would like to buy Robin A. Bradley book English for Nursing and Health care. I Look on the web site I could not find it. Help me find a easy way to buy it
grammar  by: monique
I've been in the US approximately seven years. I am finishing a bachelor's degree right now. I need to improve my writing skills especially in writing papers. My English teacher makes comments..
Re: Teaching Story to my 4 1/2 year old son  by: Extefler
In America, we tell bedtime stories to our children. Sometimes we read them from little books, sometimes they are just stories we know. But often we pretend we are reading the story from the book,..
Tips on Teaching English  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Violy, Thanks for your question. I would have to say that having students learn English only through Reading stories is not enough. I would suggest that you include writing within your strategies as..
Re: teaching English for nursing  by: Teflnurse
There is a "textbookish" manual for non-native English speaking healthcare workers wanting to learn anatomy and physiology terminology in the English language: "Anatomy and Physiology for English..
Re: Korean High School  by: Turnoi
For this age group, there are some things to be borne in mind: Most of these students, do not stop learning outside school but would still attend extra-curricular learning sessions in the afternoon...
Teaching the sixties?  by: Barbara Mercier
Hello everybody, I am soon going to read Harold and Maude with a class of college students (17-18 years old). To get them into the mood of the book I would like to make an introductory lesson about..
re: ESL Students Listening to the Teacher  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Mico, I found that ESL Students need a lot of both listening and practice in order to learn English. Thus, I would use a variety of activities which promote listening. However, in order to make sure..
Re: Worried about being Boring in the Classroom  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Ted, A great way to engage younger ESL Students is to use hands-on learning activities as well as cooperative group learning activities. Examples for young ESL Learners would be Alphabet or Word..
Absolutely  by: Elephant
Eric, I'd start with nouns then move to pronouns and 'to be' verbs along with some easy action verbs. You'll need dictionaries for this. Next, move to noun-to-pronoun conversions, and person/POV...
Amazing ... this is what we've just put into the works here  by: Rosalind
RT Last week saw the foreign teachers and the school heads in a meeting asking for this very thing (ie. FT's will test freshmen for English levels before they are assigned their classes). What has..
Re: Teaching ESL to High School Students  by: Yanni
Wendy, I would first of all ignore the other teachers comments. Are they your supervisor? If not, then the only one you need to get the confidence from for your teaching is the supervisor, and not..
Re: please help me  by: Yanni Zack
Amantina, I would first recommend that you look through some of the previous posts in this section as there are others who have asked similar questions. I know that you will find lots of ideas,..
Re: Reading to Learn English  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and St
Sue, Your question of what if students can't read is a good one. My suggestion for students who can't read is to let them have a book with pictures and then you as the teacher should have them tell..
Another Speaking Idea  by: ForumAngel
For a fun game to practise speaking you could give some pupils questions and others the answers, or funny multiple choice answers. Tell the group that the multiple choice answers must match up and..
Re: Kindergarten Games Help  by: Turnoi
For mere reasons of interest, I have googled "Phonics" some time ago, and indeed - a lot of different resources were shown as a result of that search. I suggest you do the same; it probably would..
TEFL Class (video): How to Teach Pronunciation Variation in the ESL Classroom - Allophonic & Sentence-Level Variations, Basics of Phonology  by: International TEFL Academy
TEFL Class Instruction: How to Teach Pronunciation Variation in the ESL Classroom. Video series from International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Course. Including: - Sentence-Level Variation - Allophonic..
Re: English Carnival  by: Susan
I've found that doing stations really works well with large groups. Let some of your more experienced students "man" the station and the lesser experienced ones can go by and do different things at..
Re: Ive just started privately tutoring a middle aged Chinese man.  by: Joe
Yes, I certainly do know of some activities. Depending upon the level that he is at. Go to the various web sites and down load anything on becoming a citizen in that country. Believe me, he is..