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Re: idioms  by: alanna
Dirt cheap, over the hill, once in a blue moon, out of this world, win by a landslide???? Any ideas on how to teach these idioms?
Language Lab  by: Rosalind
hmmmmm ..... I was going to say we don't have computers but I know the uni has IT as a subject. I'll check it out. Thanks E ! \-|"> Rose
Re: Illiterate but speaks a little  by: Turnoi
Anne, It's great that you want to help the Sri Lanka worker to become literate in English. There are two questions to ask first: 1. Does she speak some basic English already? If YES, the better. If..
Advice Tutoring Adults ESL  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Collin, Tutoring Adult ESL Learners is no differentr than teaching a class of Adult ESL Students: Here are some tips and strategies: Remember to use lots of visuals with the students- pictures,..
OH NO - NOT MY CLASS!  by: Rosalind
A few of my English Major students have been standing in for less well spoken students in other departments pretending to be that student and doing the Oral English exam for them so they will get a..
Re; Teaching with Technology  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Wendy, Thank you for giving us information regarding your services. Using technology in teaching is very important and can greatly enhance a teacher's effectiveness with his/her students. Dr. Yanni..
IELTS Exam prep  by: Bill Jacot
Elizabeth, With apologies to Dr.Z., go to the web site and then in the left margin, click on TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and you will be guided to some great information that will be of..
Very New to Teaching English  by: Mark
Hello all, I am an American now living in Jordan. I do not have a background in teaching. My whole background has been in IT. I am currently working for a training center and they would like me to..
Games for classroom  by: Jen
I'm a mother helping out with a classroom party in my daughter's first grade class. They're having a South African themed party and I'm looking for a game to play in the classroom that will take up..
Re: Tips for a New Teacher?  by: Extefler
Hi again- I think teaching the alphabet might be too boring for an informal group, and they may already know it quite well from learning their own language, if its Spanish. Purepecha languages bring..
Private Lessons to 3 & 4 year olds  by: Sarah
Hello, I have been asked by a friend of a friend if I would give English lessons to two 3 & 4 year olds. The mother would like me to come twice a week for one hour at a time and only conversational..
Re: Help teaching Primary  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and St
Kate I sympathize with your having such a large class!! Here are a couple of suggestions: Continue to use flashcards as you are doing. Also include lots of visuals as well, i.e. pictures. Have..
Classroom discipline: short fuse  by: SLL
I'm new to teaching. Teaching in Korea kids could be very demanding and stressful. Keep asking myself: whether this job is the right one for me. Thank you.
Re: tips on teaching english  by: Yanni Zack
Violy, In my experience with working with 9 year old ESL students, I have found that when you allow them to chose what they want to read and learn, i.e. make learning fun, they will learn faster and..
Re: To Coin a Phrase  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Teaching Tips and Strategies
Del, Another very good explanation of a type of speech commonly used in English.
Re: HELP on teaching ESL to a deaf mute student  by: Turnoi
I really have no practical experience of teaching ESL to deaf non-native speakers. You are using "deaf mute". Does that mean that that child cannot speak either? I know a couple of deaf people, and I..
Multi-Level Teaching  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Tips and Strategies
Dear Dr.Zack, My name is Miss Ameena, I'm writing you from Egypt .I am teaching adult students an English course, I'm teaching different levels for the time being. My major problem is that I almost..
Teaching adults  by: Nat
Hello all, Anyone could give me an example of how to teach adults English. Thanks, Nat
Poetry  by: Ravichandran
I would like to know some activities that I can conduct for average intermediate students to help them enjoy poetry and interpret the poem (meaning making).
Screaming and shouting and running about ...  by: Rosalind
Thanks for responding, Rheno. The time has past for asking what to do. I went ahead and tried-on enrolling the class monitors in the possibility of causing integrity within their classes. I was..
English phonics video curriculum  by: Lori
I have been asked by a school in Thailand to find a video curriculum that will teach phonics comprehensively to K-8 students to learn to read English. They wish to have a video curriculum since the..
New to teaching. What to teach ESL students? What should I teach them?  by: Jeff/USA
10 Kids 6 to 8 years old from Mexico/Latin A. Thank you! Jeff
Re: Need help with curriculum, class management and simply how to teach English to 1~2yrs old  by: Diarmuid
You cannot "teach" children as young as 2 or 3 ANYTHING. All you can do is place them in a safe and comfortable environment where they will learn from stimuli around them. It is absurd to try to..
Re: First time teaching English  by: Yanni Zack
Jeff, I would suggest that on the first day of class with your new students in Korea, and depending on their ages, you conduct a mini-assessment of where each person is in their English language..
Sentence Coherence Confusion  by: Xu Yuliang
I recently came across a paragraph written by my co-worker and I personally hold the opinion that the paragrah does not flow as naturally as it could be and he disagrees. The following is the..
Re: Drilling Colors  by: Fish
Thanks for your reply. I'm wondering what size of sets the research considered? I like keeping things in sets, just for the organizational qualities. I think using small sets of 3-5 shouldn't be too..
TEFL Class (video): How to Teach Listening Skills in the ESL Classroom - Types of Listening, Difficulties  by: International TEFL Academy
TEFL Class Instruction: How to Teach Listening Skills in the ESL Classroom. Video series from International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Course. Including: - Types of Listening - Listening Difficulties..
Re: HELP on teaching ESL to a deaf mute student  by: Dianna
Have you found any useful information on this particular case, Monica? I also know of a deaf mute 4th grade student in our school from Burma. She communicates only through pointing, making sounds,..
English games  by: Martina Kozakova
Dear Sir or Madam I have started teaching English and I would like to ask you for some helpful games for children between 10 to 12 with elementary English. Thank you very much. Yours sincerelly..
disruptive students  by: The Joker
Hi can anybody give me any advice how to deal with disruptive students in the classroom? No matter how much I tell them to talk in English they continue to babble in their own language.
Re: Teaching Story to my 4 1/2 year old son  by: Pat
Cinderella is a wonderful story, both for boys and girls. The story will always be popular. Try to speak only English when telling your boy a story when you want him to learn English. By staying in..
Conversational English  by: Sam
Hello. I am interested in creating a tutoring service that supports people in learning conversational English. It may expand to include other languages in time. Is there anyone else who concentrates..
Screaming and shouting and running about ...  by: Rosalind
Thanks for responding, Rheno. The time has past for asking what to do. I went ahead and tried-on enrolling the class monitors in the possibility of causing integrity within their classes. I was..
Sentence Structure  by: Rosalind
Thank you. It's sort of a relief to know and I will take you advice on board. Rosalind
Re: Online tutorial questions  by: Yanni Zack
Since we are now moving into the technology world for Online Teaching, I am finding that using Skype is a great way to conduct ESL Teaching as this uses both the Phone and chat at the same time.
Finding out about learners  by: Julie Garvey
I am going down to Mexico to take CELTA training in January and I am completing a pre-cours task. One of the questions I have been asked is how I can find out about my learners (preferred learning..
ESL School Operation  by: Dr. Yanni Zack- ESL Tips and Strategies
Hello Dr. Yanni, I have learned and taken a lot of advantage from your website. It has been really helpfull for my husband and I as we teach English privately. However, after a lot of research I'm..
Cursive writing should come a distant, distant second  by: Rheno747
I'd not teach cursive writing until I know my students know how to write period. Thai students are awfully good at creating new ways to fool teachers. I can see myself trying to teach cursive writing..
Thailand's big do-do bird notion  by: RhenoThai
When I had my rude introduction to Thailand's cheating epidemic, I immediately started trying to root it out of my classrooms. My efforts met with mixed success, but I did have some victories and..
economics and chemistry  by: Mr.UTRSRIDHARPRASAD
SIR, What is ESL and how do we learn it also please guide me on other related terms like TEFL, TESOL and so on. Thank you