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Shiyan City,Hubei,China  by: Shiyan Golden Future Foreign Language Training School
Shiyan Golden Future Foreign Language Training School is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. It was established in 2004, which provides professional and fun programs to both teenager and..
changsha,china  by: Acquire English start from 13k for native ESL teacher
Acquire English Introduction “Acquire English” originate from the Second Language Acquisition Methodology of linguistic, which stands for the highly efficient and high-quality English learning..
GuiYang GuiZhou  by: CC English School
To whom it may concerned: Hi this is louis speaking, from CC English school in China. CC English School where is located in Gui Yang in Gui Zhou has 23 years of English Teaching experience and over..
Dalian, China  by: Jia Hui Oak School
Dalian Jiahui Education Group is a professional education group with quality education as its main purpose and quality talent as its goal. Our group has five academic schools which all accept foreign..
Chinese Schools in over 60 locations looking for English teachers  by: tanya peng
Verbal Education China, which is located in Beijing,the capital of China. Our main business is about offering opportunities for graduates working as English teacher with work visa in China. We are..
Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines  by: Columbus English Academy - Hello Iloilo
We are at Columbus English Academy are inviting you to learn English with us. We offer teaching methods which are suitable for each learner. We design our curriculum to fit the needs of each student...
Xiamen  by: Xiamen UE-Language School
Xiamen is a most beautiful island city in south of China, Fujian Province. Our training school is located in the middle of the city with very convenient traffic. There are 5 foreign full time..
Taiyuan, Shanxi  by: Great Oak English
Great Oak English is a school that opened in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province in 2017. After nearly a decade in the education field we founded this school with the goal of fixing one of the fundamental..
Xinxiang Henan  by: Henan Institute of Science and Technology
China’s HIST University hiring English Teachers. I am Kyle, the foreigner manger here at HIST (not a recruiter) and we are looking for teachers to teach English here in the university. The teachers..
Putian , Fujian  by: Reading International Language School
We are a high-end privately owned language school,we offer TOEFL , IELTS , courses ,as well as Business English ,extra-curriculum courses .We have a few locations through out Fujian province, our..