English schools in China

Hunan - Changsha
School:Mingde International High School

Mingde International Department’s goal is to facilitate international education cooperation and exchanges between Mingde and schools from outside of China. Delegations of schools from Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan have visited Mingde.

SCESP officially started in August 2009. The department collaborates with Canadian high schools on providing quality education combined with Canadian and Chinese educational philosophy. More than 100 students from all over the province are studying at SCESP Mingde in China, and 23 at the Collegiate of University of Winnipeg in Canada.

After studying Chinese curriculum and improving English proficiency at SCESP Mingde for two years, students can obtain Chinese high school diploma and be better prepared for study in English setting classes. Students have options to study at high schools or English programs at universities in Canada or other English countries

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