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Accent Reduction For Chinese Speakers of English : Why Communicating is Hard an  by: Lisa Scott
If you were born in China but now live in the United States, you are part of a large and talented group of people. According to the latest census information, there are over 1.6 million Chinese..
The Chinese Year Of The Rooster  by: Tony Luck
The Chinese Year of the Rooster starts on February 9 and lasts until January 28 2006. There's a table below telling you the dates of other Chinese astrology signs. There are twelve Chinese year signs..
Thanks  by: thera
As a Shanghainese, I have to say thank you for describing Shanghai's most famous three spots. If you have another chance to Shanghai, China, let me know. I have more places to introduct to you. Best..
Brief Introduction about China (Article)  by: Rosie Wang
China is the world's third-largest nation by area and the largest by population. China is bordered by the Mongolian Republic and Russia on the north, by Russia and North Korea on the north-east , by..
How to Trek the Whole Length of the Great Wall of China  by: Amber D. Walker
The Great Wall of China is one of the historical wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Originally built to keep out invaders, the wall spanned approximately 5,500 miles across..
Z visa advice please *Link*  by:
Actually the OPs advise is still sound. Green Res books are gone but the F Expert Certificates are still issued. They arenot issued to everyone as they were in the past, just to those who qualify...
Chinese Cooking: Sauces & Spices  by: Jacklyn Chen
Sauces and spices are the key in any cooking. No dishes would taste good without them. The only exception is that some sea animals can be simply steamed or boiled before serve. Well, that is because..
Re: why chinese women want western men  by: Barry
I made a similar mistake to another guy here, my Chinese wife just wanted to go out and play mahjonng all weekend and leave me at home and complained if I wanted to go out or do anything.....
Haimen Experimental School, Jigansu Prov.  by: Julia
Hi. Does anyone know or have heard of Haimen Experimental School, Haimen, Jiangsu province. I have been offered a teaching job here but don't know if it is licensed to hire foreign experts and I..
Bus Travel Between Yangshou and Shenzhen  by: Jeanie Hore
I have traveled between Yangshou & Shenzhen several times & every trip has been pleasant. My inability to sleep is my problem not the bus's fault. Being a non speaker of Mandarin I seldom get to..
Where to stay in Hong Kong  by: Grant Walker
So you’ve decided on Hong Kong? You’ve got your airline tickets booked but now where to stay? As with any major city the possibilities are endless, one thing that Hong Kong is not short of is a..
The Chinese Year of the Dragon  by: Tony Luck
If the dragon is your Chinese year sign or the chinese sign of your child, you'll be glad to know that dragons are often good humoured and excellent company. They tend to see the larger picture and..
Ningbo  by: Marc
I shall be presently teaching International Business (it is indeed my working background) and Business English at the Zhejiang Business Technology Institute in Ningbo. I wonder if any of you could..
Do NOT work for less than 7000 rmb per month. Any less and you are being ripped off. Thats for 20 hours. Look at the offers of jobs here. Don't be blinded by how wonderfull the city is culture does..
Jiangxi Normal University  by: Susana
Anybody had the experience of teaching at Jiangxi Normal University? Please advice!
Traveling in Hong Kong: What to Do and Where to Go on Your Hong Kong  by: Jessica Elliott
Overview Hong Kong is an irregularly-shaped peninsula situated on the eastern banks of the Pearl River Delta, facing the South China Sea in the south and bordering China’s Guangdong Province in the..
Terracotta Army, a Mysterious and Majestic Wonder in the World  by: BoBo Wang
When you travel to Xian, a visit to the world-known Terracotta Army is a must. Located 35 kilometers east of Xian city, Terracotta Army Museum is built on the basis of Terracotta Warriors and Horses..
Re: Haimen Experimental School, Jigansu Prov.  by: Stefan Ansell
hey, not sure how old your post is or if you still need the info, but i thought I'd post a quick reply, because I just got back from Haimen, it's a very quiet place not much at all happens, there are..
Teaching in China  by: TESOLman
I have tuaght in China twice, 2002 and 2004/2005. During my first venture in 2002 the culture shock was overwhelming and quite funny. One does need a sense of humour to survive in China. Two points..
Top Chinese Universities For Learning Mandarin In China  by: Amit Salkar
Deciding which university and where to go to learn Mandarin in China can cause a huge headache. A country with a population of over 1,321,851,888 people, is equivalent to covering over 1/5 of the..
Can a U.S. citizen married in U.S. to Chinese citizen get divorce in China?  by:
Married in U.S to Chinese citizen. Both living in China. Can we get a divorce in China? How? Thanks.
Working in China... Pointers to Consider  by: Rocky John Tayaban
As China's economy progresses even more, the need for foreign talents are of high demand. Since the incorporation of China to the World Trade Organisation in 2001, foreigner's influx in China has..
Mount Wutai, a Peaceful World to Purify the Soul  by: BoBo Wang
Mount Wutai, the most famous Buddhist spot, is located in the northeast of Shanxi province, China. Wutai means “five terraces”, as its five peaks grow like five large columns standing straightly..
Tips and tricks to Mount Jinggang in China  by: Travel Expert
Mount Jinggang has great significance in the annals of modern Chinese history for it was here that important events during the Chinese revolution took place. For those who are interested in the..
A "chicken egg" in a small town  by: JustaTeacher
A friend of mine (foreigner) just had a baby in a small town in China. And yes, all of the above is true, that is what she was told. She was also told no men in the house for one month. Just to let..
Learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  by: Ken Cheong
Traditional Chinese Medicine Western and Chinese medicine differ in the way an illness or disease is viewed. While Western medicine tends to treat the effects of the illness or disease, traditional..
8 days in beijing. stay in the city or venture elsewhere?  by:
I'm going to be in Beijing for 8 days at the end of October. I'm trying to figure out how I should spend my time. I've never been to China (or the rest of Asia) before. My girlfriend points out that..
residence visa extension???  by: Don Haig
I have a residence visa in my passport. It expires june 30th when my contract with my school expires. I want to go to Tibet before returning home so will need to stay till July 30th. Anybody know..
Re: An African English teacher in China  by: hey
It must be diffcult to live in a place like that I wanted to travel to china and korea and see the teaching jobs there but just reading all these racial hatred problem involving employment its..
Famous Places in China Throughout History  by: Wendy Pan
A whole panoply of attractions span the entirety of this enormous, ancient and diverse nation. China is packed with monuments and artefacts that predate those in most of Europe, Australia and the..
To those who are teaching English in China, I'm very curious about whether this is true or not?  by:
There is this arguement in below YA, an asker said that the moves of American teachers in China were closely monitored by the Schools or Chinese government / secret agents, and camaras were installed..
| How To Learn Chinese Fast Using Outcome-Based Learning Models  by: Ryan Wiley
Planning to learn Chinese? Good for you. It's not only an interesting language, but also a very useful one. When adults learn Chinese, or any second language for that matter, they typically study in..
Traveling in Shanghai: What to Do and Where to Go on Your Shanghai Vacation  by: Jessica Elliott
Overview Shanghai isn’t the best Chinese city to travel to if you’re looking to move from tourist attraction to tourist attraction. Having only recently made their move toward modernity, Shanghai..
Expats in China - Unveiling the Beauty of This Interesting Asian Nation  by: Peter Garant
One of the most progressive countries in Asia, China offers interesting and nice sightseeing spots that tourists from other nations can surely enjoy. Despite the stable economic conditions in this..
Traveling Down The Long Lonesome Highway in China  by: James Clayton
I was in route from Nanjing to Shanghai by means of the newly completed interstate. It was a nice change from the typical train rides I had taken in the past that stopped for passengers every 45..
info on job in Yunnan Province  by: bseyler
Hi, I thought I would try to make some contacts with people teaching english in China. My intention is to go there myself in December to teach for at least 6 months and I would like someone to chat..
Hong Kong Skyscraper  by: BoBo Wang
Hong Kong is the one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and that’s probably the reason why Hong Kong people like to construct high-rise buildings. There are at least 215 skyscrapers..
China Business Visa has expired and need to renew?  by:
I'm currently staying in Xiamen and China Visa has expired in February 2007. Can someone advise where is the place to renew?
Chinese medical care  by: Chang
Hi there, don't know what kind of insurance your school will provide you. China medical system in the major cities is fine. Regards Chang In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and other large..
I can help  by: thomas
Hello, Sarah: There is an opportunity of teaching ESL in a high school in South China for the coming academic year starting from September 2005 and ending on June 2006. No invitation letter from..