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hey grace!!!  by: jenn
Hey Grace, I'm just here at an internet cafe and decided to check out what i could about the school on google, and i came across your question!! anyways, im gonna run, I just thought it was neat..
Grant we want room-mates for our Lamma HK home...  by: Ros Gabriel
Dear Grant, Maybe you are an agent for those well known places, however we welcome ESL teachers or students, etc. to our great 4 bedroom ground floor garden apartment on Lamma, HK, just a 20 minute..
Beijing the biggest city?  by:
Is Beijing the biggest city in China.or Shanghai
Off to China for first time: What to bring?  by: Songbird and Stella - Thread Oct 2004 (forum)
Songbird -- 25 October 2004 Hi all, Okay, I'm exaggerating, I don't really need help with anything in particular. But I'm off to China for my very first ESL teaching experience and am a little.. a.i.c.e. company  by: yam
This recruiter uses names such as: ELLEN YU, CHEN MAC, CHEN MAO, TAO, MARK JOHN AKPAN.This recruiter will send you an email saying that the teaching job in beijing will only be secured upon the..
Living in Xingtai, China (Article)  by: Sam Younes
Hi, I am Canadian citizen and I have lived in China (mostly in Shanghai) for a couple of years and I have a job offer to go and teach English in Xingtai and was wondering when were you there (what..
Zhoukou City, Henan Province, P. R. China  by: Zhoukou Normal University
We are looking for 6 native speakers of English to teach at Zhoukou Normal University. Requirements: • Native English speakers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland • BA degree..
This Could Happen To You! Laundry Etiquette In China  by: Nathalie V. Fairbanks
Part of the fun of learning a new language is traveling to a country where that language is spoken and interacting with the people. Reading about another country's culture is great to avoid the most..
A PR Question For Chinese Managers (Article)  by: Robert A. Kelly
As the practice of public relations in China continues to mature, it seems appropriate to ask whether Chinese business managers – tutored as they have been by European, North American and other PR..
My brother married a woman in china. She never got a visa & he wants a divorce. where do we start?  by:
My brother married a woman in china...
Low wages, let us wake up  by: Anne
I have only been here for two years, so will not pretend to be an expert. I view the teaching salary in China as purely the base point. 16 hours babysitting a week, nice two bedroom apartment,..
Dragon Boat Festival in China  by: Wong Yee Lee
Whenever we think of Dragon Boat Festival, everybody must think of dragon boat competition and the festival dumpling. Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese..
single mother wanting to be TEFL teacher  by: D.J.
I am a single mother and am looking for some input/suggestions on being a TEFL teacher with kids. Has anyone does this and can offer advice? Which countries/schools are "single mother" friendly...
[October 2008] INFORMATION FOR TRAVELING WITH PETS (CATS/DOGS) TO MAINLAND CHINA Items No. Requirements Yes(?) or No(×) 1 Proof of rabies vaccination: Pets must have a certificate showing they have..
yes  by: Dos
They are one and the same. Congrats, you are legal!
What is it like teaching in China  by: lao
-im a white canadian girl, do ppl look at u different, especially in remote areas?
china teaching  by: conrad
Hey thanks for all the information,I like warmer climates,I thought Hong Kong.I've read every post here,It seems you can just jump on a plane,rent a place,then just look in a magazine for jobs.Is it..
How To Configure Your Computer To Display Chinese Characters (Article)  by: Rosie Wang
To read Chinese Online is becoming easire these days. If you use the latest Internet Explorer (V4.0 or later) or Netscape Navigator (Version 4 or later), you don't have to install any special program..
Affordable Chinese Traveling  by: Travel Expert
Definitely, if one takes some pains, mostly while surfing the internet, one can get very good deals while traveling to Asia-this could be Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea. There are various..
Some Basic Dining Etiquette & Customs In China  by: Serena Zhu
Dinning etiquette in China can be quite intricate and daunting at first. The following etiquette and customs may ease your nervousness and make you enjoy China's cuisine more. Dinning etiquette in..
The Chinese Year Of The Rooster  by: Tony Luck
The Chinese Year of the Rooster starts on February 9 and lasts until January 28 2006. There's a table below telling you the dates of other Chinese astrology signs. There are twelve Chinese year signs..
Hegang school  by: G.D.
The school from Hegang is a middle school or a private tutoring centre ? What`s the e-mail address of the recruiter ? I got an offer to teach at a private school in Hegang from three different..
Working in China questions for ESL teachers?  by:
So I have a chance to teach ESL in China. Im so excited to teach and share knowledge with my Asian neighbors. Ive never been to China and have some questions. Im really into lifting weights and..
Packing Checklist for Your Visit to China  by: Jessica Ackerman
If you're planning to visit China for a short or even an extended length of time, it's important to give some thought as to what you should be taking along with you. As is the case with traveling to..
Cheap Hotels in Nanjing, China  by: Christell York
Nanjing is the capital of Nanjing Province, in China, and is located in the lower Yangtze River Delta economic zone. The city was the capital of the Republic of China prior to the Chinese Civil War..
Learn Chinese Pronunciation: the 80/20 Guide, Part 2  by: Kah Joon Liow
"I want to learn Chinese but just give me the basics!" That’s what this Chinese pronunciation guide is all about. It’s all that you need to know about the pinyin system of Chinese pronunciation..
Chinese Astrology Explained  by: Michelle Andersen
Are you confused about the meanings of Chinese astrology? Would you like to know more about this 5000 year old art? Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar. As with astrology from other..
Renting a Bicycle in China  by: JessicaAckerman
Traveling by bicycle is a very popular means of transportation throughout China. China has a huge population, and it is estimated that there is at least one bicycle for every two people within the..
Low wages/Let's wake up!  by: jinchafa
Okay,here's the deal. Anyone who has been teaching in China for any length of time realizes that the wages are too low - not just in terms of comfortable life style, but also in terms of working..
First month in China  by: max
I am a recent college graduate and i will be getting my TESL certificate in September. My question is about my first month in China. I am plan on working in China. I would like to know about the..
How can Chinese have a common written language but different spoken languages  by:
Isn't it true that the purpose of writing was to be able reproduce spoken words? In Chinese languages even if the writing is not capable of reproducing common sounds, it is capable of communicating..
TEFL  by: Yal
Do I really need a TEFL? A- No.
Re: Haimen Experimental School, Jigansu Prov.  by: E-Esl
Haimen is one of the most boring awful places to live in China. 6-7 expats living there? More like 2 or 3 at a time. There is no where to hang out, nothing to do. Seriously DO NOT move to Haimen.
Li River - Cruise in a Living Gallery  by: David Bruce Tan
The Li River or Li Jiang is a beautiful river in Guilin, Guangxi Province, China. The Li River takes its rise in the Mao'er Mountains in Xing'an County and flows through Lingchuan, Guilin, Yangshuo..
Tips - Taking Trains in China  by: Ricky Yang
In the train station Finding the right station. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin and Wuhan, there are at least two train stations in these cities. Please kindly find out in which train station..
What is the cheapest way to buy domestic airline tickets in China and Southeast Asia?  by:
I am going to China, Thailand (hopefully!), Vietnam and Cambodia from October 12 to January 3. We will be travelling in those countries extensively, and are on a somewhat tight budget. The less money..
Where is a good place to live in or near Shanghai, China?  by:
My wife and I (plus 2 kids) are moving to China next year for her job. We live in a 5bd/3ba in Marietta, GA now, but would like to find a nice 3bd/2ba condo style home in Shanghai thats comparable in..
Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer at a Chinese School  by: Gregory Mavrides, PhD -
China Foreign Teachers’ Quick Reference Guide The following article has been adapted from the comprehensive Foreign Teachers’ Guide to Living and Teaching in China that first appeared on the..
Curfew  by: Susan
Wow, your headmaster sounds like a real jerk. I had a similar problem with the curfew thing when I first lived in China, however, we were able to get them to drop it, throung veiled threats of us..
Re: So you want teach in China? Be careful.  by: Eva
BE WEARY of WEIER!! My friend was lured to teach in China with the promise of a furnished apartment, health insurance, internet and utilities. The apartment was spartan to say the least and she could..