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You hit the nail right on the head.  by: Michael Bull
I have been here just over 2 and a half years, and I can tell you I have met my share of dodgy employeers as well. In the first 3 months i was ready to pack it in.....I was tired of being lied to and..
Looking for roommates!  by: Rick in China
Hi all, I live in a four bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment right next to beautiful East China Normal University, on Jingshajianglu and Zhongshanbeilu. It is only two bus stops away from the Zhongshan..
Re: Nope!  by: John
Mike, I've been married to a Chinese woman for 4 years and know about the green card situation. I never expected the process to be easy. Have you tried for a card yet? My passport expired about 3..
| How to Learn Chinese Language Easily  by: Andrew Elison
Many people feel that Chinese, as a language, is tough to learn. This is because the spoken language is easier to gather than the written version. What is important in most of the languages is to..
Chinese police take my passport!..i'm a New Zealand tourist in Shenzhen...?  by:
i've ben here for nearly 3 months living in a residential address, and they said they needed it for some kind of registration..i wasn't happy giving it to them, but they said it would keep me out of..
Can a U.S. citizen married in U.S. to Chinese citizen get divorce in China?  by:
Married in U.S to Chinese citizen. Both living in China. Can we get a divorce in China? How? Thanks.
Any advice on teaching in Dalian? I need to bring my 3 kids...  by: Heidi
I'm American with all the qualifications to teach in China (BA in English/Speech; 6-12 teacher certification; MA in Communication Studies; 13 years teaching experience at US community college) but in..
25 Good Reasons to Learn Chinese  by: Alex Sumerall
Whether you're already learning Chinese (Mandarin) or you've just recently decided to take the plunge, let me offer 25 good reasons why you should learn Chinese. I hope this will help motivate you to..
China Has A Secret City!  by: Fred Tittle
When flying in at night it would be easy to confuse this beautiful coastal city with Vegas, with all of the neon lit. From the sidewalk vendors, to the fish market, to the art galleries, everyone had..
Degrees  by: Alex and Michaelangello - Thread Dec 2004
Alex -- 23 December 2004 Hi there, New to this board. I've just got my CELTA and was ready to head off to Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. However, it seems that lots of countries want a degree before..
Your China Travel Guide: Planning a holiday in China.  by: Lola Adewoyin
Planning a tour to China, the largest and oldest country in the world is truly a must for anyone who wants to experience a unique travel adventure. China is known to have an ancient civilization..
Chinese kindergarten class wanted as penpals for my class in the USA  by: Julie c
We are a small private kinergarten class in Connecticut, united States. Our children would like to communicate with another kindergarten class -preferably in China............all others please write..
My Beijing Apartment - Haidian District  by: rwinchina
How to Teach English in Zhuhai, China  by: Leyla Norman
Teaching English as a second or foreign language is an important career in today's world of globalization where English is the most-used language in business and commerce. English teachers are..
The Chinese Year of the Rabbit  by: Tony Luck
If you are born under the Chinese sign of the Rabbit, you will make a great diplomat! Rabbits are clean and neat, quiet and often softly spoken. They dislike conflict and will go to great lengths to..
Re: Teaching in China - Part 2  by: prlove51
Anyone with a resident permit (and this means an individual being completely registered with the PSB within 30 days of arriving in China) has a right to rent an apartment in his/her own name. The..
Re: Why Do Chinese Girls Want To Marry Western Men?  by: the traveller
Living in China I can attest to myself Chinese girls were the best actresses better than Hollywood. See those angelic wonder western men fall down on their knees. I saw a lot of..
teaching  by: J
I will be teaching in Anshan also...have you found out anything more?
Things to know before planning your tour to China  by: Sally Meyers
There is something unique about China and that is what travelers are curious about. China is not just a country; it is a different world entirely with a distinctive culture, long history and..
Si He Yuan, a Kind of Chinese Traditional Courtyard in Beijing  by: BoBo Wang
Si He Yuan, one of the traditional Chinese courtyard designs, is especially prevalent in Beijing area. Si He Yuan is the common name of the traditional residence which is formed by the principal..
Information about Guangzhou?  by:
I am thinking of visiting Guangzhou soon. Is it a safe place? Can I get around with English. I speak a little Chinese too. Anyone who could be my guide to show around? Thanks for answering so many..
English TV channels via satellite dish, shanghai and beijing *Link*  by: Dream Satellite Television
There are no English TV channels in most of the apartments in China. However, you could get them via 0.55m in diamenter personal dish. Dream Satellite Television is the most advanced digital..
Can i travel from Xiamen to Shanghai in a cruise?  by:
I would like to know what are the options for travel between Xiamen China and Shanghai. Is there any cruise I can take and how long it takes? thanks.
China National Tea Museum  by: BoBo Wang
Tea is considered to be one of the most important contributions that China makes to the world. China is the origin place of tea trees and it is also the first nation who discovered and took advantage..
Get real  by: Will Pascoe
Hey Inmate, Mate - EXCELLENT letter. I couldn't agree more. The dodgy schools and recruiters who take advantage of inexperienced teachers(and students and their families) are damaging the whole ESL..
China, a perfect place for a honeymoon  by: Travel Expert
China is the second most populated in the world. There are various cultures and traditions which is replete with innate loyalty and satisfaction by providing you with an exceptional milieu for..
Re: If I just leave....  by: joe S
You will have difficulty in getting a new position in China. Most schools require a reference letter from previous employee ( actually it is a release letter). If you leave a school without adequate..
working visa  by: jollyjunklass
No you cannot get a working viza (Z) once inside of China, you will have to leave the country to do this. To get a Z Visa you will need a letter of invitaion from your future employer and you will..
Which is better-Korea or China?  by:
Thinking about teaching english in China, but I was in Korea and HATED it. Does anyone know if china is any diffent in good ways?? THANKS !!
What is there to do in Xiamen China?  by:
I'm from the U.S. & I'm currently in Xiamen on buisness (June-Oct 2007) what sightseeing places should I visit & things I should do? I want to take advantage of seeing as much of China as I can while..
Chinese Cycle History  by: Jennie Gandhi
The nation with the largest population in the world also has the largest fleet of bicycles on the road. Yet China's significance in the history of the cycle has been inadequately represented. Chinese..
Re: Big and Tall clothing in China? Online?  by: Brenda Murray
Hi, I have taught in 5 different cities in China, I am a 5foot 10 inch woman. The best and the only thing to do is to find a Chinese tailor shop. They usually have material to choose and you can..
general info  by: Joseph Barbarise
WOW.... this was one of the first teaching messages I've seen posted here that slanted either way, just pretty factual.I want to thank the poster.
Shanghai site *Link*  by: Erik
Shanghai site with info on attractions, food, important phone numbers, and the Shanghainese dialect--mostly in point form.
4500 remimbi OK?  by: Peterson
I've been teaching in China for 19 months. I hold an Ma but my first salary was 4000rmb. My school paid for m aparment and all the bills. My second school down south paid 5400rmb. They also took care..
The Mid-Autumn Day in China  by: BoBo Wang
Mid-autumn Day, also called the Moon Day, one of the traditional festivals, is on the 15th day of Lunar August. There are many different versions about the origin of the festival, and also many..
Expats in China - Unveiling the Beauty of This Interesting Asian Nation  by: Peter Garant
One of the most progressive countries in Asia, China offers interesting and nice sightseeing spots that tourists from other nations can surely enjoy. Despite the stable economic conditions in this..
Top Chinese Universities For Learning Mandarin In China  by: Amit Salkar
Deciding which university and where to go to learn Mandarin in China can cause a huge headache. A country with a population of over 1,321,851,888 people, is equivalent to covering over 1/5 of the..
Wandering in the Spring Festival, China  by: Rajesh Kanoi
The morning starts with a bang or one bang after another, a series, a chorus - the same sound that lulled me to sleep the night before. Well, I smile to myself, after all it's their country and..
Re: Do I Need a Degree to Teach in China?  by: Reilly
Yes you need a degree. Some places will tell you that you don't. But China is now cracking down on such places In 2014 several thousand teachers were deported and banned for not having a degree...