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Interesting Places in China  by: Ma Wen Jie
China is a very large country with many interesting places to visit. With a history going back 4,000 years, China's historical sites are often high on a traveler's list of places to see. With a..
beijing  by: al
rent is high,nightlife is also expensive. Ask for 7k yuan or more if you are teaching city center. good luck, al
Top 5 Myths About China  by:
Over 20 percent of the world's population are Chinese, and by economic standards, China's ascent is only just beginning. The Chinese nation, culture, economy, and language are going to get more and..
Obtaining a China Visa - New Changes to the China Visa Application  by: Christine Harrell
Thanks to the Chinese Embassy, tourists and business people can go to China will less hassle, and they may even be able to go back more than once. Several changes have been made that relax the..
China Classroom Management Styles  by: Bobby Monger
How does teaching English in China help you to become a better manager in the business arena? It prepares you for the different learning styles that your employees will have and it helps you to..
Re: Just to warn non- native speakers who intends to work in china!!!  by: non-native English speaker (learning Chinese in China)
Actually, I bid to differ! This is a terrible generalization, to say that non-native speakers' English are poorer than that of the Chinese themselves! I know many people here in China who speak..
The Lowdown on China Travel (Article)  by: Mansi Aggarwal
The fragrance of fish, lobsters…, the sturdy Great Wall, the broken hush of winds by the Martial Arts, the grand museums and unpretentious down to earth people…welcome you to the third largest..
Macau Diet & Lifestyle  by: Julia Derek
If you are a fan of fusion cuisine, try some Macanese. The highly original Macau diet is not only a mixture of Portuguese and Chinese recipes and spices, but sometimes also contains flavors of..
Traveling To China, Need an F-Visa Fast?!?  by:
I am traveling to China in 12 days and need to get a visa. I am barely receiving my passport in a few days. I need an F-Visa but read that in order to get one i need to have had a passport valid for..
Z visa or resident permit?  by: Fritzane
Who can clarify me on the diference between the Z visa and residence permit?I have the recent seal on my passport just labelled "residence permit" there is no specify time for entry.So i want to know..
China Tours - The 10 Must-See Wonders of China  by: Huiya Chen
There are many wonders of historic interest and scenic beauty dotted in this boundless expanse of the Chinese territory. They are rich stuffs for travelers. Here we select the 10 must-see wonders of..
Inner Mongolia  by: Inner Mongolia High School
Introducing Inner Mongolia The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, bordering to the north with both the Republic of Mongolia and Russia, is the widest province in China (by its latitude). It is the..
I would recommend working in Hainan island because it has good weather and beaches and that stuff and the air is clean there...the previous person is wrong , most people do not want to work in China..
info on job in Yunnan Province  by: bseyler
Hi, I thought I would try to make some contacts with people teaching english in China. My intention is to go there myself in December to teach for at least 6 months and I would like someone to chat..
Looking for work in China  by: Ru
How exactly do you go about it? Many people seem to reccomend just eating the plane ticket cost and flying over to look the old-fashioned way, but I get conflicting accounts about which visa is..
How to Prepare for Traveling in China  by: Andy Noorlander
If you're planning a trip to China, you may need to make some special preparations to be ready for travel in a developing country. While China is making rapid advancements, most of the country is..
Re: Mobile phones in china?  by: jay
I bought a phone in China and it can be set to use the English language. Also phones can be unlocked (for a small fee ) especially if they are from a top named company.Best to ask about that. Tri..
Shanghai China - Shanghai Subway for Tourists (Article)  by: Walter Johnson
Shanghai China has a new and modern subway system which is very handy for Shanghai tourists and other visitors to Shanghai. As in many growing metrpolitan areas the traffic situation in urban..
flight tickets  by: champ
Survival Chinese for ESL teachers  by: Jarod Wang
1. Hua yi ge quan - Make a circle. 2. Hao - Good! 3. Shei-shei - Thank you (corrected from earlier posting). 4. Me-how-maah - Hello. 5. Zhuang - Dirty. 6. Xian - Line (Single words can be used with..
Cheap Hotels in Nanjing, China  by: Christell York
Nanjing is the capital of Nanjing Province, in China, and is located in the lower Yangtze River Delta economic zone. The city was the capital of the Republic of China prior to the Chinese Civil War..
Here Are Tips to Learn Mandarin  by: Laurianne Sumerset
Mandarin is one of the most useful languages to learn. Notice that there are so many people or should I say, with a large part of the world can able to speak it. It doesn't hurt either that a lot of..
Chinese Dining Etiquette (Article)  by: Wong Yee Lee
At Chinese meal times, Chinese people use a round or square table. Person of the most importance would usually take the seat the farthest away from the door whilst the youngest or the person of the..
Where And When To Visit Hong Kong  by: Andrw Clark
Hong Kong has population of 7.30 million in 2009 with density 6460/km2 along with low birth rate 11.7 per 1000 population. : Hong Kong is one of two special Administrative regions of Republic of..
Learn Chinese - Fun with Chinese Characters - Ebook  by: hyn
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Harbin  by: JZ
Harbin has nothing to recommend it, believe me. The food is terrible, and the traffic is too. The schools aren't clean, and there's nothing to do. I can't understand why anyone stays there. No one..
Why?  by: Longjianqiang
__________________________ When and how long has your visa expired? What was your latest visa before having your L visa? How many times have you extended your L visa? Waiting for your reply.
Who cares about the Chinese students?  by: Mr. Pedersen, just a normal guy, Alex Wu, Felix - Thread Jan 2005 (forum)
just a normal guy -- 21 January 2005 The Recruiters? Miss Angelina's cafe or Mr. Fronk Zhang? You'd better answer and write here as you have always done it. I do! ___________________ I do Mr...
Letter of Conclusion  by: Canadian Teacher
My company refuses to give me a letter of conclusion and the new company I want to work for requires it. What can I possibly do?!?!
Re: China jobs worsening. Aston lowers pay.  by: shawn
Just watch out for a man named t[edited] c[edited] from fuyang jiangnan middleschool. He is the most asshole person I ever met. He insulted foreigners and made them go away by saying they dont know..
Blonde In China  by: Felicia Brings
Big Apple to Chrysanthemum City I am a New Yorker who in 2007 had just one goal - not to spend another miserable and freezing winter in Manhattan. The very thought of trying to live through the raw,..
Unique China  by: Richard Greaves
China is a vast and sprawling land home to countless groups each with its own culture and traditions. But for all its diversity, certain threads run through China's long history - dragons, jade,..
Re: American to Marry & Live in Wuhan - Hubei  by: Qing
NObody knows what's going to happen, follow your gut, God bless you~~~
Train Travel in China  by: Collaborator
China now has the most extensive and well-traveled rail system in the world, with this mode of transportation still relevant to a huge number of passengers. Unlike in other countries, trains aren't..
Sunday Evening at the Afternoon Restaurant in China  by: Rajesh Kanoi
It's Sunday evening and I have spent the day, eyes glued to my computer screen. It's been windy here all day and cold as, well, as it can be at the end of February. The Spring Festival has come and..
Harbin Pros and Cons  by: Eric Trunkett
Hey! Your post was intetesting and insightful. I've taught >3 years in PRC... OK this is the straight skinny from a yank. I love several cities in China, especially Beijing. I've lived and taught in..
Four Fun Attractions in China  by: Jason Martin
So, you're thinking of venturing off to China, but you're not sure what to do there. Today, I'll present you with four fun attractions to check out if you're in China and heading to these areas. The..
Hello, My name is TAHIR. and I came from London. I want to warn all the foreigners who will be recruited by certain CHEN JIN CAI FROM Overseas education in XIamen. This recruiter or owner of the..
Harbin at night *Link*  by: Larry
Having lived and taught in Harbin for over 2.5 years perhaps I can give you some insight into Harbin. First the people of Harbin are generally very friendly and I have had only a few incidents of a..
Beijing the biggest city?  by:
Is Beijing the biggest city in China.or Shanghai