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Understanding and Incorporating Chinese Decorating Touches  by: Alyssa Davis
Chinese decorating often focuses on interesting patterns and colors. Although traditional Chinese decorating almost always has a beautiful balanced appearance, it also has an intriguing and often..
my response *Link*  by: Jeff
I know this may sound offensive, but China is obviously not for everyone, of course not for someone who expect to make it rich in this country just because he has a white face. ESL is more than..
Living in Xingtai, China (Article)  by: Adam Hopes (English teacher)
Xingtai is quite a small city. It is great place to save money as it's extremely cheap. It's very easy to get around. Taxis start 5 yuan (we never payed more than and a case of beer cost 12.5. The..
Interesting facts about the Great Wall of China.  by: Lola
In my article about the new Seven Wonders of the World, I made mention of the highly admired Great Wall of China which happens to be in the list. As the declaration ceremony fast approaches, I have..
Do you love yourself ?  by: ESL foreign teacher
Shanghai China - Shanghai Subway for Tourists (Article)  by: Walter Johnson
Shanghai China has a new and modern subway system which is very handy for Shanghai tourists and other visitors to Shanghai. As in many growing metrpolitan areas the traffic situation in urban..
shanghai xujiahui new flat ready for room sharing on 5th of july, *Picture*  by: nanyangi
shanghai xujiahui center,4 bedroom for sharing,master bedroom 4000 rmb,balcony view bedroom 3000 rmb,garden view bedroom 2000 rmb,queen size bedroom 2000 rmb.pls contact by msn messenge or..
About William and  by: Chris
Dear friend, Please, read my posting about this dishonest recruiter from Beijing. (Chinese recruiters- Living and teaching in China ). Another Chris has wrote about his bad experience with him. He is..
Tiger Daughter  by: BILL POWELL
I sat in our suburban home in Shanghai and read online the excerpt from Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. My reaction to it was straightforward:..
Teaching English In China Across Various Age Groups  by: Mistina Thomson
China is a great breeding ground to attest the growing popularity of English in the East. Couple of decades ago, the percentage of people who knew English was at a miserable 2-5%. Now, with the..
English Public Drinking Bars in Xiamen, China  by: Charlie Brooks
Although mention of its name would likely draw a blank in any Western country, Xiamen stands out as one of China's most foreigner-friendly cities. A well-known seaside retreat for residents of..
What is the cost of living in China outside the major cities?  by:
What is the cost of living in China
How to Identify the Reputable Recruiters and the Illegitimate Recruiters in China  by: Gregory Mavrides, PhD
The best way to find employment as a teacher in China is to directly answer ads from schools that advertise on reputable and well-established websites that cater to foreign teachers, such as the ESL..
State schools in China  by: Dos - From a 2004 Thread (forum)
In Response To: China (Ellen) Ellen, *Usually* state schools have the proper paperwork go to employ foreigners, wheras private schools may not. Also private schools have a tendency to let greed..
Xiamen  by: jollyjunklass
Here is a great Xiamen site It should answer your questions
wake up/response to geography expert  by: jinchafa
Had I seen your posting earlier, I probably would have responded more heatedly; however, at this point all I can do is laugh at your self indulgence, misunderstanding and horn blowing. How could you..
Living standard in beijing? for example one lunch cost how much in YUAN Dollar; rental rate?  by:
Living standard in beijing?
GAC/OWENS Chongqing warning  by: englishgibson
I paid for my flight and a flat rental deposit six months ago, when I singed a contract with the GAC center owned by OWENS and Verakin High School (Sino-American International School). After..
Re: Beijing Cybernaut Global Education Investment Corporation  by: prlove51
This post is rather strong and unsupported by any facts. There is nothing illegal about at an will letter of employment, and so I would ask what the real issue is with this group. Does this group..
James Zhang aka Alin Buuer  by: Larry Romanoff
I've compiled a bunch of information on this man, available at: Click on the 'China ESL' button, then on the 'James Zhang' con artist button. Several teacher reports here -..
The Chinese Alphabet - Is There Such A Thing? (Article)  by: Rosie Wang
There are so many people on the Internet looking for Chinese Alphabet; we received a lot of inquiries asking about the Chinese alphabet, questions like "Can you publish the Chinese alphabet online?"..
How to Visit Beijing in 5 Days  by: Kent Ninomiya
You can visit Beijing in five days and see all the major sights if you hurry. Beijing is an immense city of 15 million people packed with sights, activities and history. You could easily spend a..
Home Remedies for Nausea - Chinese Style  by: Matthew Scott
These home remedies for nausea are based on simple, traditional Chinese ways to relieve and prevent this common and uncomfortable symptom. Several remedies use ginger for its ability to harmonize and..
How To Avoid Vital Mistakes Of Chinese Character Tattoos  by: Yingying Lin
Chinese character tattoos are very popular today because they are really beautiful. And because most of people in the Western Hemisphere cannot read Chinese, Chinese Character Tattoos becomes an..
Ten Wonderful Things to Do in Hong Kong  by: Jonathan Williams
Hong Kong is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia. This country is known for its wonderful shopping experience as well as modern way of living. If you are going to visit Hong Kong,..
How to Travel the Silk Road  by: Collaborator
The Silk Road, a vast and ancient network of overland trade routes, spreads over Europe and Asia and passes through numerous presentday countries. Active trading along the route began sometime in the..
5 Tips to Live Like True Native Beijingers  by: Kurt Bai
1. Food - Douzhir, Jiao Quan, and Mung Tofu Douzhir (Fermented Bean Drink) is probably the most notorious traditional Beijing food. It is the single most important and easiest factor to determine if..
Asia Travel Tips, Secrets of Seeing Beijing on the Cheap!  by: Fred Tittle
Beijing is a rather large city with 13 million inhabitants spread out over a vast area, but if you are up for it you see and do a lot of it on the cheap. From the excellent small restaurants, to the..
Teaching english in China Versus Japan?  by:
Teaching english in China
Delicious Chinese Food  by: Travel Expert
The richness and diversity of Chinese cooking offers a culinary journey into one of the most heritage-centered methods of food preparation in the world. The various lo mein, stir fry, egg noodle,..
Re: Can you get a Z visa in China with a "life experience degree"?  by: Beth
Hey Jeremy, I've been teaching in China for one year, and I came with a 4-year degree from an unaccredited college. I don't know if this always works, but in my case I have had no trouble. Beth
Brits vs. Yanks *Link*  by: worldtour
Replying to > Hey Bud Well you are painting with a pretty wide brush. To be honest, I have to disagree with you. My experience has shown a distinct preference for American English. I am sure that..
wake up  by: geography expert
and what, pray tell, are the nature of your qualifications that you should feel so indignant about the situation in china? face the facts: the majority of "esl jobs" here do not require any academic..
What Are China's Main Tourist Attractions?  by: Farazila Abu
BeijingWith its skyscrapers and relatively wealthy population, the capital encapsulates the best of modern China but the past survives in some splendid imperial icons, including the elegant palaces..
z visa/residency permit  by: James Allen Beattie
A z-visa is the proper way to enter China to work now. Before you used to have to keep it while you worked along with a residency permit, Foreign Expert Certificate, and Medical Check (they call it..
Beware Xiangnan Univ.  by: Phil Robinson
Folks, Xianganan is a dump... You will never get your money for your airfare I certainly didn't... They don't honor their contracts. These are just a few of the highlights of Xiangnan. Do yourself a..
Cultural Attractions For Tourists in China  by: Christine Harrell
China's tourism has seen explosive growth over the last thirty years. In 1978 only about 200,000 foreign tourists visited the country but nearly fifty million Chinese tourist visas were issued in..
Business Culture in China  by: Ken Cheong
Chinese business culture and etiquette The Chinese business practice is vastly different from the Western method that most of us may be used to. Of course, with the Chinese economy opening up,..
The Simatai Great Wall - A Real Adventure Tour  by: Mandy Lee
China is a country of amazing contrast. If you are a nature lover, it's easy to find a scenic city in China. If you are interested in Chinese history, you can visit historic cities like Beijing and..
Basic Terms on Chinese Restaurant Menus  by: Shauna Hanus
In today’s modern Chinese restaurants even a more traditional menu will come with English translations for many of the more common Chinese food terms. It is, however, always handy to have knowledge..