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How Much Do Batteries Cost in China?  by:
I heard they are very cheap there. I have a digital camera which uses 2 AA batteries. I was thinking about taking my rechargeable batteries and charger to china... but that would mean buying a power..
Re: Learning Mandarin: To Be Or Not To Be (polite) That Is The Question  by: cunning linguist
Useful, but when entering a large shopping centre, good hotel or big restuarant I thought I heard Méi guan xi which you say means –Doesn’t matter. I was told it is a form of welcome..
Home Remedies for Nausea - Chinese Style  by: Matthew Scott
These home remedies for nausea are based on simple, traditional Chinese ways to relieve and prevent this common and uncomfortable symptom. Several remedies use ginger for its ability to harmonize and..
Travel tips for the first time business or leisure traveller to China (Article)  by: Ken Cheong
Travel Tips for China China is a large country at a size of 9,596,960 sq km. China was only partially open to the world from 1979 onwards and has been a communist country for many decades. Although..
Your Visa Advice out of date  by: John
Sir, Your advice regarding visas for China is out of date and has been out of date for over a year. 1) The 'Z' Visa is now issued only to those wishing to enter China on the strength of a Letter of..
Re: An African English teacher in China  by: stephen
Hey Denis! Good to hear from you again. This is Stephen (not History teacher Steven), I worked with you at KISB as a science teacher. Always wondered how you were doing after you left KISB. I didn't..
Chinese Vs. Western Culture  by: Charles Lawrence
The Chinese culture differs greatly from its Western counterparts. Everything from personal relationships to family obligation differs between the two cultures. China is the most populated nation in..
Re: Which is better Ningbo or xiamen??  by: Dolph
Xiamen is a nice place to visit, but Ningbo is my choice to live. Spent quite a bit of time there and love it. It is very unlike just about anywhere else in China. It's clean, friendly, and not..
The Chinese Year of the Tiger  by: Tony Luck
If you were born under the Chinese sign of the Tiger, it doesn't pay to argue with you! Tigers are usually larger than life, warm-hearted extroverts. They can't help being noticed and are often very..
Are you an english speaking person learning to speak Chinese Mandarian ? Why ?  by:
what is your reason to learn Mandarian ?
Re: What is it like teaching in China  by: Gerry Tipton
Find out from someone who's been there and done it! Gerry
Z visa issue  by: KEKE ANYI
Hello sir like any other country which have law,i know China have it own law.The problem is when you have a resident permit and your entry Visa expire. Dont you relised that it was suitable for the Z..
Instructions on How to Apply for A Chinese VISA  by: Chinese Embassy
To apply for any type of Chinese visa, the followings are required: One completed visa application form, one recent passport sized photograph, a valid original passport with blank pages. More..
Letter of Conclusion  by: Canadian Teacher
My company refuses to give me a letter of conclusion and the new company I want to work for requires it. What can I possibly do?!?!
Needed or Not?  by: Addison
Hello, I have to ask, everyone usually does, especially if they are in my situation, Do you need a BA degree to teach in China or not? One tells me no, then I read you need one, a school says not a..
Teaching in China  by: Tabitha Wiedower
Hello, I'm planning to do one month of Student Teaching during April at the Sichuan Normal University in Chengdu. I actually have a question about voltage. I am planning to bring my laptop, digital..
Asian Media Relations: Increase Your Profile and Image in China  by: Thomas Murrell
China's media is booming creating opportunities for marketing-savvy businesses. But many companies have little understanding of how to harness the power of the media in the world's most populous..
How exactly is the weather in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China at this time of the year?  by:
I'll be travelling to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China on the first week of February. I'd like to know how exactly the weather is. I've packed warm clothing like a thick padded jacket and scarves and..
A Wonderful Vacation In Zhongshan  by: Wolfgang Jaegel
Zhongshan, literally meaning 'Middle Mountain,' is an incredible tourist spot, located on the Zhongshan Island, in Guangdong province. Sprawling over an area of about 1500 square kilometers, this..
Re: Jinchafa, Betcha, Felix, Art - Thread April 2005 (forum  by: Phillip
Fine.Jinchafa gave stern warnings to non-native speakers and some other guys in this forum were not constructive in their perspectives.They just descended violently on the non-native speakers..
Interesting facts about the Great Wall of China.  by: Lola
In my article about the new Seven Wonders of the World, I made mention of the highly admired Great Wall of China which happens to be in the list. As the declaration ceremony fast approaches, I have..
Evenings at a University in China - English Corners and More  by: Rajesh Kanoi
The first week of classes after the Spring Festival break have ended - eighteen classes of grade three, English majors. Next week I have twelve only! The schedule is strange. But, I'm not complaining..
Learn Mandarin Chinese Online Effectively - A Complete Guide For Self-Taught Learners  by: Apple Mao
Are you interested in learning Chinese either for personal development or a business requirement? Do you have enough time and energy to enter a formal language school or training center either in..
Folk Cultures in China  by: Dingyu Xu
Folkways The traditional customs in Chinese each nation are rich and colorful with its unique features; however, they also have the common kernel, value orientation and intensive method. The folk..
I've a trip to Beijing in a few days. Id like to ask if there're any  by:
I'm interested in anime/manga or other Japanese stuff. I don't know if there're any shops in Beijing (center) that have these things. And one more, I prefer small stuffs like keychain, small figure,..
Top Chinese Universities For Learning Mandarin In China  by: Amit Salkar
Deciding which university and where to go to learn Mandarin in China can cause a huge headache. A country with a population of over 1,321,851,888 people, is equivalent to covering over 1/5 of the..
Eastern China Travel Guide  by: Rianne Hill Soriano
Eastern China region covers six provinces and one city, which includes the provinces Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi and Shandong, and the city Shanghai. These parts of China encompasses..
Re: Teaching in China: Where to Go?  by: nadine milne
Hi there, i am currently teaching english in south korea and would really like to know where and how to apply for a winter camp in china for the beginning of 2007, could you possibly give me a link..
Re: Just to warn non- native speakers who intends to work in china!!!  by: Martin
Not anymore, with more foreigners now leaving China it became much easier for non-native speakers to get jobs in major cities, especially if they are white. The scenario always the same : 1. When the..
Z visa  by: Marc
It took the University I shall be teaching at 24 hours to get a certificate from the bureau of foreign affairs in Zhejiang province. It was then faxed to me and I got my Z visa within a week at the..
Beauty Parlours, Hair Salons and a Little More in China  by: Rajesh Kanoi
There are more beauty parlours and hair salons in China alone than in the rest of the world combined. At least, that is my impression. Well, if you make allowances for a little exaggeration you will..
Re: Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer at a Chinese School  by: DAVID
In Response To: Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer at a Chinese School (Gregory Mavrides, PhD - very good suggestions to potential applicants who want work abroad...
Visa discussion  by: By Dos and others
Dear Pals, I really appreciate your responses and glad to hear that. Recently, I was informed that they are working to extend our visa. I'm just wondering how long it would take and wish this would..
Shaanxi Polytechnic  by: rayguns
I've just been offered an ESL job (my first) at Shaanxi Polytechnic at Xianyang. Anyone been thre? Know anything about it? Any info welcome
What to do in Yunnan Province on your next tour to China.  by: Lola
Yunnan province is one of China’s most visited provinces. Of all the regions in China, Yunnan always bids and welcomes visitors all year round. Being one of the largest provinces in China, Yunnan..
Dunhuang, a Highlight of Silk Road Tour in China  by: BoBo Wang
Dunhuang, an ancient historical city with glorious culture, is located in northwest of China. In ancient China, Dunhuang was an important pass of the famous Silk Road. Through thick and thin for..
The Best Bungee Jumping Places (including Macao)  by: Brooke Williams
Adventurous, daring and brave are a few words to describe someone who gets a thrill from bungee jumping. Although there is always risk involved with free falling while attached to a bungee cord,..
Re: If I just leave....  by: Scopo
This raises some interesting questions. Although first, I would disagree with you that it is the new school itself who would want the release letter. It seems that with the new government regulations..
Re: Just to warn non- native speakers who intends to work in china!!!  by: Jide Olujide
Okay, I am not a native speaker, yet I teach English at the community college level here in California. Are you saying I cannot teach English in China? That is interesting.
Mental Illness  by: Observer
The first thing to remember is that there is no such thing as confidentiality of medical records in China. Consider.