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Re: Beijing Cybernaut Global Education Investment Corporation
By:Thomas Burgert <thomasburgert@yahoo.com>

First, I do not know when this thread was started or the dates of any of the posts. I was doing a general Google search on "Cybernaut Global Education" out of curiosity to know more about the company I have been employed by for over one and a half years.
In response to the claim that Cybernaut's teachers are unqualified and/or uncertified, I can tell you that I have a Masters in TESOL from a well-known accredited American graduate school. I also personally know of at least five teachers working for Cybernaut who have at least a Masters degree in an applied science appropriate for teaching high school content courses.
As to the claim of high turnover, bullocks! I personally know over ten teachers, both Chinese and foreign, who have been employed with Cybernaut for at least one year.
As to the claim of poor treatment, nonsense! I have worked for several different employers in the many years I have lived in China, and my feelings are that Cybernaut has treated me better than any of the others. I am not overworked. I have not been exploited. I have always been treated with kindness, professionalism, and respect by everyone from the company CEO to my immediate supervisor.
As for salary, after taxes and deductions I am earning a higher net annual salary with Cybernaut than I did with any other company in China. And there's no funny business with the contract. It's as clear and explicit as one could hope for in China. I also received a generous salary increase when I signed my second one-year contract with this company.
Finally, to the two jokers who trash-talked this company in this thread, you must have done something on the job quite unforgiveable to provoke the poor treatment you describe in your posts. That, or in reality you work for one of Cybernaut's many competitors in the business of foreign education management in China. Don't fool yourselves: like it or not, education is a business, in China and the world over.

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