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Personal Finance When Teaching English in China
By:Logan Lemberger

With continued poor performance of the American economy and a desolate job market, many college graduates are going abroad to teach English in foreign countries. China has become a popular destination due to its high demand for native English speakers to teach children and businessman alike who value the opportunity that speaking English provides.

Maintaining a hassle free supply of funds while living in China should not have to be a worry. Ideally the provided salary is enough to live on, but even so, access to proper financial assets is important. There are multiple options to alleviate this stress. One US dollar equates to a little over 6 yuan, permitting solid spending power. The rate of return of a dollar in China is better than that of European nations, where prices can be quite depressing.

Adapting to living in a new country, even for a short period of time, is difficult. China is an enormous, both in terms of population and size, and also possesses a distinct set of cultural practices and norms. Differences of this nature can be off-putting, so it's important to do research ahead of time and remain patient upon arrival.

A great option to set up prior to leaving for one's assignment in China is that of a prepaid debit card. Prepaid debit cards allow those abroad to transfer money online to themselves. Installing money on a prepaid card minimizes the risk of carrying around credit and check cards from American institutions, which have funds too valuable to lose. Sensitive personal documents and cards can then be safely stored back home in America, while retaining the option to send money online with stored account information.

Another viable money transfer option is a bank to bank transfer. These transfers are reliable but require you to have a Chinese bank account. Unfamiliarity with Chinese banking practices, and language make the barriers for entry high and somewhat undesirable. Only Bank of China has a presence in the United States. With three branches, two in New York, and another in Los Angeles, American citizens can open a Chinese account. While definitely an interesting development, there are stringent fees to initiate a bank to bank money transfer.

Wire transfers are also a possibility to send money to China. Money can be transferred almost instantly from locations around the United States. Hobbling this method are office hours of pick-up locations, which may not fit your busy schedule. Similar to a bank to bank transfer, there is a lack of convenience as multiple parties have to go to locations to initiate the transactions. The ability to live abroad independently, while also controlling personal finances is exceptional, and a relief.

China is full of amazing places to explore. From the controlled chaos of Beijing to the seemingly never-ending provinces. A new adventure will always await. A prepaid debit card will allow those teaching abroad to send money to China without any issues, and place their focus where it should be, on their pupils.

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Logan Lemberger takes pride in expressing his knowledge on the subjects of travel, personal finance, international relations, sports, and music.

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