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Teaching Children With English As A Second Language: How Schools Are Coping  by: Hannah McCarthy
Recent figures have shown that 1 in 6 primary school children in the UK have English as a second language. This has led to some concern that teachers are becoming overburdened with the pressures..
Classroom Management - Helpful Tips to Get You Through the Day  by: Kristiana Jones
In a perfect world, you'd enter the classroom and greet the most wonderful, attentive and well-behaved children in the world. Your notes and curriculum would be perfectly organized just the way you..
ESL Summer Camps for Kids  by: Melanie Graysmith
English is now the international language for business and pleasure. International students want to become proficient in English, and schools worldwide generally require students to take English..
Gap Year – Taking Off A Year  by: Stuart Simpson
What is a “Gap Year?” Actually, it’s the new term for taking off a year after high school but before college. Sound fun? Not if you think it’s for slackers. A gap year is intended to help..
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Use Needs-Focused Lessons to Reduce Classroom Management Problems  by: Adam Waxler
If you want to reduce classroom management problems, make your lessons more interactive, more cooperative, more engaging and more FUN then you must try the "needs-focused" approach to teaching. The..
Teachers and Counselors, Help Your Students Become Career Explorers  by: Mary Askew
Teachers and Counselors, Help Your Students Become Career Explorers As teachers and counselors, you help students explore careers. You aid your students as they search for meaning, purpose, and..
Beginning With Phonics Instruction  by: Mary Joyce
Some children are just natural readers. They love to explore different books and are always picking up reading skills just by naturally being involved and around reading environments. Other kids have..
5 Top Ways to Make Kids Love Coming to Your Class, Even If They Hate Your Subject  by: Barbara A Toney
As tough on the ego as it may be, it quickly becomes apparent that not all students think your subject is as fascinating as you do! But think back to your own school career. Were there certain..
Teaching Tips - 7 Steps to Create a Memory  by: Darrell Causey
Creating a memory is an absolute must to being a superstar teacher. It is not enough just to know your material. You must be able to present the subject matter in such a way that it sticks with the..
English Has Come A Long, Long Way...  by: David Leonhardt
I often wonder what would happen if Shakespeare were to be transported in a time machine to our world today. What would he think? How would he react? Yes, Willie would probably tell me "thou hast too..
Temper Tantrums - Four Tips For Ending Temper Tantrums  by: Martin Laritz
Dealing with your child's temper tantrums can be one of the hardest things to do. If you know these simple tips, you will be better prepared to handle the situation, and you will be better prepared..
The Benefits of Cooperative Group Work  by: Rob Plevin
Here are five reasons why you must use cooperative group work in your lessons together with some creative ways of grouping your students: 1. There is less incentive for pupils to disrupt the lesson..
5 Grouping Strategies to Increase Learning in the Classroom  by: Karl Johnson
Creating and maintaining classroom interaction is something that every teacher wants and needs to have. Grouping student is one of the simplest ways to change the dynamics of the classroom. The..
Multiculturalism in School Curriculum  by: Adam Waxler
What is multiculturalism in school curriculum? Personally, I disagree with the many teachers today who are pushing the notion that in order to teach multiculturalism in school curriculum, teachers..
Managing Classroom Behaviour  by: Pippa Young
The primary reason for implementing teacher training is so that teachers are well equipped and knowledgeable when they first start a job in a school or any other education centre. However teachers..
Resolving Conflict in Schools  by: Dot Struthers
We've all experienced conflict and felt mildly irritated, slightly annoyed or really angry. In a work situation this often happens in meetings, but not always. In fact some people think that conflict..
Survival Japanese for ESL Teachers  by: Loreto O. Bagio, BS Electronics/Comm Engineer. Addendum by Marty Mette of Marty Eikaiwa
By: Loreto O. Bagio, BS Electronics and Communications Engineer, Essential Classroom Commands in Japanese: 1. Kekko (desu) - (It is) Good. 2. Dame (desu) - No (don't do that)...
Re: Teaching Your ESL Students to Understand Real English  by: Santiago
I think it's a given that EFL teachers, once they have gained enough experience, will come to the realization that the pace of their classroom English will differ considerably from what their..
Behaviour Management and Its Benefits  by: Pippa Young
Our children are very important to us, so it's obvious that we want to ensure that their educational years are the best they can get. The educational system can be a complex and difficult one to get..
Teaching ESL to Children  by: George and Daisy Stocker
Teaching ESL to children is challenging but also very rewarding. Before I walk into a class of 10-year olds, I take a deep breath. Children have no attention span AT ALL, and so I tell myself to slow..
Discover 7 Essential Core Teaching Strategies You Need to Become a Terrific Teacher  by: Honey Krumholz
At times, teachers may feel inundated with theories, methodologies, teaching strategies, etc.etc.etc. Please keep in mind that this is your class, your students and only YOU know your own limits. As..
Motivate With Rewards  by: kr
Learners will truly want to learn when they perceive a personal reward. To boost internal motivation, remind them of the benefits that English can provide, such as English-speaking friends, better..
Calling All Teachers - Praising Your Students the Right Way  by: John F Smith
Teachers dream of becoming the best that there is. They want their students to learn in the best way possible. They want to create a bond between them and their students in order to effectively teach..
Afraid of Criticism? Say Nothing, Do Nothing, and Be Nothing!  by: Larry Icabandi Nabiong
Because we always want to be praised than to be criticized, we always shun to do mistakes for the belief that we become a butt of jokes of our colleagues and the like--if we make a blunder or two. So..
Literacy: a Foundation for Development of Society  by: Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar
Introduction Literacy is a basic human need and human right to knowledge. It has meaning only when it leads to participation in cultural and social activities. It is empowerment which means ability..
Improve Spelling  by: Stuart Ackerman
When you meet someone, you get a 'first impression' by their face, attire, and mannerisms. All of these cues enable you to develop a 'pre-judgment' of the person before getting to know them. Spelling..
How to Teach English in Uruguay Full Time  by: Leyla Norman
A few cities in South America are flooded with English teachers, but most of the rest of the continent is open for teaching. Uruguay has a history of fighting for freedom, and this country on the..
Tips For Success in Exams  by: Manjusha Nambiar
Tests are a way for you and your teacher to measure how well you have learned the material covered by the class. Think of them as a challenge! Here are some tips for studying for tests. Make sure..
Teaching english to adults?  by:
i'm teaching esl in korea to kids, but i just picked up a class once a week teaching a group of adults. does anybody have any good tips or a good website to help me with adults. it's a completely..
I'm wanting to be a high school teacher, anyone know how to do this? Still confused  by:
I just got finished talking to the counsellor at UNT and she told me to complete my major first then apply for teaching courses. I'm not sure I fully understand and talking to her all day would've..
Facts About Children Learning Spanish: Skills used in learning Spanish trasfer over to English  by: Stephen Saylor
Childhood is a great time to start learning a foreign language. Children have a playful, inquisitive and fun loving nature, which makes it easier to acquire a second language. Once they reach..
Learning English as a Second Language by Webcam  by: Andrew Carter
Learning English as a Second Language by Webcam As you opened up this article, you no doubt have a view on web-cams? As yet I don’t have one, and regard them as a bit of an intrusion. This is..
4 Ways - Mastering the Art of Teaching English to Children  by: Amelia Bridget
Teaching English to children may not as simple as it seems, but it is not impossible. The great challenge of any teachers is to make sure; as educators; they are able to keep them captivated. Once..
How to Teach Kids a Foreign Language  by: Aaron Kuroiwa
There are many different opinions and arguments on what methods are best for teaching children foreign languages. In this article we won’t discuss opinion but I will simply share some simple..
The Secrets of Good Parent - Teacher Communication - A Brief Handbook For Teachers  by: Judith Acosta
The Difficulties Teachers Face Besides the obvious challenges of classroom management, curriculum development and ever-increasing mounds of paper work, teachers often have to face the difficulty of..
Survival Farsi (Persian) for ESL Teachers  by: Aria
Essential Classroom Commands in Farsi: 1. Beshin - Sit down! 2. Biya - Come here. 3. Be aaraami - Slowly. 4. Nakon - Don't do that! 5. Ba ajaleh - Hurry! 6. Saket baash - Be quiet! 7. Movaazeb baash..
Biodiversity in a nutshell  by: Robin Day BSc MSc BEd
This article is a summation for teachers interested in the subject Bio-diversity in Boreal Newfoundland-Labrador, Temperate Canada & Tropical Forests. (published in The Osprey Magazine Oct. 2009)..
Teaching English to non native English speakers, how do you introduce to them the language?  by: jt
It will depend on what level of English they have already attained, as well as which language is their mother tongue. For example, if they speak an Asian language, you may have to start with the..
Change Your Child's Life With Twenty Successful Educational Strategies  by: Ronnie Phillips
Parents are always looking for a better way to assist with the education of their children. To motivate children, parents must first be motivated to help their children learn. The strategies provided..