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12 Surefire Ways to Focus Your Class and Increase Learning  by: Susan Fitzell
Johnny walked through the classroom door late. I took one look and thought, "Whoa! He didn't take his meds today!" Before he made it to his seat in the front of the classroom, he had touched four..
Creating Cooking Lesson Plans for Preschoolers  by: Jenny Esposito
Cooking is a great tool to use to help teach preschoolers a number of different things. It uses all five senses and the senses are a gateway to the brain which enhances learning. Using cooking lesson..
How to Teach Kids a Foreign Language  by: Aaron Kuroiwa
There are many different opinions and arguments on what methods are best for teaching children foreign languages. In this article we won’t discuss opinion but I will simply share some simple..
The Right Attitude in Surviving Any Retired Teacher Jobs  by: Jurinsthea Smith
It is quite evident that some of us are still looking for retired teacher jobs. However, there are circumstances that disallow such that are already out of our control. Much more in spite of the..
Language in International Business  by: Brenda Townsend Hall
The way that we use language reflects cultural preferences for some types of communicative behaviour while discouraging others. Culture will affect, for example, the extent to which we speak loudly..
A Systems View of the EFL Class: Mapping Complexity  by: Dr. Andrew Finch
A Systems View of the EFL Class: Mapping Complexity Dr. Andrew Finch Kyungpook National University Abstract Teachers have always known that the language classroom is a system; that every factor..
Fast-tracking Foreign Languages: How to Meet the Linguistic Challenges of Working Abroad  by: Philip Yaffe
Native English-speakers are increasingly exhorted to learn foreign languages to play a more effective role in globalisation. However, we tend not to learn foreign languages for three very valid..
A Dozen Sure Fire Ways to Boost Memory in A Diverse Classroom  by: Susan Fitzell
Do you have students who have difficulty remembering information for tests? Most teachers do. Here are a dozen sure-fire ways to boost memory in your diverse classroom: Provide visual clues. Create..
Use Needs-Focused Lessons to Reduce Classroom Management Problems  by: Adam Waxler
If you want to reduce classroom management problems, make your lessons more interactive, more cooperative, more engaging and more FUN then you must try the "needs-focused" approach to teaching. The..
Classroom Control For Teachers - Is Your Classroom Control Slipping?  by: Al Jackson
I think you'll agree that classroom control for teachers has changed drastically over the years, and again you will probably agree that it is now much harder to control a class full of students,..
How to Encourage Students to Do Well in the Classroom  by: Robin Reichert
Students can be encouraged to do well in the classroom when their teacher creates an environment that motivates them to succeed. Students learn best when their teacher is highly motivated and has a..
How to Get Jobs For Ex-Teachers  by: Jurinsthea Smith
Probably you are looking for good jobs for ex teachers? After all having no career after the teaching profession is not suggested because financially wise it can't be good. This applies even to..
An English School Owner`s Experience  by: Kevin Burns
Kanagawa - One of our teachers, I'll call him Dick to preserve his anonymity, gave us one week notice that he was quitting. To add insult to injury, he didn't even work his last Thursday,("I have to..
Organize Life & Business~ 5 Simple Steps to Get Organized & Get Energized  by: Beth Tabak
"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." A. A. Milne In personal development growth occurs more easily when we create space to grow. In..
School bullying  by: tr
Have a sit down with your boy/girl and tell them that that bully wants something that he just can't obtain. To keep the bully from persisting your boy/girl needs to find a better school. Or possibly..
Lesson Plans for a Child With Autism  by: Rebecca DeLuccia-Reinstein
Lesson plans for a child with autism are centered on breaking down an all-inclusive program of study into smaller components. Repetition of each stage is absolutely necessary until the skill is..
How to Study in Advance For Tests  by: Mark Pennington
Good students spread out their test study over time and don't wait until the night before the test to cram. Learning to work "smarter, not harder" will actually save study time, not increase study..
Crazy Kind Of Love - Dating and relationships not only in China but perhaps S. Korea and Japan...  by: AJL
Dating and relationships not only in China but perhaps S. Korea and Japan... First off, these countries haven't much diversity in their long cultures. Basically, one people nations with one people..
Time Management For Teachers: Why Start A New School Year With The Same Old Systems?  by: Denise Landers
How can a teacher manage to find time during the day to get things done? In providing teacher time management training for school districts, I recognize that using time management in education at the..
How to Teach English in Myanmar (Burma)  by: Miki Garcia
Teaching English in Myanmar was very difficult in the past as the country is ruled by a military junta, but in recent years the government has been opening up for foreign English teachers and it is..
Be Careful when You Choose a Home Tutor  by: Ispas Marin
It may seem a simple thing to find a home tutor for a child, but it eventually turns out to be a very complicated process. Naturally, you will look for a reliable, qualified, trustworthy home tutor..
Fun Games - Playtime is Essential For Child Development  by: Maegan Wong
Every kind of play is a learning opportunity for child development. Playing fun games is one tool parents can use for child development and the absence of play can be an obstacle to the development..
Classroom Diversity - Teaching All Students in the Real World  by: Stephen Carr
A lot has been made lately about classroom diversity. Somehow, all students are different and need to be taught in other ways to insure that they are learning. This sounds good up front, but in the..
How to Improve Teaching Performance: English Language  by: Boya Fernando
Nowadays, language learning institutions are growing rapidly due to counterbalancing with globalization era. Especially people who are not speaking English as their daily language, at least they have..
Making English Songs Work in Your ESL Classroom  by: Shelley Vernon
Many teachers are already teaching ESL using English songs for children to motivate and encourage their students. The benefits of ESL songs are many, but some teachers hesitate before including them..
Teaching: A Challenging and Reflective Profession  by: Salima Moosa Sewani
Teaching is a profession of learning and growing intellectually. The learning of a teacher only takes place when s/he agrees to bring changes and to accept criticism from others. When I started..
The First Day of Class  by: Clement,
Your first meeting with the new group of students is crucial in creating a positive atmosphere. Meeting a class for the first time often produces a certain amount of anxiety in new, and even..
Are You a Teacher Who Wastes Too Much Time Talking to Badly Behaved Kids? Big Mistake!  by: Liz Marsden
A head teacher wanted to know where she was going wrong with an 8 year old boy who was behaving atrociously in her school. How was his behaviour so bad and what did she do about it? The 1 to 1..
Lesson Plan Formats for Your Preschool Class  by: Jenny Esposito
Creating a lesson plan is one of the most important jobs for a preschool teacher. Planning out your lessons will not only help you feel prepared, it will help to improve classroom management and will..
How Kindness Goes Well For Classroom Teachers In The Long Run  by: Stephen Condren
It is a common myth that classroom teachers have to be “Harsh” with their students in order to maintain classroom order. If you are smart you will save yourself a lot of energy and stress if you..
Top Ten Helpful Hints to First Year Teachers  by: Barbara Snyder
1. Become familiar with the school site and district office facilities and resources. Your school site and the district office media center can be valuable resources to tap into. Most school site..
Experience As the Teacher  by: Susan Fitzell
"How are skills learned? By experience. How, then, are they best taught? By coaching. I, the teacher, can tell you rules for writing -- grammar, forms of felicitous phrasing, types of argument. I can..
Using questionnaires in the classroom  by: Brenda Townsend Hall
Using Questionnaires in Language Training The communicative and humanistic approaches to language training have shown us the importance of setting up genuine dialogue between learner and trainer and..
Teaching - 9.5 Strategies for Successful Teaching  by: Darrell Causey
Do you really want to be a successful teacher? If so, these 9.5 strategies will help you develop the skills, techniques and processes needed to become a master teacher. But it won't happen just..
Tips for Accent Reduction and Improved English Pronunciation  by: Lead Trainer
Accent Reduction Tips for Speaking Clearly 1. Slow down your speech by lengthening the vowels in words. Practice setting the pace that is within your comfortable level. Chances are very good that..
Self Confidence - The Deciding Factor (for parents and teachers)  by: Esther Andrews
Ruth was one of my best friends in elementary school. She was not the most talented student, nor the most intelligent. She was not the best student in class. But she had great confidence. She had..
Fountains may improve classroom learning and retention  by: Kevin Fleming
Tabletop Fountains in the Classroom Indoor water fountains don’t need to be bulky features in the classroom. A compact tabletop fountain will provide the same benefits. If you work in a classroom,..
illegal to have cameras in a classroom in a private school  by: sam
no im pretty sure there no cameras inside the actual class... there is in the hallways plus they dont look at the cameras to see what happened... only if there looking at a fight or something of that..
6 Steps to Success in Teaching With Technology  by: Lucas Kent
Teaching is changing. Are you? Two generations and only six decades later, their grandson the student received twenty years of formal English and French education, from dozens of specialized..
The Pros And Cons Of Online Education  by: Derek Harrison
An online education is a great way to learn and to advance your career. But, like any other decision you make, there are pros and cons you should consider before deciding to pursue your education in..