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Quit Teaching, Now What? Things You Can Do After  by: Jurinsthea Smith
Oftentimes, teachers are bombarded with a question "quit teaching, now what?" after the profession. Mostly, they can't actually answer that since they haven't thought about it as of the moment...
Beginning With Phonics Instruction  by: Mary Joyce
Some children are just natural readers. They love to explore different books and are always picking up reading skills just by naturally being involved and around reading environments. Other kids have..
Classroom Management Problems? You Need a Classroom Management Plan  by: Adam Waxler
If you're still having classroom management problems then you need to establish some type of plan. There is no one simple trick that will solve all of your classroom management problems, but if you..
Ideas for School Spirit & Motivating Educators  by: Jessica Cook
Teachers try every day to motivate their students to learn. But sometimes teachers need motivation, too. Principals and other administrators can motivate teachers to do their best every day by..
Teaching Grammar With Fun Learning Games  by: Shelley Vernon
Teaching English grammar can be hard going - for the teacher and the students. It doesn't have to be difficult or painful, however. You can teach English grammar using fun learning games and before..
Preparing Your Child for School  by: Celia Webb
The new school year starts soon. Is your child ready for his first day? By preparing your child for his first day of the school year, you can help him succeed. As with so many events in our lives,..
Speaking American English: 4 Strategies You Can Use to Slow Down Your Speech  by: Susan Ryan
Many of the students I work with speak English very quickly. This makes it difficult to understand what they are saying! Sometimes they speak quickly because they feel nervous. Sometimes their fast..
I am going to start teaching English language, want to ensure the right method.?  by:
I don't have experience in teaching but I've gone through a few English courses. I'm here where most people English standard is low. I'm going to teach an adult student who can hardly speak or write..
How to Become an Efficient Teacher - Your Guide to Becoming Successful Teacher  by: Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
A teacher plays vital role in shaping the mind-set of society and therefore, to become an efficient and successful one is equally important. Here are some basic guidelines for becoming the one that..
Zero Mortgage: Building a Home for less than $500, Environmentally.  by: Robin Tim Day BSc MSc BEd (ESL Teacher)
If I had to do it all over again I would build a log house, 10 x 10 or 12 x12, on a stone foundation. Why? Well when we buy land we can also buy the building materials included. My land has limestone..
Action Research: Empowering the Teachers  by: Andrew Finch
Action Research: Empowering the Teachers Dr. Andrew E. Finch Kyungpook National University Abstract Action research (AR) is a term used to describe the process of identifying a puzzle in the..
How to Make Money Online Teaching English  by: frankiebishop
Teaching the english language online is becoming more and more popular. Using MSN messenger, Skype or any other web-cam chat client can get you work teaching English! You can set your own hours and..
The Art of Teaching  by: C D West
Rachael Mason is a geography teacher at Beak Wing high school in Billing, Nevada. You said it. Teaching is indeed an art. With a little practice and patience, you can master this art. But like other..
Capitalizing on the Benefits of a Foreign Language Translation Firm  by: John Davison
In today’s ever-expanding world of business on an ever-shrinking planet, not only is it easy to market your organization’s products and services globally, but it is also just good business sense...
Provide a Useful Context  by: kr
Learners will remember material better and take more interest in it if it has relevant contextual meaning. Arbitrary rote learning (word lists or grammar drills) may be useful in solidifying language..
Buying a car in Japan is possibly more complicated than anywhere else in the world, however once you understand the process, purchasing a car can be relatively straight forward and hassle free...
Students Who Bully - Support Them by Focusing on the Positive Things They Do  by: Billy Simms
Try not to focus on the bad Positive words will make their day By acknowledging a little progress In school they will want to stay Students who bully are generally the students who cause problems in..
How to Teach Abroad in Poland  by: Giselle Berge
Since Poland joined the European Union in 2004, demand for English teachers has increased three-fold, according to the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Institute. While teaching salaries..
Evaluation of our students is critical.  by: Rheno747
Ignoring evaluation means surrendering an important tool we can use to judge our students' abilities and our own success as teachers. However, care must be used when evaluating students. From a..
Survival Bangla (Bangladesh) for ESL Teachers  by: "Rana" Mohamed Khosrul & Robin Day
Essential classroom commands for ESL teachers in Bangladesh. Bangla is the 3rd largest language in the world, just larger than Spanish, and is spoken in the Bengal area of India as well. In Arab..
Real Learning Is a Lifelong Process  by: Larry Icabandi Nabiong
It is so sad to know that when someone has already graduated from college or what, he stops learning. Yes, as if he has already absorbed every knowledge in the world and taking precious time from..
Teaching Guided Reading  by: Adam Waxler
What is guided reading? What are some guided reading activities? How about guided reading demonstrations or guided reading lesson plans? Using guided reading as a teaching strategy has become more..
| Info 101: A Parent's Bullying Guide  by: Carol Josel
If you watched the news this morning, you may have been "treated" to this: an overweight boy being punched repeatedly by another youngster-even in the face. He just stands there taking it, time and..
Classroom Factors That Affect Motivation  by: Carolyn Scheidies
Motivating students at every level, from kindergarten to college, takes a combination of factors within the classroom setting. Certain factors may motivate students into negative behaviors or..
Discover 7 Essential Core Teaching Strategies You Need to Become a Terrific Teacher  by: Honey Krumholz
At times, teachers may feel inundated with theories, methodologies, teaching strategies, etc.etc.etc. Please keep in mind that this is your class, your students and only YOU know your own limits. As..
How to get a teaching job in Taiwan or China  by: Brian
Applying for Teaching Work April 24, 2005 The first thing to do is to research the background of any employer offering a teaching position. You are quite possibly going to be applying for positions..
Homework Help at your Fingertips  by: Katie Robbins
Here's the situation. You are at home trying to answer questions for a history assignment and you are stumped. You have to write about "Custard's last stand". Custard was something you ate for..
Teachers: How to Make Your Class More Fun  by: Barbara A Toney
"This class is boring! We do the same thing every day. Why can't we ever do anything fun?" You try hard to present quality lessons and it does sting a bit when they respond with yawns and complaints...
Everything I Needed to Know About Article Writing I Learned from My English Teacher  by: Glenn Beach
By now you probably understand how important writing for trade publications is to establishing credibility in the home business world. On to the first hurdle: how do you get past that HUGE writers'..
I need help to teach a 19 year old to read and write fast in 28 days!?  by:
Can you give me links to good websites that could help me teach a 19 year old boy to read fast and write better, vocabulary wise . He's in the first year in college and needs help to keep up with the..
10 Steps to Weight Control, not Diet  by: Robin Day B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
1. Introduction. Once past the age of 30 years many of us have to watch what we eat. There are no foods that we must give up, no self punishments, just moderation and rational eating. Here are a few..
Recession Business Idea - Teaching English Online  by: Peter Boston
There is a huge worldwide demand for English conversation lessons. Millions upon millions of people around the globe are struggling on their own to learn English pronunciation and English as a second..
A shy student  by: Ali
While teaching, we, all ESL teachers face some problems. Of course problems are not very serious, they have solutions, and motivate us to work hard and be enthusiastic. Especially, in teaching large..
Teach English Abroad  by: Wade Robins
If you've in recent times graduated commencing school and are at a junction in the start of your career Teaching English might be worth looking hooked on. Believe it or not the English language..
Student Teachers: Tips to Make Your Student Teaching Experience Great  by: Barbara A Toney
Student teaching is a unique opportunity to practice your craft with support from a cooperating teacher. Some people quit during or after student teaching. They realize the classroom is not for them...
Acquiring A First Language  by: Julio Foppoli
Have you ever wondered how you learned to speak your native language? We can speak the language perfectly well, with grammatically perfect utterances and appropriate and accurate vocabulary for every..
What Does an Interpreter Do?  by: Neil Payne
Many people get confused as to the difference between an interpreter and a translator. There is a common tendency to think translators interpreter, or that interpreters translate. In fact, the two..
Learning English  by: Hugh O'Connell
Many people consider it one of globalisation’s greatest inequities that English, one of the world’s hardest languages, has become the international one. Few languages of any type have a grammar..
Teaching Practice: Concept, Stages, Objectives & Suggestions  by: Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar
Introduction Practice teaching occupies a key position in the programme of teacher education. It is a culminating experience in teacher preparation. It provides opportunity to beginning teachers to..
3 Easy Classroom Management Tips  by: Joe Coleman
You hear the same story from teachers again and again; their classroom is a nightmare to manage. There are kids that do not have support at home, who do not want to learn, and state and federal..