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Edutainment & ESL Games - How To Create A Buzz For Your ESL Class  by: Matt Tamsczak
When I first started teaching English as a Second Language Overseas I struggled... I struggled a lot; and nobody would really help me. My boss would tell me to teach the class, "WITH ENERGY!" My..
Five Scenarios a New Teacher May Face & How to Cope  by: J.C. Sprenger
Walking into a classroom for the first time can be quite intimidating, whether it is on the elementary, middle or high school level. A new teacher may be facing situations that do not apply to..
The Objectives, Pros And Cons Of A Language Immersion Program  by: Paul A Clark
Language immersion programs are an active part of each and every language course. In this technique, the language to be learned or the target language is made the mode of instruction. Thus, here the..
How to Teach English in Argentina  by: Collaborator
Teaching English in another country may seem like a huge undertaking, but knowing where to start is the key to a successful experience. English is in high demand in Argentina, and skilled teachers..
Uncommon Facts / Rules of English Language  by: Syed Feroz Zainvi
English is an international language. It has so many grammar rules and each rule with many exceptions. Usually, we write English without paying much attention to these rules and exceptions. But, its..
How To Improve Student-teacher Interaction In A Language Class  by: Michael G. Hines
The classroom is a social construct that is designed to facilitate learning. While learning can occur even when the only active participant is the student--as is the case when a person is reading a..
Voice Changer Software- Perfects Your Educational Projects  by: Chris Martin
If you are a teacher or a professor, obviously you will be vexed when one student gives a sneaky yawn in your class. Don’t hastily blame him but think twice about your lecture: may it lack a small..
Become a Teacher - The Cyber Teacher  by: Adam M Rise
These days, when you become a teacher, you will be using resources and teaching tools which only twenty years ago no-one had heard of. Computers, and the internet, are now part of every aspect of..
Rule 2 For Elementary School Teachers - Teaching is All About Learning  by: Susan Guerrero
How did someone like me end up an educator with a book on the rules of teaching and learning? It's really only natural. I have always been a student and even now at the ripe age of 92 (if you count..
How is an ESL Lesson As Easy to Make As a Sandwich?  by: Les Perras
"Wait a minute," I said to my friend, "How is the start of an ESL lesson like a piece of bread?" "Well, you have to tell the students what the lesson is going to be about, right? That's what the..
Teaching English in Peace Corps  by: Dennis McMahon
Teaching English in Peace Corps "I always wanted to do that," is the response Peace Corps Volunteers most often hear when they tell someone about their Peace Corps experiences. People often say this..
Mini-Laptops For Students  by: Lucas Kent
After I attended the National Educational Computing Conference in San Antonio someone asked me what the next big thing in educational technology would be. Of course, digital whiteboards, students..
Teachers Prep for Back to School with Free Online Courses  by: Orlando Clark
With the current push for academic achievement, teachers need to enter the school year not only prepared to battle students’ “summer slide,” but to be at the top of their own instructional..
Eying an Administrative Position? – Here’s How to Work Towards It  by: Candace Davies
In the face of state cutbacks and budget cuts, administration positions are also being hit, although not as hard as teaching positions. Rather than make a bold career move into administration, a more..
How to Teach English in Portugal  by: Prisca Rollins
If you are looking for a teaching job in Portugal, you must obtain a Teaching English as Second Language (TESOL) certificate. Once you have this certificate in hand, you will find that obtaining a..
Learning a Foreign Language: the Psychological Factor  by: Gabrielle Guichard
When it comes about learning a foreign language, many people wonder if they will be able to memorize enough vocabulary. But this question never occurs about their mother tongue. And yet, it was a..
Learning a Foreign Language: Learn from the Blind  by: Gabrielle Guichard
In a previous article, you read that to establih your own lists was the best way to learn vocabulary as fast as possible. Let's study what an effective list looks like. Among prejudices about..
Become a Teacher - Exercise Decorum  by: Adam M Rise
Most teachers first decided to become a teacher because of their love for children, and an enjoyment of being in their company as well as a desire to educate. This love of children and of the subject..
I am a teacher. I teach in the classrooms. I have seen many people in many places. The secrets in the art of teaching is that there is an audience waiting to for you to perform. And the students are..
Teaching Abroad Without Certification  by: Bryan Schatz
Teaching abroad is a popular option for those looking to stay overseas for an extended period of time. The most common and likely teaching position that you may find will be in English instruction...
Teachers Deserve Respect!  by: Julie Labes
When I was a kid I was really scared of all my teachers. I would never in a million years have disrespected them or talked back. I would never have cursed at them, shouted at them, laughed at them..
THE EROSION PROCESS IN ESL?  by: Ellis E. Seamone - Veteran ESL teacher of 13+ years
Much like any field of endeavor, ESL can eventually show signs of wear and tear on a teacher's powers of concentration, enthusiasm, and delivery. The major problem, from what I have observed, is..
How to Set Goals for ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes  by: Lesley Graybeal
While many students and teachers alike may believe the goal of ESL classes is simple -- to learn English -- ESL teachers must learn to properly set classroom goals and facilitate student goal-setting..
Teach Your Child Time Management  by: Peggy Crippen
Life is complicated. Children have more homework, scheduled activities and many different commitments and distractions. Parents also have busy schedules. However, in order for a household to thrive..
Become an Elementary School Teacher  by: U Urbano
Elementary school teachers are responsible for the educational and emotional development of children in the beginning of their academic years. Most elementary school teachers instruct one class of..
Primary teachers  by: Tara Hillton
Primary teachers are responsible for guiding children through the formation of many important life skills, and also watching over their students' social development. Primary teachers come into..
Resigning From A Teaching Job: Exactly How To Get It Done Without Headaches  by: Bennett Tyson
Resigning from a teaching job isn't easy. Nevertheless, it can be easy and worry free on your end especially if you know the proper approaches. And if you happen to end up being one in the near..
Accredited Life Experience Degrees - Accelerate your Progress Online  by: Katie Robbins
Chances are you are pursuing an online degree to reap benefits in the workplace. For this reason, you may be interested in accelerating your progress to get your degree faster. This article will..
Meaningful and Engaged Learning  by: katemc85
Behaviour Management Diary - Jimmy's Story 1, An Ongoing Case Study  by: Liz Marsden
My work informs and advises on effective behaviour management strategies to enable schools to cope with(and more importantly prevent) difficult and challenging behaviour. I decided to take this a..
No Dictionaries in the Classroom!  by: Andrew Carter
No Dictionaries in the Classroom! Well, strictly speaking not ‘no dictionaries’ at all – a big, clear, (illustrated perhaps – depending on the students’ level?) English dictionary should..
5 Ways to Keep Parents Coming to Your Courses  by: Robert Warner
Surestart Children's Centres aim to improve outcomes for children with the services that they provide. Some of these outcomes are achieved by working with the parents rather than the child - such as..
Brief History of Speed Reading  by: Dr Jay Polmar
Speed Reading methods began with Evelyn Wood who invented it, while she was fishing, or rather feeding bait to the fish via hook. She was bored when they weren't biting the hook, and she read. And..
The Super Teacher Dozen Don  by: Phyllis Ferguson
An effective educator makes teaching and learning a joy. The Super Teacher Dozen Don'ts is a reminder for every teacher of the 12 things you should never do in the classroom. 1. Don't yell at kids..
How To Check the Spelling of Names Used as References in a Research Paper  by: Jan Kovarik
Whether you are doing a term paper for high school or you are working on your doctoral thesis, you will be creating a list of references (or bibliography) of the resource materials and other..
Why Do I Need To Learn Speedreading  by: David Odell
A common question asked in speed reading circles is whether or not having the ability to speed read is suitable for everyone. A common enough remark is that speed reading takes the joy out of..
Students ! Be Ambitious and have Focus  by: Lisabeth Protherough
To be ambitious, you need to develop a vision. What are your goals? I don’t mean short-term tasks such as doing your e-mails or cooking your dinner, but rather your visions of the future. When you..
Report Card Time - Find Out Teacher's Style Before Reacting to Comments  by: Cammie Moise
Thank goodness teachers have different teaching styles, because our children benefit from these differences. It helps them realize that all relationships and communication styles are unique. For..
General Advice When Posting Complaints  by: Dave
I read these reviews [on the School and Recruiter Reviews board] frequently and I often see complaints made that are legitimate and relevant but have reduced impact because they are subjective. I..
How To Resign From Teaching The Professional Way  by: Bennett Tyson
There are several approaches to pursue how to resign from teaching. Based on the institution that you are in, they've got various processes and also methodologies. The full process may vary; but..