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The Stick to Your Own Kind Except During School Hours Syndrome  by: The Arrogant One
You know ... just upstairs from my favorite Starbucks, where I sip and write for a few hours each day, a college extension ESL program is given to about 80-90 learners, mostly from Korea and Japan...
Why I Love Teaching ESL to Preschoolers' Parents  by: Jane Wangersky
For years, I taught English to people who often ran out of class because they heard their child crying in the next room. They all had children or grandchildren under five, which meant they weren't..
Oppositional Defiant (ODD) Students: Must Have Methods  by: Ruth Wells
If you are a teacher who finds that "nothing works" to manage some students, this article may help. It's way past time for you to learn about ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder. In college, you..
9 Tips To Improve Your Voice  by: Kathy Thompson
How much talking do you do during the day? We take our voices for granted. A lot of tension forms in our throats and larynx. These simple fun exercises can help you. 6 Tips to a Better Voice 1. Feel..
Voice Changer Software- Perfects Your Educational Projects  by: Chris Martin
If you are a teacher or a professor, obviously you will be vexed when one student gives a sneaky yawn in your class. Don’t hastily blame him but think twice about your lecture: may it lack a small..
SAT Test Day: The Night Before and Morning Of  by: Kyan Kandace
My students often ask me for last minute advice on what to do the night before the exam and the morning of the exam. Here’s what I tell them: After dinner, collect the things you’ll need on test..
Students Improve Focus and Concentration - Studying For Exams  by: Leon Edward
For many students, when exams are announced, a fear overcomes them. A sense of dread fills them and they panic. This is due in part because exams are a very stressful time for many students. The fear..
Teacher Professional Development for Teaching Reading Strategies  by: Vince Welsh
One of the most important things that children learn in school is how to read. Teaching reading strategies to young students can help prepare them for the rest of their academic career, and depending..
Tips for Art Teachers on Promoting Motivation  by: Andrew Button
For some art teachers, motivating students is easy. If you have students with an independent interest in art, you probably won't have any trouble motivating them. However, if your students have..
10 Secrets on How to Get Your Child to Love Reading  by: Shawn Snyder
Are you aware that there is a crisis in the American educational arena today? That the children who live in the greatest super power country of the entire world are no longer the brightest nor the..
Phonics Games & Fun Phonics For Kids Are Very Useful In Teaching English  by: John Ellis
Whether you wish your child to learn English, French, or Spanish, just remember one simple fact. The more interesting and exciting you make French or Spanish or English lesson plans, the easier it..
How to Set Goals for ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes  by: Lesley Graybeal
While many students and teachers alike may believe the goal of ESL classes is simple -- to learn English -- ESL teachers must learn to properly set classroom goals and facilitate student goal-setting..
Learning English as a Second Language by Webcam  by: Andrew Carter
Learning English as a Second Language by Webcam As you opened up this article, you no doubt have a view on web-cams? As yet I don’t have one, and regard them as a bit of an intrusion. This is..
Too old to compete in a waning marketplace?  by: Ellis E. Seamone
SIXTY-SEVEN? That's not so old ... especially for an ESL instructor who positively adores teaching those not even half his age. In fact, speaking from a purely personal point of view, this activity..
Why should I become a High School english teacher?  by:
I am considering studying education after I finish my journalism degree. I would like to be sure before I commit myself to anything.
How to Teach  by: Ganeshan Ramachandran
The silent teacher. Not all are born to be teachers. And you need not look for good teachers only in schools or universities. You find them everywhere: at home, in your neighbourhood, at your..
About ESL Teachers  by: Janet Teas
As immigrants whose native languages are not English reach the shores of the United States, Great Britain, Australia and other English speaking countries, the ability to read, write, speak and listen..
Dealing with Difficult Students  by: Brenda Townsend Hall
Dealing with Difficult Students When teachers have to confront a difficult student, they often have more of a problem with their own feelings than with the student whose behaviour is disruptive. This..
Roundly Teaching Vocabulary in ESL Lessons  by: Les Perras
In my ESL lessons, I teach vocabulary in a roundly. What I mean is, my students get the chance to learn both the meaning of the new vocabulary and how to use it. You might say to me, "Sure Les,..
Re: Survival Bangla (Bangladesh) for ESL Teachers  by: Matt mollet
HI THERE, My name's matt and i'm living in new zealand. I'm interested in teaching english in bangladesh, would you be able to enlighten me on this subject? Is there a website i should visit? Thanks
Discipline in Your Class - Is Your Class Discipline Worse Than it Used to Be? Improve it Now!  by: Al Jackson
Discipline in your class is a very necessary ingredient for you as the teacher to provide, so that there is an atmosphere that will be conducive to learning. It is your job as a teacher to enforce..
More on Teaching Overseas Without a Degree  by: Dr. Robert W. F. Taylor
My first article on How to Teach ESL Overseas Without a Degree was immensely popular - so, I thought I should do a follow-up. Of course schools would prefer that you have a degree and it is in your..
The Internet--THE Best Place to Learn English  by: Steve Kaufmann
English is the dominant language of the Internet. The Internet will in turn become the dominant place to learn English. The way languages are learned is changing, and these changes are accelerating...
Personality Profiling: Do You Have the MO of a ‘Good’ Teacher?  by: Candace Davies
For decades, personality psychologists, also known as psychometricians, have been on a search for the ‘good teacher.’ Each year, more and more studies appear claiming to identify the personality..
Dealing With Difficult People and Tricky Situations in the School Environment  by: Janice Davies
Sometimes they creep up on you or other times they jump into your life. You are grating your teeth and feel like hammering the computer to get rid of the anger you are feeling after encountering a..
Teaching Grammar With Fun Learning Games  by: Shelley Vernon
Teaching English grammar can be hard going - for the teacher and the students. It doesn't have to be difficult or painful, however. You can teach English grammar using fun learning games and before..
Improve Spelling  by: Stuart Ackerman
When you meet someone, you get a 'first impression' by their face, attire, and mannerisms. All of these cues enable you to develop a 'pre-judgment' of the person before getting to know them. Spelling..
How To Gloss Over Teacher Mistakes Keeping Your Respect And Position of Authority At Your School  by: Daniel E Massicotte
Teaching in Korea can be very stressful if you're trying to teach in a perfect way. Most native English teachers are not a certified teacher which means we can make some serious mistakes when it..
Relax, and Trust Yourself on Test Day  by: Charles Bloom
Even for the most brilliant students, test time can be overwhelming - a time of enormous stress and anxiousness and a poignant fear of failure, all of which you can't wait to have behind you. Being..
TEFL Student Types  by: Leyla Norman
Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) may mean that your class is composed of many different types of individuals, whether they are adult students or children. Students each have their own..
Teaching English To Non-English Speakers  by: Yvonne Volante
Teaching the English language to a non english speaking person can be exciting and interesting. If this is of interest to you, consider traveling to other countries to teach. It is generally..
So You Want to Become a Teacher - The Bare Facts  by: Adam M Rise
People planning to become a teacher often have an idealized notion of what the job of teaching children is like. Certainly these ideals, of guiding young minds on the road to the acquisition of..
Re: Survival Bangla (Bangladesh) for ESL Teachers  by: Matt mollet
HI THERE, My name's matt and i'm living in new zealand. I'm interested in teaching english in bangladesh, would you be able to enlighten me on this subject? Is there a website i should visit? Thanks
Classroom Management Plan - Developing a Classroom Management Plan  by: Stephen Bradford
Teachers that start the year off with a classroom management plan will be more apt to having a more controlled classroom than those that do not have a clear classroom management plan. The way I have..
Use These 3 Editing Tips to Ensure Your Writing Hits the Bull’s-Eye  by: Clarice Kyd Dankers
The first step in the writing process is to put your ideas down on paper. Once you have text to work with, the second step is to revise what you have written to make it as clear, accurate and..
Create a Classroom Website  by: Luke Kent
You do not have to be an expert web designer to create a class website. There are many free and low cost sites on the web that allow you to create a website for your class. If you want more control..
Philosophy of Teaching  by: Rick Harrington
I have been an educator for over 25 years and I truly enjoy working with adolescents-both in the classroom and in the athletic arena as a coach, knowing that sports can be an integral extension of..
Teaching - 9.5 Strategies for Successful Teaching  by: Darrell Causey
Do you really want to be a successful teacher? If so, these 9.5 strategies will help you develop the skills, techniques and processes needed to become a master teacher. But it won't happen just..
Top 5 School Fund Raiser Ideas  by: Dion Semeniuk
Schools often look for ways to make money. Sometimes, new playground equipment is needed, or perhaps band equipment and uniforms, it might be that the football team is in need of uniforms, or that..
Effective Classroom Management - Getting Pupils to Follow Your Instructions  by: Rob Plevin
When we are put in stressful situations the directions and instructions we give out to pupils who are causing problems us are often very unclear and impulsive. As such they virtually guarantee..