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Texas ISD School Guide

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Classroom Management - Helpful Tips to Get You Through the Day
By:Kristiana Jones

In a perfect world, you'd enter the classroom and greet the most wonderful, attentive and well-behaved children in the world. Your notes and curriculum would be perfectly organized just the way you want and you would not have to struggle to deal with what can seem like unrealistic demands and not enough budgets. Too bad we don't live in a perfect world, right? From kids who are unwilling to learn to state regulations that are impossible, sometimes you feel like throwing your hands into the air and giving up.

However, there are some things you can do to help manage your classroom more effectively and hopefully make your world a little bit more perfect. For instance, when dealing with children who enjoy disrupting the class, making a scene and trying their best to get under your skin - what can you really do? One great thing you can do is ignore the student, and refuse to give them the attention they are seeking.

While this may get the effect you desire, it may not. The next step would be to give the student a write-up, call home and then allow the situation to go through the appropriate channels. The whole point is to let the disruption have as little effect on your classroom as possible.

Another thing you can do to help keep your classroom under control is follow through with your policy and do it every single time. For instance, if a notoriously bad child does something and your policy is an instant write-up, do it. If a fairly good child does the same thing, follow through with the same punishment. Don't give leeway to the children simply because it's close to a holiday or it's a Monday. Follow through with your policy every single time so the kids will know exactly what's coming when they've done the crime.

Also, don't give in to the children's demands or tardiness either. When you want your children to have their notebooks ready or their desks cleared for a test, make sure you let them know. Then, proceed with the lessons or the notes so that they know you're not kidding. Don't delay your plans to accommodate them or they will expect this every single time. It's important that your kids know what is expected of them - and when they do, they will be better able to provide that for you.

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