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Getting a Masters While Overseas
By:Sharon De Hinojosa

There are a couple types of programmes out there. Those that are distance, those that are on-campus, and those that are a mixture of the two. If you do decide to do one that has on-campus classes, make sure that you can attend the majority of the classes. Other still, may have virtual classes, which you can attend via your own computer.

Make sure that you select an accredited programme a well. There's no use studying a masters from a fly by night school. In addition, ask about online support. There's nothing like writing a paper in the wee hours of the morning, trying to submit it only to find out that there's a problem with the university's computer system. There should be online support available 7 days a week.

Ask about the faculty that you will be working with. Your professors should be accomplished in the area they teach and have substantial teaching and training experience. They should also have publications in their name. Look around for a university that will offer you personalized service. Having an advisor who can answer questions that you may have as you work through the programme is a great help.

Price is always an issue. Don't go for the cheapest programme out there, you usually get what you pay for. If the masters that you want is out of your budget, ask about scholarships or if it's possible to pay for it in installments. Some countries have agreements with overseas schools. If you're a US citizen, you might want to look at IEFC.

Just as price is an issue, so is time. You should be able to finish within two years from starting. Also consider how much time you will be expected to devote to your masters every week.

It's also worth asking about the graduates. If many people start a programme, but few finish, you might want to look around at another school

Once you've decided what to look for in a programme, it's time to find a university to attend. Here are some that will help you out.
Education UK
GTTR for the UK
The Good Guides for Australia
Markogilvie for Australia
Kiwi Careers for New Zealand
50 States for the US
HEA for Ireland

Sharon de Hinojosa (naturegirl321) has lived and worked (mainly teaching English) in the US, Scotland, Spain, the Czech Republic, China, Korea, and Peru. As well as teaching short-term in Venezuela and Taiwan.

She has created The LA Job List http://www.thelajoblist.blogspot.com which lists schools, institutes and universities in 19 Latin American countries which offer English teaching positions.

Since living in Peru since August 2006, she wrote The Ultimate Peru List http://www.theultimateperulist.blogspot.com

With 60 pages it's a comprehensive guide for those living in or moving to Peru.

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