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PopOn <> - 2018-03-29

Pop On 7Day Activity Series Recruitment CAMPAIGN:

WHO are we looking for?
New version of Pop On has been released! We are looking for ONLINE ENGLISH TUTORS who can build, deliver English lessons as well as have the passion for teaching languages, and who have dreams and stories to share with people all over the world using our new features on our Pop On app!
All are welcome. Native speakers are preferred.

WHAT are you going to do?
Prepare a 7 day Activity Series for your students, upload content creating your own Micro Lessons and set the time for your training camp, starting March 19th. We will help you to recruit students.

WHAT is the new feature about?
The teaching kit has been updated with 3 categories: provided Lessons from the Training Plans, Micro lessons and Activities. Tutors now can create new activities plan themselves! The new feature is combines existing lessons from the Training Plans provided and also the chance to create new lessons based on your expertise: including text, image, voice records and reading activities that students can use to repeat and practise pronunciation. You can combine activities that students can do on their own and real time interaction and real time service.

For this first tutor group exprience you can create Micro Lessons and interact with the students in the group chat, more features will be developed in Pop On's next version.

You will find more detailed information in the User’s Guide that we will send you.

WHY to join the campaign?
Our first Activities will be starting March 19th in Pop On. If you become one of the ten selected tutors to start running the English Activity Series you will have extra benefits: your account will be boosted to reach more students by using our new features. Build your personal brand, gain followers and increase your monthly income. We ensure you a minimum income if you join this group. Details will be discussed with tutors once the application has been aproved.

Tutors and students can now connect with each other directly by new kind of communication. In the future, you will also be able to work together with other tutors and share the experience and the income.

Expand your teaching experience and set your own rates for these customized activities. We will guide you and support you with this too.

The Activity Series that you will create will be available for you to set up training camps as many times as you want.

WHERE does the process take place?
All the process of tutoring and learning will happen via our App.

WHEN to start?
If you are interested in being part of this new community and join the first group of tutors, fill in the application form before March 14th.
Once you upload the content and set the timing, you can start recruiting students.

HOW to start?
For new member:
3 simple steps:
1. Download Pop On App 2. Register 3. Apply to be a tutor.
Then please find more specific information on the User guide.
Already a tutor?
Find more specific information on the User guide and fill in the Application form: tell us more about your ideas and we will get in touch to personally assist you creating the Activity Series.

Fill in the application form clicking this link:

If you need any other help you can send us an email to

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