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English Teacher Fred <> - 2018-03-29

Hi, my name is Fred.

Speak English with confidence! Get a better job, travel abroad, or pass an English exam easily. I will correct your pronunciation and grammar mistakes. We will have fun talking together!

Teaching English has been my full-time job since 2001. Many of my students now have high-paying jobs and successful careers with foreign companies. Other students have traveled abroad and got high scores on IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC tests.

Yari, from Italy: “Fred’s lessons are great! You get to learn pure American English, from grammar to idioms. Thanks to Fred I’ve improved my comprehension skills and I feel much more confident speaking in public.”

Andrey, from Russia: “Earlier I learned English myself with varying success, but though I got something result and spent 10 years my verbal English didn’t become better. Then I thought took English Lesson by Skype and found Fred’s site. After some time I became to speak much better. Thanks to You, Fred”

Olga, from Russia: "Fred is a great teacher! He can find the right method for learning English for each student. His lessons are interesting and full of useful information. I completely stopped using the dictionary at the lessons in a short time. I feel that my English became better and it’s great! Thank you Fred!”

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
General English – Business English – IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC
Conversation – Idioms – Pronunciation – Grammar – Fluency

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