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Sayabc <> - 2018-03-29

Who are we?
SayABC is one of the leading companies in the online education market in China. Our goal is to give confidence to every child in China with the power of education. In order to make that happen, we have created a unique online platform of our own to teach English to children. This platform is designed to teach maximum 4 students per class and they are packed full of fun and educational activities. Teachers are sorely hired according to their fluency in English and ability to teach, not according to their place of origin.

How are we doing it?
We connect foreign teachers from all over the world with children between ages 5 to 12 in China. Our platform is designed specifically to encourage active learning environment. The curriculum was developed in collaboration with Cengage and National Geographic. The system is proven for its quality as it has been tried and tested many times and it is already used by millions of children around the world. As Nat Geo is all about exploring the world, it can be viewed as the world into the classroom and the classroom into real life. As Nat Geo values discussing skills high, students can gain conversational skill along with language skill. In terms of soft skills, keeping your class clean, saying nice things, appreciating diversity and treasure difference can be taught as well.
-1: Many (Up to 4 students) online full immersion English language and content classes
-Our curriculum is based on The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
-40-minute, highly engaging lessons

Why do we do it?
English is regarded as lingua franca of the global economy. We would like to contribute in shaping future generations to become successful in the global arena by helping as many kids as possible. The main problem Chinese students have is the access to high-quality teachers that they can afford. As English plays a paramount role for children to be confident in everyday and professional settings, regardless of where they are in the world. We believe that by providing high-quality English education at an affordable price will benefit a vast number of children who were seeking for opportunities to learn. Furthermore, it also allows them to interact with different domains and get first hand access to information, which will help them to adopt a global perspective and learn about other cultures to establish common ground with anyone in the world. We aim to create an educational environment where students feel safe and confident enough to make mistakes opinions.
And of course, we want our teachers to be benefited as much as our students from our service. First, teachers could have a consistent and steady stream of income, so long as teachers have consistent availabilities. We always try our best to offer satisfying compensation rate for our teachers. There are various incentive systems to encourage teachers and we are always happy to provide support for their best performance. Second, teachers feel a strong sense of achievement for teaching these children as they consider themselves as bridges for their students to discover a world of possibilities. Being involved in nurturing students collaborative, creative and problem-solving skills also contribute to the improvement of their own social skills such as communication and presentation.

You can work anywhere with a computer, a headset and high-speed internet

Up to $26 per lesson. Basic salary with incentive bonus

- Certificate in TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or any other relevant certificates
-Bachelor degree or above (or final year student)
- Relevant teaching experience is preferred
-Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with Fast Internet connection and audio/video capability
-Native level of English

Please apply via our website

Contact info:

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