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IELTS Teacher UK <> - 2018-03-29

**I am teaching again after taking a break!**


I am a native British English teacher and I can help you prepare for the IELTS test and I also teach general English lessons (non IELTS). I have been an English tutor for many years (mostly in Japan and the Middle East).

All my lessons are taught through Skype and you are welcome to book a free trial 15 minute lesson.


IELTS Speaking

There are 3 parts to the speaking test and we will look at each part, I like to make my students feel confident with a very strong introduction (Part 1) and then I focus on lots of Part 2/3 practice questions.

My lessons involve

-Teaching you key vocabulary for questions that come up again and again.

-Making you prepared for all the common questions.

-We will look at high band 8/9 answers and I will help you to emulate and understand what is required for a high score.

-We will practice mock /pretend tests exactly like the exam so you can get familiar and confident with the test.

-I always correct your mistakes and we can look at grammatical problems as they arise.


IELTS Writing

I like to give my students past IELTS writing questions or you may have your own prepared. You can send your document to me via email before the lesson and the we will look at your essays during the lesson. I will give you suggestions and tips on how to construct your answer to achieve a higher score, we will work on your grammatical problems and I will show and explain your mistakes and why you are not achieving a higher score.

You will also receive free PDF materials to help you prepare for the IELTS writing


5 x 45 min speaking lessons = £45
10 x 45 min speaking lessons = £80

Please visit my website find out more information


My experience and qualifications

After graduating from university I completed a TEFL teaching qualification.

I then lived in Japan for many years and taught at Gaba (in Ebisu) and Berlitz (in Ikebukuro)
I spent some time in the Middle East teaching English and I had many private students at this time.

I have helped hundreds of people prepare for the IELTS test. I can help you with my broad experience and knowledge of the IELTS test.

Contact me today for a free trial!

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