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KL - 2017-05-10

BE aware.. folks if you plan to join this online esl company Cambly you may not have a time of your life. This company has been around for many years but They Do cheat teachers out of getting connected to the Students online. This company has their policies that changes from time to time with out giving teachers any notice on what is going on. The sad thing about this company is that there is mostly a basic discrimination regarding race and nationality to all teachers who is teaching online or not.. and The salary you really do not make that much with this company at all.. You have to wait for many hours online just to teach a student and all of a sudden you may not be connected at all and you really do not make hardly any money at all..

for every week I only made $20 USD which its their minimum for them to release to your paypal account that is very sad and regarding their priority hours this is not true regarding that there is no such thing as priority hours and this company is very selective on the teachers that should get students at all if there are any..

They only focus on asking the teachers to find other teachers for recruitment and if those teachers do 10 class hours then you will get paid only $20 USD per recruitment

Folks there are better companies out there for online Tutoring Than Cambly just be aware... do not get suck into their trap...

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