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Wii <> - 2017-04-28

Dear All English Teachers,

Greetings! I am sincerely looking for a 'serious' native American tutor via Skype lessons for my wife. Targets are listed below. For those who are qualified and interested, would be grateful if you'd simply Email me with a few lines introduction. Please be so kind to use the subject 'English Tutor - (YOUR NAME)' when sending emails so that your message won't be overlooked. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Our time zone is GMT+8 here in Singapore.

Best, Wii

Description and Qualification

Ideally, this tutor is based in USA but can do lessons via Skype with her.

She did lessons before in Hong Kong (private lessons at home), and here in Singapore (but quality of English is pretty bad here). They either speak “Singlish” with weird accent and imperfect grammar, or the teachers at the English schools are British and teach British English (difficult for her to understand).

Therefore, would like to find:
- Female American who can teach English lessons 1:1 via skype
- Can find either thru one of the English tutor schools, or those who do private lessons.
- Hourly rate – open for discussion
- Should be friendly and good upbringing. Don’t want just a random, “low-class” American. Ideally, can indirectly educate her a bit about American culture, norms, etiquette, etc
- Should have prior experience teaching English, using textbooks/workbooks, etc
- Good pronunciation and explains well
- Ideally not too young. Maybe 35-45 age range is ideal. Don’t want my wife to learn “bad habits” from young Americans!
- Likely 1 hour/session for 2-3 times per week. Will need to factor in time difference
- If possible I would like to interview a few of these teachers first – before deciding to engage the right one. Will test their knowledge, capability, personality, motivation, sophistication, etc.

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