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Admin - 2017-01-26

WARNING to all online tutors: Dishonest tactics on the part of TutorABC and iTutorGroup which started submitting wumao (fake) post to many boards of our site one week ago, using different names, mostly from the same IP address in Shanghai: (11 of the 15 posts below. Note: they posted more than 15 times, but at the beginning we were simply deleting their posts as soon as they were appearing in our admin.)

PS Jan 31 2017, despite our above notice, TutorABC keeps posting, from the same 2 Shanghai IP address. Amazing! Notice the "I have been worked for TutorABC for more than a year" of Jan 27 :o)

By:AliciaWalker <> (
Date: Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 8:25 am

My experience of teaching in iTutorgroup is really growing on me. I really found it interesting to be able to teaching in iTutorgroup. The schedule is quite flexible here and also clients are from different places of the world, not just mainland China but also Taiwanese, from Hongkong, Japan. I found lots of of lovely clients here. Cool experience. Kindly let me know if you want to join me as well :b


Working for TutorABC
Steven Lyn ( -- 27 2017
As an educator, I am very happy to use my spare time to teach English, through the TutorABC this platform. I’d like to communicate with different people who have different culture. According to the lesson plan, students always point out interesting..


Jack ( -- 27 2017
I have been worked for TutorABC for more than a year. My experience here is actually quite okay. The pay is not that high, but still not low, considering the fact that the materials have been done, and there's a team managing basically anything for y..


1. Re: TutorABC
Sun_LEE ( -- 26 2017
I am a grad student who is currently studying abroad. I worked for Tutorabc, as a former consultant, one thing i want to clarify is that, yes, the base pay may not be fulfilling for some consultant, for me, my base pay for a session used to be about ..

2. Re: TutorABC / iTutorGroup
James ( -- 26 2017
This part-time job is a wonderful choice for college students like me, which will help you know more about the outside. Expecially that is an effective way to get to know more about China and Chinese peopel. I think this will help me a lot when a sta..

3. Real time correction gives you more confident and interests.
Ridhae Coetzee ( -- 25 2017
I’m Ridhae Coetzee from South Africa, having joined in iTutorGroup for 5 months. My dream is to be a teacher and I really love to teach children. I think that these kind of online sessions provided by TABC really help and greatly improved their cli..

4. Re: TutorABC
English Consultant ( -- 25 2017
It’s a good way to earn money from TutorABC. I had a full time job in another company. Their session is flexible so that I can schedule during my free time. It’s pleasant to working with TutorABC.

5. Excellent performance of the staff.
Danny Lewis ( -- 25 2017
Excellent performance of the staff. I am a consultant at the iTutorGroup. I have to extend “Thank you” to the staff of the iTutoGroup. Once I had a very sad family emergency. And I forget to attend my session, when I found the truth, the session ..

6. TutorABC in China
Chad_A ( -- 24 2017
Hi there, I've been a consultant for TutorABC for 10 months and owned really awesome experience here. Usually, I have one session for 1-6 students every 2 days before go to bed. But I can change the session time if I got some emergency. Besides the t..

7. Love iTutorGroup, Love my job
kailash Deen ( -- 24 2017
I've worked at iTutorGroup for almost two years. I always feel happy and comfortable working with the team cause they're all patient and professional. Firstly, working for T-ABC has been a dream come true. I worked for corporate finance entities for ..

8. Re TutorABC
Nancy ( -- 22 2017
They provide 100% support to their teachers. They always reply my questions quickly and there are much training that I can attend to improve my teaching skills.

9. wonderful job
Christ Simith ( -- 22 2017
I really appreciated this part-time job. It can increase my income, but also improve my teaching skills. I am an English teacher works for a junior high school in Italy. I really enjoy teaching with the client in China, they are really working hard, ..

10. good jod
Davide Quintus ( -- 22 2017
This is an amazing job. I am working at an international high school. I really enjoy teaching, while I was on weekends or vocation I could teach with the students from iTutorGroup. The time schedule is really flexible I can book the session anytime w..

11. Teaching Experience Sharing
AliciaWalker ( -- 22 2017
As a consultant who has worked with iTutorGroup(An online ESL teaching platform) for around half a year I gradually got a full picture of how teaching sessions work there. I wanna share a few points with you guys regarding my experience. 1. The video..

12. AliciaWalker ( -- 25 2017
Hey guys me again!! I saw lots of great English teacher looking for potential clients here in the forum. I just wanna share with you my way of being an active online English teacher. I am currently working with iTutorgroup and I found it really rewar..

13. Re VIPKID still hasnt paid me
Dinsdale ( -- 24 2017
I worked for VIPKID previously and currently work for TutorABC. My tenure for VIPKID included not been paid for training and pretty much zero feedback on anything. The actual jobs are the same. I quit VIPKID because I earn a lot more at TutorABC - Si..

14. Teaching English& Learning Chinese
AliciaWalker ( -- 24 2017
I am wondering if you guys know about this great platform where we can learn Mandarine Chinese!! As a teacher who currently working for iTutorgroup, an online English teaching/learning platform, I was entitled with free Chinese sessions. It delights ..

15. TutorABC
Blair Sugerman ( -- 23 2017
Hi Guys, I'm Blair from the UK, having been a consultant work for TutorABC for almost 1y and feeling quite enjoyable for its flexible schedule and payment is always on time. Teaching on my free time then get extra pay and bonus, meeting pleasant Chin..


Note: They also submitted posts using in Shanghai (1 post) and a Taipei VPN: (2 posts), (1 post).

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