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Carlos Barreda <> - 2016-09-13

English teacher job – online English teachers required. Home based job. Your career as an English teacher starts here. More than 57.000 students are waiting for you.

English teacher job

All teachers need to start somewhere, and if you are considering teaching English as a second language, this is your entry point.

Degree preferred not required

Main duties can include: giving information, advice and support to learners, registration, marking the assignments, doing necessary paperwork, following up the learners and entering the support online.

English teachers job:

Applications can be made in our social network (click here)

Work Environment

You should have a reliable “always-on”, high-speed internet connection, such as DSL or cable, that you would use to teach classes. If not, consider contract one.

Enhance your Internet speed connection if you want to have success as an English teacher job.

Do you have a consistent and quiet place that you can work from?

If your internet connection went down, do you have a secondary place you could work from?

Academic & Experience

What is your highest completed level of education?

Do you speak any other language? Spanish?

Tell the world about the last two ESL-related positions you’ve held as an English teacher job.

Salary: based on students payments (direct to you). You can also give lessons are for free if you have not experience (students can and should donate). We have more than 57.000 students. You arrange with the student the payment method, etc, here, via private messages with the student.

English teacher job requirements:

Native English teachers preferred.
Bachelor Degree (we have jobs available as well for non-degree holders)
Patient and willing to adapt into the new online culture.

Internet high speed connection:

TEFL certificate and Spanish is preferred but not essential.

English teachers required:

You can start helping other people and become an English teacher in this forum. When you are experienced enough you can be part of our team (no sending resume required).

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