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Esenya Wright <> - 2016-09-11

Hello, let me introduce us. We are Steve and Esenya, a married couple, and our passion is to learn different languages from you and to teach our language to people.

My husband is a native American and works in a medical field and I am a bilingual who is equally speaking Russian and English. We are living in Georgia, USA but now I am studying Turkish in Turkey and teaching English here. As a bilingual from childhood I am a passionate language lover. I have had many successful students who passed the necessary tests and got the university admission.

My background is Moscow State University of International Relations and I graduated as an international lawyer with foreign language knowledge. I have TOEFL and ILEC certificate and also passed the ESL program in Rice University of Houston. I had an experience in such companies as Lukoil, Skomy Oiltools Inc., Olympus. So if you need financial or law terminology my knowledge can be useful. Steve studied at Atlanta medical school so if you need a medical terminology here he is.

We are teaching by Skype and our price is 10 USD per 60 minutes. We don’t have any representatives and assistants which allows us to keep the price as low as possible. All lessons are individual. If you are buying an exam or general English course the visa assistance for tourists and students and assistance in admission process to an American University if free for you.
We are giving all materials online, all you will need is to print them.

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