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LLoyd Raymond Irlanda Wells <> - 2016-09-07

Lloyd Raymond Irlanda Wells
Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines
011639982498381 and 01163920925560 phones
Skype ID: wellsonlineesltutorial
Nationality: American
Birth date: 1978 USA

Objective: Looking for the challenging post as an ESL Instructor in a reputed educational institute where I could utilize my knowledge and skills in the most professional manner for some constructive purpose.
Summary: Teaching ESL English to Children and Adults which is based more on Discussion, Speaking and Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar and Enunciating different words and being Energetic and goal-focused as an education professional with solid qualifications in English Language Teaching with a Track record of consistently improving and maximize the standard of second language acquisition among students through effective implementation of modern research based education impartment methods. Fully up to date with latest research in effective teaching strategies applicable to ESL.

- Classroom management - Lesson planning - Student coaching
- Language development - Imparting lessons - Creative writing
- Activity planning - MS Office - Public speaking
- Notebook Checking - Attendance record - Progress Reporting

Professional Experience:
July 30th- August 20th 2016 BCIS International School South Korea
Taught 15-80 students at a Summer camp Educational Exchange program in Seoul, South Korea Students are kids at the age of 10-12 years old and classes were based on ESL learning in simplified basis plus with some English Structure, we did activities like Math class, English class, PE class and art class the students were very creative in presenting their presentation to the class as well as with community activities that children learn how to act when they are around the community. Class time was from 9am to 3pm in the afternoon.

January 21st- February 3rd 2016 ALV Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Taught at a local winter camp for 2 weeks in Taipei Taiwan ESL English to Children that are from 8-11 years old with a total of 25 student per class and based on different activities that consists of ESL structure, Drama, Role Playing, Outdoor Activities and teaching young students the basic English language in a simplified way and total class time was from 8am to 5pm in the afternoon..

July 22nd, 2015- August 22nd 2015 GRA KOREA Singapore/Malaysia
Taught a total of 7 students in one class and a total of 29 students in all which were kids from ages 14-16 years of age, in a cultural exchange program and in an intermediate learning environment, teaching them ESL English and focusing more on speaking and pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and also do activities in the classroom which is 4 classes in the morning and in the afternoon there were selective activities like cooking, arts and crafts, drawing, outdoor sports and more.. Total class time was about 40 minute classes.

April, 2015 to Present:
Cambly Online United States
Online Classroom teaching Home based Part time which consists of students with different schedules from time to time 7 days a week, most students are Arabic, Spanish, Latin American, Europeans’ which they book an online session from time to time or take per call for online tutoring, Most student study and to practice more on the English from Daily, conversational, Business and Medical. Sessions are for 30 minutes at a time and most students want to focus on their speaking and pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discussion. Students are mostly adults and some children that I teach online from time to time and mostly are other parts of the world

April 28th, 2015 to Present:
English Goover/Talkabroad.JP Tokyo Japan
Online Classroom teaching Home based Part time which consists of students with different schedules from time to time 7 days a week, most students are Japanese which they book an online session from time to time, to study and to practice more on the English from Daily, conversational, Business and Medical. Sessions are for 30 minutes at a time and most students want to focus on their speaking and pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discussion. Students are mostly adults that I teach online from time to time and mostly are Japanese Students.

January 5th 2015 to Present: South Korea
Online Classroom teaching Home based Part Time which consists of 4 students with different schedules from Monday to Friday and the focus is mostly on Speaking and Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar with the focus more on discussion/activities class time usually consists of 50 minutes per session for each student and the focus is more of understanding ESL- English online through a consistency plan that each students will over time understand how to use and apply the English Language in their daily lives.

January 5th, 2015- February 1st 2015
GRA Korea Malaysia/Singapore
Classroom teaching consists of 9 students in one class from ages of 13 to 17 years of age and a total of 41 students learning more on an intermediate level for Grammar, Vocabulary and Speaking and pronunciation with conversation dialogues. Students focus more in class with activities that consists of speaking and pronunciation. At the end of camp there was a presentation that all students had to do from Drama, Singing and Dancing.

December 5th 2014- January 1st 2015
Nanhu Primary School Shenzhen, China, P.R.C
Taught 55 kids in one group in a primary classroom from ages of 7 years old to 9 years old focusing more on speaking and pronunciation plus grammar and other activities in the classroom that consists of many different aspects of English learning.

June 7th, 2014-August 24th, 2014
GRA Korea Malaysia/Singapore
Taught 44 kids in two different international schools one in Desaru, Malaysia and in Singapore to 44 students from ages 13 years old to 18 years old teaching ESL- English for a second language for a Global Exchange Program,
Speaking, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Drama, and other activities. This program for the students is a 30 day program that I was brought in to teach these students and discuss to them about the different abilities of English speaking and also to help and teach the students English while having fun enjoyment and I hosted many activities in class while teaching the students and on other hand while making the learning a positive difference.

December 7th 2013- June 7th 2014 Huamei Foreign Language School Binzhou, China, P.R.C
Taught kids from the age of 3-5 years old in Sunshine Kindergarten and Old Kindergarten, and kids from the age of 8- 12 years old and also teenagers from ages 13-16 and adult students in the training center.
Focus more on speaking and pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, phonics, discussion topics for kids and adult students. For kids usually I would do a warm up either in the beginning of class or at the end of class for 15- 20 minutes of class plus a lesson.
For children that are 3-5 years old at the kindergarten I focus more on actions, word by word, games, songs for them. I taught from Pre starters to Starters.
Materials that I used are from Cambridge books and also (NCE) – New Concept English Books and (Super tots 1, a,b,c and 2 a,b,c books for the kindergarten students)

April 16th, 2013 – Present (Part time) – Private Tutorial Online for ESL from 7pm to 8pm and 8pm to 9pm and 9pm to 11pm Monday through Friday on Skype: (For Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese Students for Business English and Korean Students) Focus on Speaking and Pronunciation, Grammar, Discussion and Vocabulary

September 1st2013 to September 30th 2013
Futian Experimental School Shenzhen, China P.R.C.
Part time Position: Taught ESL English to 35 High School Students in Shenzhen China besides Science and Social Studies.. Most of the student had that Low Basic level of English so I had used many different techniques for students to understand the ways how English is spoken…

ESL Schools in the Philippines where I taught from Classroom to Camps:
1. November 24th, 2012 to March 20th, 2013
ESL School with Hello Harry English Academy,
Mandaue, Cebu Philippines
Full Time (Contractual)

2. July 16th - August 13th 2012,
4 Week Summer Camp for International Study Abroad Center
Talamban, Cebu, Philippines

3. July 18th, 2011 – August 26th 2011
MTM Cebu Language Academy
Lapu Lapu Cebu, Philippines

4. December 5th, 2011 - February 24th, 2012
MTM Cebu Language Academy
Lapu Lapu Cebu, Philippines
Winter Camp 12 weeks

5. Sept 12th 2011 - Oct 12th 2011,
Welts English Academy:
Mandaue, Cebu Philippines
Full Time (Contractual)

6. February 14th 2011- September 12th 2011
Mirfeel ESL English Academy
Mandaue Cebu, Philippines

7. December 27th 2011 – February 9th 2012
Mactan Cebu Philippines
8 Weeks Winter camp

7. American International Training Institute
Mactan, Cebu Philippines
Full Time (Contractual) October 2011- January 2012

8. Phi linter Center for English Language
Mactan, Cebu Philippines
May, 2007 – July, 2007

Position: ESL Teacher
- In my classes with the students I discuss different topics that interest the students in class.
- Working with different sounds/ syllables/ dialogues. Focus more on Speaking and Pronunciation and reading with grammar and vocabulary and listening.
- Teach students different techniques and heavily focus on their speaking potential. So that they would understand more on how Americans will speak English while listening to the teacher.
- Give to my student’s different activities in class from time to time that they would show me what they learn in my class, which is more on reading with conversational speaking, while teaching and learning many different listening and speaking techniques.
- I do a review of all of the lesson plans on a weekly basis while giving them tests at least once a week. So that I will know and understand how they did in class.
- Art and Drawing Abilities with Children and Teenagers for Expression with ESL – English Class plus games as a warm up for all of my classes either 15-20 minutes in the beginning or before the end of class.

 For Adult Students Topic Discussions, Business English, Daily English, Medical English, Daily English
 For Children Activities, Daily English and Topic Discussions and creativity
 Skills as a Customer Service Representative / while encoding documents for transmission
 knowledge how to operate computer systems while imputing Data Entry Entering information into computer systems
 knowledge of accounts payable and receivable using different types of software
 Proven abilities in taking vital signs and handling medications and can assist nurses as a caregiver during examinations and treatments
 Teaching Students ESL English between 20 minutes to one hour and a half per student and focus on the 5 basics Speaking and Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Discussion for Kids, Teenagers, Adult students.
 Online Private Tutorials 1-1 to group classes
 Passion for teaching profession and excellent command over English language
 Profound ability to match the comprehension levels of the adult learners as well children and students from various social backgrounds
 Proven ability to teach the most complex and complicated topics in lucid and interesting manner
 Rich experience of working as an ESL and EFL instructor in a reputed international institute
 Extensive knowledge of the operations of the modern educational tools
 Fluency in English language in both oral and written forms
 Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
 Extensive specialized cognitive developmental knowledge in teaching topics like English for special purpose
 Dedication towards work
5/2010 - 10/2010 Virtual Access BPO Quezon City Philippines
Position: Customer Service Representative

• Handled inbound and Outbound Calls for different campaigns.
• Handle campaigns from Dish and Direct TV, ADT, for the US,
• Other campaign was Do My Cleaning which is for a Australian firm and in that campaign I was Team leader and I handle a Team more than 10 Customer Care Representatives:
• Handling Accounts for a Canadian Investment firm.
• Sales appointments / regular appointments for all of these campaigns that I handle before was 5 to 10 a day from one campaign to another.
• Provide effective and timely resolution of a range of customer inquiries.
Strive for one-call resolution of customer issues.
Strike a positive and cooperative tone with both customers and coworkers.
Demonstrate best judgment in the disbursement of adjustments and credits.
• Focus as Team Leader giving my team moral support and focusing on our targeted goals within the company regarding each campaign that we were working on.
• Setting up appointments for each customer and discussion with the customer on their particular issues regarding the appointments and when they are being set up.

5/2008-11/2008 Anaheim Villa Guest Home Inc. Anaheim, California USA
4/2009-6/2009 RECCO HOME CARE SERVICES Inc. New Rochelle, NY USA
4/2010 10/2010 Baily Stoker Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation New York, NY USA

Position: Caregiver and Home Health Aide
• Provided assistance to the patients at the facility and attend to their daily needs.
• Monitor, Record patient’s vitals, taking their temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration.
• Assisted with the Patients feeding, shaving and personal hygiene.
• Assist the nurse during the examinations and treatments of the patients.
• From time to time I monitored patients’ medications.
• Respond to patient calls and request for assistance.
• Prepared patients room, made beds, kept the patients belongings organized.
• Providing assistance as a personal care assistant to a disabled quadriplegic,
• Assisted patient with feeding, shaving and personal hygiene,
• Providing assistance to the patient by bathing, preparing meals, housekeeping,
• Managing their medications monitoring them and updating patient’s medical records, assisting them by taking the patients to their appointments and doing their errands.

2/2008 - 4/2008 Rolly's Tax Services Long Beach, California
Position: Encoder
Encoding data and imputing data from Clients Tax Returns with in a 12 hour day. Prepare tax return for client. Analyzing data and doing a recheck on the tax credits and deductions which the client is entitled to.

1/2007 - 4/2007 SP Aviation Inc. Hayward, California
Position: Accountant
Data entry including accounts receivable, accounts payable, Customer Service and administrative duties on handling customers and vendors, Calculating general calculations for hourly rates, times, mileage traveled on aircraft and catering charges and billing vendor and client for the work and service. Audit the financial records of SP Aviation, while doing the research of paper trails related to credit card reconciliation and financial accountability of the company.


01/25/2010 New Age Training New York, NY 04/16/2010 Nurses Aide Advanced Certification/Diploma (Certified Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician) from New Age Training

1996-1999 PENN FOSTER COLLEGE SCRANTON, PA, (Formally International Correspondence School Scranton, PA USA). Bachelors Degree/ University Diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounting with the concentration in Small Business Management

1997-1999 PENN FOSTER COLLEGE SCRANTON, PA - Computerized Small Business Management University Diploma and Bookkeeping and Accounting Diploma

1995-1997 International Correspondence School, Scranton, PA USA- High School

10/02/2013 CCPED TEFL Certification 120 hours - Teaching Certification

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