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Lester <> - 2016-03-15

Hi, there English learners, I have15 years esl teaching experience, and have spoken to over 60 000 students from all over 80 different countries. I am experienced in all situations and can make instant adjustments to suit your needs I a lesson. I am friendly and have remarkable people skills and knowledge. Join me for a class that id tailored to your specific and relevant needs of language learning. It interesting and relevant. I sm s qualified linguist and esl instructor that "not likes" but LOVES teaching and meeting new people, so take advantage of my interest and wide diverse knowledge in a 45 min session via Skype@20dollars via PayPal for a British teacher with understandable accent and speech. Books and curriculum are provided as downloads and thoughtful and accurate feedback provided after each lesson. Only straightforward truthful information will apply.

Contact me via email, and set up a free 15 minute consultation. All levels of English learners are urged to make an appointment, its FREE, and give your DREAM IF FLUENCY a red chance. Not only are you enriching your own life, nut also showing your peers and children that its never too late for your dreams and aspirations.

Lessons are focused on vocabulary and sentence construction and fixing pronunciation, intonation, and self presentation.

Business English II also offered and focuses on presentation, addressing audiences, and phrases if agreement and disagreements un teleconferencing @25$ per hour lesson

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