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Laurie Gardner <> - 2015-09-28

Learning English doesn't have to be hard.

Take online lessons with an experienced native English teacher today.

Our lessons are based on actual scenarios and topics that you will need to use in day-to-day life. This is real, authentic English.

Each lesson has vocabulary practice and useful phrases to use in certain situations.

Be at ease with knowing that you are learning English WHILE working on fluency - a detail many English teachers miss.

Our website is currently under construction, so visit us at to purchase and book lessons today!

We have taught students from all over the world, and would love to teach you, too! :D

*Every lesson is 30 minutes long
*Lessons are taught using SKYPE or GOOGLE HANGOUTS
*Lessons are $19.99 at the most! A monthly unlimited plan allows you to get lessons for as low as $6.45 a lesson.
*Lessons are catered to what you really need and want to know. Yes, we specialize in real life experiences, but if what you want to work on is grammar, we've got you covered!!! We can teach a range of topics.

*Authentic learning
*Interesting cultural lessons

*Native English speakers
*New York State CERTIFIED Teacher
* 8+ years teaching children and adults

Don't learn like a robot. Learn the way real Americans use and understand English.

Start thinking like a native!

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