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Chatty Kathy English Online <> - 2015-04-03

4 Week Guided Accent Reduction Course
$150 USD Complete!

IMPROVE your accent in just ONE MONTH! In order to improve your communication and to hear "excuse me” less often, it is important to focus on pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and speed.

Included in our PROGRAM ~

8 - 30 Minutes Classes (2 per week)
E-book and Audio files that make independent study convenient and EASY!
*The success of this program is also based on the amount of time the student puts into studying outside of class.

The Accent Reduction Package Includes
~ We offer a free trial class to explain the program in greater detail and also an opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have.
~ A total of 8 classes to meet and review your course material. All classes are scheduled during the first meeting.
~ A digital copy of the textbook that also includes audio files that correspond with each chapter. These materials are yours to keep and a great way to review in the future.
~ Miscellaneous practice materials. Chatty Kathy English has course work that corresponds with each week that will be sent to the student as we move through the program.

Below is an overview of our Accent Reduction Program
Week 1: Vowels Sounds
Week 2: Consonant Sounds and problematic consonants
Week 3: Syllable stress and Word stress. One of the most difficult parts of accent reduction, we will supply audio support as well as other practice materials for this week.
Week 4: Intonation. An entire section devoted to sounding like a true native speaker!

Right NOW it is only $150 USD

Contact me today to arrange a free trial class and get started on your way to better English Pronunciation!

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