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James <> - 2015-03-14

As an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher/tutor/coach, I focus full-time on improving all English skills, including accent reduction, according to the needs of my students. I am a native speaker of American English from the Boston, Massachusetts area.

I have 18 years of experience, working with all kinds of professionals and students (doctors, lawyers, Harvard and MIT visiting professors and researchers, graduate and university students, etc.) You can take private lessons in person or on Skype. You can also take advantage of my ESL editing services, ESL seminars/workshops for visiting tour groups (including topics related to American culture and government), and special life coaching sessions.

For many of my students, I am a resource for them to better understand U.S. culture and society in all aspects. In addition, for some of my students I also serve as a life guide due to my extensive life experience and spiritual (not religious) expertise.

Most of my experience teaching English is with advanced and intermediate students. I especially enjoy students who like to be challenged to advance their English fluency and those who like to ask all kinds of questions. I teach students how to do (learn) for themselves so that they will know what to do to continue the learning process after they finish classes.

I have some fluency in Spanish and French as well as knowledge of other languages.

[Please note: All testimonials have been edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.]

"I could never have imagined I would find such an enthusiastic, interesting, and wise person when I first contacted James. Meeting James has been a powerful experience for me, both in terms of my English and my life. He has been the most dedicated, patient, and efficient English teacher I have ever had. After two classes in Cambridge, we have continued on Skype. Never before have I improved so much in terms of conversation skills and in the understanding of the English language in all its aspects. With new techniques and different teaching approaches, he has found a way to engage me in the learning process and to make me desire and love every moment I spend surrounded by English.

"This is not about spending hours in front of boring and inanimate books anymore and has become a complete, fun, and more intuitive process, in which we focus on those weaker aspects of my current knowledge as they come up. The teaching has been individualized based on the different aspects I lack. Besides that, learning doesn't finish every time James' face fades away on my computer screen at the end of our Skype classes. James sends interesting and well-structured materials for me to work with at home and has given me pieces of advice regarding different activities related to English that have helped me to improve at my own speed. Our classes are definitely worth every dollar I pay for them."
-- Pablo, Spain

"I had learned English for a long time before I met James, but I could not make a real leap in speaking English. I would strongly recommend James to those of you who seriously want to improve your English. In the time I have been working with him, first with classes in Cambridge and now from South Korea on Skype, my English skills have definitely improved. He helps his students in so many different ways and provides continual support that goes beyond the classroom. After I started working with James soon after I arrived in the U.S., he began to show me effective ways to advance my English to higher and higher levels. He also closely guided me. He is not an ordinary teacher, and his class is not just about learning grammar and expressions. His teaching methods are customized and have evolved depending on my progress. He has further helped me cultivate more natural American rhythms and accents, which no other teachers could do in the past. If you choose James, you will have a great teacher and maybe even a trusted friend at the same time!"
-- Hessung, South Korea

"I asked James a thousand questions, and I got all of them answered and clarified. I encourage people to take his courses because he knows whatever he does, why he does it, and what it is for. It doesn't matter how crazy it seems to be. He's got this ability from his knowledge of other languages, and that makes everything easier for students to learn and enjoy. Also, his passion for teaching gives a friendly environment to his classroom."
-- Daniel, Colombia

"I sincerely recommend James, a wonderful teacher not only in English but also in life guidance, to all who seek to improve English skills and/or who are eager to understand American culture and history. James has incredible cultural sensitivity and intellectual diversity as well as a passion for and patience in teaching. I have benefited tremendously from James in accent reduction, speaking/listening comprehension, and presentation skills (just to name three areas) since we started classes a while back. I have heartfelt gratitude to James for his continuing energy in teaching and for guiding me in many aspects, levels, and stages of life."
-- Ching-Fu, Taiwan

"I took over 30 hours of private lessons with James. He taught me some amazing methods to improve my pronunciation that I haven't gotten from any other teachers or classes. He also corrected my grammar mistakes every class, something none of my previous teachers/tutors had been able to do beyond the second class. James also helped me by editing my academic papers every week and by preparing me for an important presentation. He is a very hard worker, and he is the kind of teacher who won't let you go away without making sure that you have made progress. Moreover, he is very friendly, and it is always a pleasure to go to his classes."

-- Yann, France

"Everything James has taught me has been excellent. He has been very patient with me and always has a positive attitude. Each little point and correction has helped me so much with my pronunciation and has made a big difference for me. He has shown a great commitment to my progress by providing me with materials and extra attention outside of class. James is the best teacher in every way and an excellent person, too."

-- Maria, Mexico

"I really like James and his class because he is very friendly and his class is so exciting. Especially for Asian students, it is very surprising because he is very close to students and uses his body to teach some expressions and idioms. He is totally different from Japanese teachers. He has corrected my mistakes, and that has helped me a lot. Now I can speak English much better. I really respect him and cherish his class."

-- Akihiro, Japan

"James is an extraordinary teacher, providing a professional teaching approach combined with a fun working atmosphere. He easily identified my weak spots and came up with an individual approach to address these issues and resolve them. He is very motivating, encouraging, creative, highly skilled, and energetic, offering not only English lessons but learning for life as well. I enjoyed this holistic approach, benefitting from a unique teaching material data base which he created all by himself and which is still available to me now, even after I have finished classes. He is simply a great teacher, which you need to experience for yourself. Words can't explain."
-- Jürgen, Germany

There are many other testimonials on my website.

I OFFER A FREE CONSULTATION ON SKYPE FOR 30 MINUTES TO AN HOUR – OR WHATEVER TIME WE NEED TO DISCUSS YOUR SITUATION AND MY UNIQUE SYSTEM OF TEACHING. During the consultation, I will answer any and all of your questions, although you are certainly welcome to contact me with questions before requesting a consultation.

Your improvement in English will be at least as important to me as it is to you.

Rates for One-on-One Private Lessons:
$105/two-hour session
(You will receive a LOWER RATE for prepaid lessons scheduled in advance. Longer sessions are also available. My rates include so much more than just teaching time. I will explain this to you when we talk.)

Please contact me, and I will send you my three-page résumé, which includes other teaching and work experience, along with a link to my website.

Wishing you great success in your English improvement and in your life!

It will be my honor to serve you.



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