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USESLTUTOR - 2015-01-06

Hello there! Greetings from the Philippines! :)
I am an American presently living in the Philippines with my Filipino wife.

Do you want to gain confidence in speaking English with others?
Are you tired of learning grammar rules that are boring?
If you want a change to begin the new year with better fluency, then contact me for a free "no risk" trial class.
I use learning materials that are interesting and educational. You can see many of them at my blog at:

While many ESL tutors only talk with you, I give you literature classics (short stories, poems), news articles, biographies, etc.
My methodology is to have you practice what you are presented with in a conversation.
This is known as the "PPP method" or Presentation, Practice and Production:
This is done in a natural way, where you pick up a language just as a child does.
Have you ever noticed that a child learns how to speak a language before he ever learns grammar?
Think out of the box and try something that makes common sense.

“ Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits . The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes . The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules...
- Steve Jobs

I am on vacation right now, but will be scheduling classes again beginning January 14th.
1st class (up to 25 minutes) is free. After that, we will see if you want to proceed with a 50 minute classes.
During these hard times around the world, I offer my classes at the bargain price of $10 USD.
I doubt that you can find many native English tutors for less than that! ;)

Visit my website and blog for more details:

Hope to meet you soon! :D

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