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Sandi Small <> - 2018-08-20

Clearer Speech for Global English

Clearer English communication skills means enhanced global competence in articulation. Nowadays, global business relies on communicating via English. Notwithstanding, English requires intelligibility, clarity, comprehensibility, and diplomacy.

English is seen as a perfect language, when it is actually a language used imperfectly perfect in normal everyday settings. Do people use perfect grammar to articulate their meanings? Does perfect grammar equal fluency?

At Clearer Speech for Global English, you are going to learn how to build your confidence with the English language and communicate affectively with clearer English. You will also learn classic British diplomacy skills via clearer English to build international business relationships.

At Clearer Speech for Global English, you will learn pronunciation and practical English usage for business. We aim to make English communication; accessible, manageable and possible.

Here at Clearer Speech for Global English, we have a solid background, which is based in highly developed linguistic training to business. We use techniques premised in fluidly of speech for business purposes and diplomatic reasoning.

Successful business relies on clearer communication and diplomacy!

My name is Sandi, and I have developed my courses from my years of highly developed training and specialist linguistic coaching for English and business.

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