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James J Kyrouz Jr <> - 2017-05-19

I have been working with many different professionals and adult students for over 20 years. I have experience in business, including sales and marketing.


"....My colleagues at work and my friends have witnessed my progress, and they have been impressed. I feel very confident speaking in public now...." -- READ MORE BELOW.

INTENSIVE classes can be in person in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, or online, on SKYPE.


Three GREAT reasons to contact me now:

1. Take advantage of A FANTASTIC system that allows you to progress at a faster rate. I have my own unique system that will help you to speak and sound more like an American, and put you on the road to NOT NEEDING A TEACHER. This will save you time and money. MY STUDENTS APPRECIATE THE CORRECTIONS I MAKE AND MY SYSTEM OF TEACHING PRONUNCIATION!

2. Work with an extraordinary and experienced ESL teacher/tutor/coach who knows how to give you the individual instruction you need. I will be able to answer your questions and to give you the expert instruction you need to SPEAK and SOUND more masterful with the English language. I can teach ALL aspects of English as needed.


That's right. We can meet and talk, and you will experience my expertise and personality right away. I will give you an idea of HOW I will be able to HELP YOU. YOU WILL ALSO EXPERIENCE MY SYSTEM AND SEE HOW IT WORKS.

***If you choose, each class I will correct your mistakes and give you easy-to-understand explanations. Many of my students have discovered a new and exciting way of looking at English!***


[Please note: All testimonials have been edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.]

"...I can say that James is the best teacher I have had in my entire life. He is really committed to your improvement, and he has great knowledge, and a unique technique that allows you to improve speaking/listening. During the time I have been with James, I have had the opportunity to discover things that I had never imagined I would learn, and I have improved my pronunciation so much. He goes where no one else dares to go. I highly recommend this method."
-- Oscar P., Mexico

"I had learned English for a long time before I met James, but I could not make a real leap in speaking English. I would strongly recommend James to those of you who seriously want to improve your English. During the time I worked with him, first with classes in Cambridge and then from South Korea on Skype, my English skills definitely improved. He helps his students in so many different ways and provides continual support that goes beyond the classroom. After I started working with James soon after I arrived in the U.S., he began to show me effective ways to advance my English to higher and higher levels. He also closely guided me. He is not an ordinary teacher, and his class is not just about learning grammar and expressions. His teaching methods are customized and evolved depending on my progress. He further helped me cultivate more natural American rhythms and accents, which no other teachers could do in the past. If you choose James, you will have a great teacher and maybe even a trusted friend at the same time!"
-- Hessung, South Korea

"James is the most amazing English teacher I have ever had. Since I started studying with James, my English level has improved tremendously. James adapts the class to the specific needs of the student. He has helped me enrich my vocabulary, improve my grammar, and most importantly for me, "Americanize" my pronunciation. My colleagues at work and my friends have witnessed my progress, and they have been impressed. I feel very confident speaking in public now. James' method is unique as it makes the student understand not only how the language works but also how to feel it. I can see how this may seem strange -- but it works!"
-- Pauline, France

"James is transforming the way I approach English as a second language. He is not only helping me to identify my individual mistakes, but he is also making me aware of my general patterns that have been preventing me from further developing my skills. By identifying and working with me on crucial sounds that I have had difficulty pronouncing in the past and by helping me to categorize grammar mistakes that I was not aware of, James has taken me to a higher level. He has given me a totally different perspective on how to continue to develop my English skills outside of class."
-- José, Spain

"I have made significant and quick progress in my English while studying with James. Demand for good communication is very high in large corporations like mine, even the need for mastery of the language. As soon as I was appointed to my new leadership role, I felt the urgency to take my English skills to another level, and James was pivotal for me to advance. His knowledge of the language coupled with his teaching method enabled me to make steady progress in a relatively short time. I recommend James' method for those who, like me, are looking for perfection."
-- Rodrigo, Brazil

"I had private English classes with James for over two years, and I can say that the classes helped me greatly with aspects of my work and cultural adjustment, including challenges that I faced every day. I have benefited greatly from his extensive skills and experience in improving both the content and the delivery of my presentations to other executives and to my employees. In addition, James helped me with correspondence, complicated forms and written communication received, and English wording and vocabulary for meetings, planning, and other related tasks.

"In the process of studying with James, I learned many useful idioms, vocabulary words, and helpful fluency phrases that have been very useful in business and life situations. His explanations of nuances of words and expressions made a difference not only in my being able to understand them but also in my appropriate use of them in situations that have arisen...."
-- Franck, France

"James is an extraordinary teacher, providing a professional teaching approach combined with a fun working atmosphere. He easily identified my weak spots and came up with an individual approach to address these issues and resolve them. He is very motivating, encouraging, creative, highly skilled, and energetic, offering not only English lessons but learning for life as well. I enjoyed this holistic approach, benefiting from a unique teaching material data base which he created all by himself and which is still available to me now, even after I have finished classes. He is simply a great teacher, which you need to experience for yourself. Words can't explain."
-- Jürgen, Germany

Rate for an INTENSIVE One-on-One Private Lesson:
$75 U.S./hour
$105 U.S./two-hour session
(Discounts given for ten two-hour sessions prepaid and scheduled in advance. You will receive a FREE ELEVENTH two-hour class when you complete ten two-hour sessions in twelve weeks. Longer sessions are also available.)

I HAVE BEEN TEACHING STUDENTS AND BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS ESL ENGLISH SINCE 1997, and I have a three-page resume, which includes other teaching and work experience. You will get a chance to see my resume once you contact me.

Please e-mail me now at to arrange a FREE ONE-HOUR CONSULTATION (longer if needed) on Skype or in person.

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE to learn more about private sessions: WWW.ESLKYROUZ.COM

It will be my honor to serve you!


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