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Cambridge IAG <> - 2015-07-15

Hi,I’m Miranda from Shanghai in China. Today, I’m delighted to share with you something about studying Mandarin study.

I consider studying Mandarin much like as studying singing. Melody is similar to seems like the Pinyin of Mandarin and the lyrics reflect like its characters.

In Mandarin, there are four tones the 1st tone, the 2nd tone, the 3rd tone, the 4th tone and the none tone. I can only say that they sound more beautiful than music, but they are no more complicated than a harmonious melody.

Original Chinese characters come from oracles, which are formed of interesting and distinct patterns. For instance, in ancient times, the sun was written as a circle with a dot in the middle. It’s not so difficult to imagine, right? Nowadays, it has become becomes a refined well-mannered “日”. If you are an imaginative person, you might be lucky, because studying Chinese characters is both a challenge and an adventure. After more than 5,000 years in China, The traces of history are everywhere in our modern lives. People set off firecrackers for the Spring Festival in order to frighten a monster called “Nian” who was afraid of 3 things: the red color, a bright flame and a loud noise.

In the Chinese zodiac, twelve animals are used to denote the year of a person’s birth. Which zodiac sign do you belong to? Find out about traditional Chinese culture when you learn Mandarin with us.

Whether you are a beginner or a backpacker who wants to travel around China, whether you are a businessman or you are obsessed with Chinese culture - our courses will not only afford provide you a convenient way to enrich your knowledge conveniently, but also bring you to one of the most spectacular countries on earth from the comfort of your own home.

With today’s global links, Our native Chinese tutors will connect with you through the internet to share the joy of studying Mandarin with you. Why not have a try a free trial lesson to study with us today?

Cost: £20.00 per 45-minute class

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