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David Dilley (Yufa) <> - 2015-04-23

If you want to open up new opportunities for yourself, irrespective of age or social status, give us a bell or e-mail. There's no brownie-points for realising that new doors will open up for you, for business, or just travel and enjoyment, if, you get some Mandarin under your belt. We say 'just' travel and enjoyment, but really travel and enjoyment should be one of the most important things we do in life- and I'm afraid if you ain't been to China and spoken with the people you ain't lived. Notice I added-on 'spoken with the people-we miss out so much by not be able to converse whilst in the orient- if it's business, you could lose out on so much in your wallet!

For affordable lessons in Southern Chinese restaurant setting (no leeching agents to pay) with a genuine qualified Chinese teacher, please contact us.

David Dilley, Ipswich

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