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Students Looking For Tutors: -- YUXI AUPAIR Online school -- 2019-03-12
Don't Look no Further then YUXI AUPAIR .There is nothing more Effective or Efficient then being taught one-to-one by one of our Talented and Knowledgeable Teachers at YUXI AUPAIR. Unfortunately, even..
Students Looking For Tutors: A Flexible Teaching Opportunity for Online Native English Tutors -- Sophitia -- 2018-10-31
About us .. Yanzhiup Online Education, a Shanghai based company with its self-designed teaching platform, aims to provide authentic English learning to pre-school children. Therefore, we welcome..
Students Looking For Tutors: English teaching jobs in China -- Bella -- 2018-05-24
About the job: You just stay with Chinese kids by talking and playing with them Teaching hours will be no more than 25 hours per week Go travel and see the China when you off You will have a Chinese..
Students Looking For Tutors: -- Salim -- 2018-03-29
Hello I am looking for a native American English Teacher to teach my kids English. They are kids aged from 8 to 16 years old. Plus, I am also interested in taking fluancy classes . I am interseted in..
Students Looking For Tutors: 2 kids in Tokyo -- Martin Boccuto -- 2018-03-29
Looking for a private tutor to teach English to two kids in western Tokyo. Please email me for details. Thanks
Students Looking For Tutors: Young Kids from China are looking for native English teachers (USA Canada UK) -- ESL Teacher -- 2018-03-29
Hello! .. We have a group of students from China who is in need of native English teachers (USA, Canada, UK) who can work on weekdays from 6:00-10:00 PM (China time). We can pay $10 for 50 minutes..
Students Looking For Tutors: Highly Paid Live-in Private Tutor, Shenzhen -- Opportunity China -- 2018-03-29
Highly Paid Live-in Private Tutor, Shenzhen – Oxbridge or Ivy League Graduate .. Articulate Private Tutor, Shenzhen .. A highly reputed family, located in an exclusive area of central Shenzhen,..
Students Looking For Tutors: iam looking for my tutors -- yunmi -- 2018-03-29
hello iam yunmi .. when you pass the Certificate in TEFL teacher program .. i will give a pay 10$ .. so if you have any question please contect to me .. contect e mail - ....
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for a female native English tutor in Daejeon -- Park, Jong-bae -- 2018-03-29
I am lookoing for a native English speaker to tutor a male adult employee for CJ group company in Daejeon, S. Korea 2- 3 times a week at cofeeshops or snackbars. .. Went to Canada for a language..
Students Looking For Tutors: We are looking for a part-time tutor with American accent in BEIJING -- Yanglan -- 2017-06-30
time : Sat 10:30-12:00am 13:00-14:30pm Sun 10:00-11:30am location : line 2 jishuitan station transfer bus 特13 to madiaoqiaonan station student : group class for 4 student ,they 7or 8yrs old..
Students Looking For Tutors: Improving ESL writing via email -- Mazen -- 2017-05-22
I’m 47 years, Man, from Saudi Arabia. Need private tutor to help me to improve my English writing. I will send particular numbers of articles (3 in a week for example). I need correction,..
Students Looking For Tutors: TOEFL Tutor Needed in Oklahoma City, OK -- -- 2017-04-12
We are a test prep and admissions company and we are currently in need of a TOEFL tutor for an upcoming private tutoring assignment in Oklahoma City. We have a student who needs about 14 hours of..
Students Looking For Tutors: We are looking for a native online english tutor for kids -- gloria -- 2017-04-09
hi, i want to find one native teacher for kid. pls add my skype id to discuss details:onlinetutor189, time :after 4pm is ok to learn.thanks
Students Looking For Tutors: I am looking for an English Teacher in Nepal who speaks Chinese -- Haan -- 2016-08-08
Dear Tutors, .. I am Han, a 23 year old Chinese girl, i want to learn English. i am here in Nepal for my work and i need a teacher who basically understands and speaks Chinese. .. if any of you is..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for a part-time tutor who lives in Dongjak gu area (Seoul) -- CY Kim -- 2016-06-03
I am looking for a teacher who lives in Seoul, Dongjak gu area and teach moms with babies. There would be 5 moms who like to learn from A NATIVE SPEAKER. I am a huband for one of the moms and Please..
Students Looking For Tutors: I am looking for an American Tutor -- Sal -- 2016-05-21
My name is Salim. I am an advanced student looking for a fluency classes. I am interested in improving my speaking skill, getting rid of my accent and gaining lots of advanced vocabulary, idioms..
Students Looking For Tutors: I am looking for one-to-one English language course homestay in the USA -- Saleh -- 2016-05-01
I am looking to learn English for my work, over the next three months in USA . I search home stay and teaching me english .. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for an American English Language teacher, accent reduction -- Sal -- 2016-04-15
Hello .. I am a non native English Teacher. I am looking for an American English Language teacher to improve my speaking skill and accent reduction in English. .. I can afford less than 10 us dollars..
Students/Tutors Portals: Looking for part-time language tutors!!! -- TheTalkList -- 2016-01-13
Get Paid to Talk with the World Online!!! .. Join our team of enthusiastic talkists! .. -Set your price -Set your schedule -You can work from home! .. Be a part of our global community.
Students Looking For Tutors: English Tutor needed for family in Mersin, Turkey -- Robin Russell -- 2015-11-09
Syrian Refugee Sponsor Committee in Vancouver, B.C, Canada wants to hire a trained English language instructor to offer 2 hours of private instruction per week to a Syrian family in preparation for..
Students Looking For Tutors: In Kyunggi Suji, South Korea: Looking for Native Female English Tutor; Christian preferred -- Jaeyoung Lee (Paul) -- 2015-10-22
English Private Tutor (Part time) Wanted. .. Dear candidate, .. I am a father of two children living in Kyung gi do, Suji gu, Korea South. I am looking for an english tutor for my 2 kids (11 girl, 8..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for native speaking English tutors -- Evie -- 2015-10-13
We have Chinese speaking students who wish to improve their English speaking skills. If you are a native English speaker interested in teaching ESL online, please feel free to contact us at..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for an English tutor -- Alexey -- 2015-10-13
I looking for tutor for english lesson by skype.
Students Looking For Tutors: I am looking for a Japanese Tutor -- shaharyar -- 2015-10-13
hello i m shaharyar i do my F.S.C pre engeering and now compelet my graduation need any japanese tutor
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for English tutor in Ningbo and Kunshan, 2 hrs/week for each student -- Fanny Lee -- 2015-10-12
Hi, This is Fanny. I'm an administrator in a US company, and looking for an English tutor for my colleague to improve his English level. He can communicate but slow. Company needs them to join in..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for experienced teacher -- Mark -- 2015-08-09
I am looking for an experienced teacher to work with children between the ages of 8-15. If you have experience with kids, especially, Chinese kids, please contact me.
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for a Chinese teacher for private tuition in Jiaxing -- Student -- 2015-05-26
Wanted: Chinese teacher for pure beginner. Must be patient, reasonable rates and willing to come to me. Must also speak English. Must be flexible to my schedule. Weekend hours only. Email:..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for native speaker from the US -- ELENA -- 2015-05-23
Hello, I need a teacher for Skype classes for my school, could you help? .. I have a new student that wants a native speaker from the US to prepare her for TOEFL, if you are interested, please send..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for a Mandarin Tutor -- Looking for a Mandarin tutor who can teach by Skype -- 2015-05-17
Hi, I'm looking for a Mandarin tutor that can teach by Skype. I will pay up to $12 US dollars per hour, depending on your experience. I would like to try a free trial with you first though (probably..
Students Looking For Tutors: Want to find a English tutor in Shanghai -- Robin Wang -- 2015-05-17
Hi, My name is Robin Wang,32+,live in Shanghai. I want to find a one to one native English tutor to improve my business and oral English. I hope the tutor is US born native speaker. Teaching time..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for an English Tutor -- Rami -- 2015-05-09
hello I'm Rami from syria I would like to learn English
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for English tutor in Bundang, Korea -- km choi -- 2015-04-21
I am looking for english tutor in korea Bundang .. Please send me an e-mail
Students Looking For Tutors: Agency looking for tutors in SHANGHAI (150-250 per hour) -- 91talkeasy -- 2015-01-28
Good news! English tutor needed in many districts in Shanghai with various tutoring time!! .. Type: part time Work place: flexible Location: Shanghai Job Responsibilities:Teaching oral English to..
Students Looking For Tutors: In Bournemouth UK: Spanish Teacher Needed, part-time -- studentworks -- 2015-01-15
Spanish Teacher Needed. .. Hi everyone, .. We need an Experienced Spanish Teacher for 2 hours per week in the Bournemouth area, from the 19.01.15 until the 06.03.15. .. Times to be agreed to suit you..
Students Looking For Tutors: -- Sahara -- 2014-12-09
Hello everyone I'm student and i'm looking for english teacher. please I need your help. .. Thank you
Students Looking For Tutors: looking for an English teacher -- Hassan -- 2014-12-08
Dear sir I am Hassan looking for an English teacher. best wishes
Students Looking For Tutors: Advanced student from Saudi Arabia is looking for an American Teacher -- salim -- 2014-11-14
Hello I am a very advanced student who is trying to improve his speaking skill and speak English like Native English Speakers. I am interested in fluency classes with an American English Teacher..
Students Looking For Tutors: Native Americans needed to teach kids aged 5-7 -- Alice Lee -- 2014-11-07
I'm Alice Lee, from Beijing, China. I need native American teachers to teach kids aged 5-7 English lessons via Skype. We teach kids with the reading program called “Reading/Writing Workshop”. You..
Students Looking For Tutors: -- Pavel & Elena -- 2014-10-22
I`m looking for conversational partner (better if ESL teacher) to improve English speaking, expecting 60 min - 5$ .. We will just call and speak .. Please - fill this form..
Students Looking For Tutors: I AM LOOKING FOR AMERICAN OR UK PRIVATE TEACHER in Beijing -- kHALID -- 2014-09-17
Students Looking For Tutors: -- Salama -- 2014-09-14
Hi .. My name is Salama, I'm a student from UAE and I need a teacher to check my writing. .. Thank you
Students Looking For Tutors: Personal tutor needed to help prepare my IELTS -- shalinireddy -- 2014-09-04
Hellow There, .. I am searching for Personal English Tutor. I am planing to do my masters here from january 2015, i am from india going to take my Ielts or Melba test in November, all i need to be i..
Students Looking For Tutors: Morning time in Korea -- Ko -- 2014-09-01
Hi, .. I am looking for a on-line English tutor who can have class morning time in Korea. Please refer to below conditions .. 1. 5 times a week / 1 hour per one day 2. Mostly I prefer speaking class..
Students Looking For Tutors: looking for a British English TEFL qualified teacher, Skype -- Lisa -- 2014-08-25
I am looking for a British English TEFL qualified teacher to help teach some of my private students online with skype. The pay is €8 for 45 mins. If you are interested, Please e-mail your cv and..
Students Looking For Tutors: Looking for a teacher from Portland, OR. 15$ per 60min. -- Vadim -- 2014-08-15
I'm Russian. Moving to Portland this fall that's why want to increase level of my English and to know the city closely in advance. Will pay 15$ per 1 hour. Via skype of course. Looking forward your..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online English school that provides English lessons to Chinese students is looking for Tutors -- Skybar English -- 2014-07-23
Skybar English is an online English school that provides English lessons to Chinese students. We are looking for homebased native English speaker part-time online English teacher. .. Requirements: -..
Students Looking For Tutors: American Accent -- Alex -- 2014-06-27
I am from Taiwan and my English level is advanced.(My Toeic score is more than 900).However I still would like to practice mu speaking skills 3-4 times a week at night via Skype. I need an English..
Students Looking For Tutors: I'm looking for an English tutor in Tokyo (Asakusa or Oshiage or Hikifune station) -- Asami -- 2014-06-03
I'm looking for a English tutor in Tokyo. .. I need to improve my English ASAP because I'll be in charge of a consultation desk for residents from foreign countries once a two month. My turn won't..
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