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Andrea <> - 2018-10-09

ENGLISH ONLINE TUTOR – All levels of English
I am a Native born English Tutor from Toronto, Canada. I completed my TEFL/ESL certificate in October 2006 and have been teaching English worldwide since then.
As an English Tutor, I have helped people achieve their goals, whether professionally or academically by improving their English communication skills through intensive yet interesting lessons that develop the four cores of communication: reading, writing, listening and most of all speaking and correct pronunciation.
Do you need to improve your conversational skills? Do you want to learn more about grammar and build your vocabulary? Do you need to improve your listening skills, your writing skills? Are you interested in Business English or informal ways of speaking? Would you like to improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent when you speak English? Would you like to learn English idioms and phrasal verbs in a fun way?
I understand the wide range of challenges you face when learning a second language. I am also learning a foreign language and it requires lots of practice, dedication and effort. With the aid of technology you can learn and practice in real time with a native speaker and train your ear to correct pronunciation.
I am especially interested in helping you improve your speaking skills. I can help you find your “voice” in English so that you can explain your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with more confidence and fluidity.
I have experienced the pleasure of teaching English overseas and it has given me an understanding of the challenges of traveling and living in a country where the language spoken is not your own. It has also provided me with firsthand knowledge of the language skills needed to live, work, and travel abroad.
I look forward to helping you reach your English language goals,
Time Zone GMT-3

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