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Teacher Lot <> - 2018-10-12

I've been an English teacher for 5 years now and I love every moment of it. I am teaching the English language to Koreans, Chinese and Japanese students. Most of them are kids whose ages are from 8 years and above. Some students that I get are professionals who would like to enhance their speaking and listening skills. I teach the English language through video classes. I prepared myself to be as bright, pleasant and lively as possible to make sure the students would not feel intimidated. Apart from video classes, I also had phone and one-on-one classes with Korean students and Japanese professionals with different level of understanding (English), various age and different status or ranks.

The duties and responsibilities as an English instructor to my foreign students are similar. It is considerably relevant to help the learners improve their reading, pronunciation, writing, listening and speaking skills. I am responsible for meeting the needs of a group of students of varying culture and different levels of English skills. In addition to that, I am also in charge of sending a daily, weekly and monthly report of the students' progress so they would know the status of their development.

Should you wish to have a test class with me, please let me know by adding my Skype account: carol100714

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