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Chinese Tutor: -- ResaChinese -- 2018-03-29
Hello, I'm Renee. I am a professional educator who has been worked in this field for over ten years. I am a strong communicator, capable of speaking fluently both in Chinese and English. Furthermore,..
Chinese Tutor: méthode innovante d'apprentissage du chinois mandarin et développement de la mémoire. -- Leqiong -- 2018-03-29
Bonjour, .. Je suis chinoise, d'origine de Nanjing prés de Shanghai et j'enseigne le mandarin depuis 2016. J'ai vécu 5 ans en Suisse et je parle l'anglais et le français pratiquement couramment...
Chinese Tutor: Chinese online lessons for you -- eChineseLearning -- 2018-03-29
Over 100000 students from age 3 to 86 have learned Chinese online with eChineseLearning-a premier Chinese school. You can learn Chinese online with your private mandarin tutor. He or she will..
Chinese Tutor: -- Renee Wang -- 2017-06-13
Hello! .. I am a friendly Chinese tutor from China with much experience helping adult students at all levels. I tutor both online and in person in China. It‘s very easy to learn Mandarin with me..
Chinese Tutor: -- Vivian -- 2017-04-26
Hi!My name is Vivian from China. I have been an English grammar teacher in a learning center, and teaching chinese online as a part-time job. .. I have been teaching some friends from different..
Chinese Tutor: -- Anna -- 2017-04-10
Hi there, I hope you have a good day! My name is Anna and I am a native Chinese and I got an A during Putonghua test(official Mandarin test) My hobbies are swimming, reading and travelling. I like..
Chinese Tutor: Spoken Chinese or Chinese related(One-on-one online) -- Alice Zhang -- 2017-04-10
My name is Zhang Jianmeng and my English name is Alice.I love to have culture exchanges with you from other countries.I am a native Chinese and an English major who is looking for a part-time job as..
Chinese Tutor: -- Vivian -- 2017-03-24
Hi!My name is Vivian from China. I have been an English grammar teacher in a learning center, and teaching chinese online as a part-time job. .. I've got the certificate of standard mandarin test..
Chinese Tutor: Spoken Chinese or Chinese related(One-on-one online) -- Alice Zhang -- 2017-03-14
My name is Zhang Jianmeng and English name is Alice. I am a native Chinese and an English major who is looking for a part-time job as a Chinese tutor on QQ, Wechat or Skype. I was taught my foreign..
Chinese Tutor: -- vivian -- 2017-03-08
Hi!My name is Vivian from China. I have been an English grammar teacher in a learning center for almost 3 yrs, teaching students in senior high schools. I am also an online teacher. so feel free if..
Chinese Tutor: -- 小南 -- 2016-12-26
Hi! I am from China, so I can speak standard Chinese. I got the certification of National Mandarin Test level 2 B in the university. Now I am an English Grammar Teacher in a learning center, so just..
Chinese Tutor: -- Shu warner -- 2016-11-23
If you want to learn Chinese I can teach. You only just to pay reasonable fees. contact me. your sincerely .. Shu
Chinese Tutor: -- Learn and know China with Vicky -- 2016-10-10
Hello everyone, I am Vicky from China, I am a Chinese tutor teaching the spoken Chinese, business Chinese and Chinese culture for all levels. .. I can speak both Chinese and English welll, which make..
Chinese Tutor: -- Mandy -- 2016-09-27
hello ,everyone,my name is Mandy and i am a chinese native speaker and i can speak english very i want find a tutor position for chinese ,if you want you can add my wechat 379325686,payment..
Chinese Tutor: -- Helen -- 2016-07-20
Helen here! .. I have been a teacher to foreign expats in Beijing for more than five years and I have taught students from America, Australia,Argentina, Bahamas,Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica,Denmark,..
Chinese Tutor: $10 for 45 minutes -- Sandra Chow -- 2016-05-18
My name is Sandra. I was born in Shanghai and immigrated to Hong Kong in 2005. I've been a kindergarten teacher for more than 10 years. My main duty every day is to work alongside a native English..
Chinese Tutor: -- cherry -- 2016-05-14
if anybody want to practice chinese, just feel free to contact me. i am a native chinese speaker and also can speak fluent english
Chinese Tutor: In Dalian, China -- Kara -- 2015-12-22
Dalian Smile Chinese International Training Institute in Dalian, northeast China, offers a range of Mandarin Chinese courses to students from around the world. Our mission is "Making your Chinese..
Chinese Tutor: one-on-one class on line -- Renee -- 2015-12-17
Hi there, .. This is Renee, a professional teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. During my education career, I've taught Chinese for 3years and English for another 8 years. I've got..
Chinese Tutor: Private Chinese Tutor 1 to 1 on Wechat, good at English -- carol -- 2015-11-19
Hi there I am a native Chinese speaker who is good at speaking English and experienced teacher. .. Teaching Chinese one to one on wechat: 18743098190 .. 50 RMB per hour .. If you are interested, feel..
Chinese Tutor: On QQ, Wechat, Skype -- Julie -- 2015-11-18
Teaching Chinese as a part-time job. A girl is from Hebei of China who is living in Beijing above 15 years. Don't hesitate to contact me if you wanna learn Chinese. .. My QQ number is 1042023887..
Chinese Tutor: Achieve Mandarin Success! -- Cambridge IAG -- 2015-07-15
Hi,I’m Miranda from Shanghai in China. Today, I’m delighted to share with you something about studying Mandarin study. .. I consider studying Mandarin much like as studying singing. Melody is..
Chinese Tutor: Survival Chinese: Improve your Chinese within a short time! -- Sophia Lu -- 2015-06-18
Hi my name is Sophia and i just wanted to take a minute to warmly invite you to join our custom made Chinese program at Mandarinpi for a quality and exciting Mandarin training. .. One of our most..
Chinese Tutor: 1-on-1 tutoring over skype -- iChineseLearning -- 2015-05-07
If you want to learn with an online Chinese tutorial from China, you can also try this site: .. You can learn basic Chinese through 1 on 1 skype lessons. ....
Chinese Tutor: -- David Dilley (Yufa) -- 2015-04-23
If you want to open up new opportunities for yourself, irrespective of age or social status, give us a bell or e-mail. There's no brownie-points for realising that new doors will open up for you, for..
Chinese Tutor: Chinese Tutor Beijing -- Helen -- 2015-02-12
Meet Helen! She is one of many great tutors with Sou Fudao. Contact her directly at Find more great tutors and message them for free at
Chinese Tutor: Native chinese speaker and professional language teacher offering mandarin lessons, -- zhouwei -- 2015-02-03
Learn the language and the culture from a friendly, down-to-earth, and experienced Chinese language teacher. .. Interested? Let's get started! .. My name is Zhouwei, and I am a Certificate in Chinese..
Chinese Tutor: Learn Chinese Mandarin in HongKong -- Wiselearning Centre -- 2015-01-15
Professional Chinese Teacher located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Native Mandarin speaker plus overseas studied teaching course. Have been teaching Chinese to Expats and foreign kids for more than 6 years...
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online Chinese Tutor Wanted -- ILE School -- 2014-12-13
Online school is looking for online Chinese tutors to teach Mandarin to Russian students thru Skype. The pay is $7 per class ( 45 min.) Must have a Paypal and a Skype account. .. Knowledge of basic..
Chinese Tutor: Experienced tutor, One to One -- jane yang -- 2014-11-25
hi, i m Yang Qing, English name Jane. i m 25 years old girl, majoring in English at Chengdu University. If you are interested in learning Chinese at Chengdu, you can just find me. I m full of..
Chinese Tutor: Chinese Language -- Suean Cai -- 2014-11-25
Hi Employers, I come from Shenzhen Guangdong Province China, 21 years old female, a senior student in Guangzhou University and will graduate and receive my Bachelor's Degree next June. My major is..
Chinese Tutor: Mandarin Lessons in Beijing (Absolute beginner to Advanced) -- Deng -- 2014-09-01
Hello and Ni Hao, I'm a local Beijing girl giving private Mandarin classes to expats on long term work assignment as well as short-term travelers to Beijing. I've been teaching Mandarin for over 6..
Chinese Tutor: Private Chinese Tutor in Beijing -- Deng -- 2014-08-04
Ni Hao! I'm a local Beijing girl who's been offering private Mandarin lessons to the expat community, short-term travelers and international students in Beijing for the last 5 years. Lessons are..
Chinese Tutor: Professional Mandarin/Chinese tutor online, 中文网上家教 -- andy -- 2014-04-24
Hey, I'm a professional mandarin/Chinese tutor online.I teach mandarin/Chinese via skype to my student.Up to now,i have students all over the world,I'm good at teaching..
Chinese tutor in Beijing -- Deng -- 2014-03-16
Ni Hao! I'm a local Beijing girl offering private Mandarin lessons to expatriates and their family members as well as crash courses to short term travelers. I have been teaching for over 6 years both..
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