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Warnings: -- Bob -- 2019-03-06
To all teachers considering teaching in Thailand, .. Please notice that I only state facts and no opinions. Thai people are openly racist.They do not like dark skin.They disrespect you face to..
BE aware.. folks if you plan to join this online esl company Cambly you may not have a time of your life. This company has been around for many years but They Do cheat teachers out of getting..
Warnings: Log into Facebook before choosing an online school -- karl -- 2017-05-04
Check out the Topica Facebook group before you apply with them. This is my strong advise.
ADMIN! Warnings: Dishonest tactics by TutorABC and iTutorGroup - Detailed example of wumao tactics -- Admin -- 2017-01-26
WARNING to all online tutors: Dishonest tactics on the part of TutorABC and iTutorGroup which started submitting wumao (fake) post to many boards of our site one week ago, using different names,..
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