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Ej John S. Avellana <> - 2018-06-13

Charismatic bliss, Tacloban City
Mobile Number: 011639275554891
To obtain a position where I could effectively apply my skills and knowledge I’ve learned and to give an opportunity to work productively and accurately in your company for the Long term.
• Born on November 15, 1996 at Tacloban, Leyte Philippines
• Age 21, Single
• Filipino, Roman Catholic
• Energetic and hardworking with the ability to adapt to any environment.
• Strong interpersonal Skills in English, Exceptionally good communication and demonstration skills.
• Personable with a Strong positive attitude; Communicate and interface well with patients, families and fellow staffs
• Good Moral and Strong Character and a People Person, I enjoy building relationships with people in the world and molding a good foundation.
• Member of the student body government in helping & serving people in our school and in the Community
• Volunteered here in Tacloban City Leyte Philippines for some major events and for Companies for some
Outreach programs
• Strong preparation Skills when interacting with others to make sure that business is taken care of and I have strong entrepreneurial skills when I talked to individuals and build relationships out there so that business can be done
• More than 2years of experience in the field of nursing and serving people in Leyte Provincial Hospital. Pawing,
Palo Leyte, Philippines
Leyte National High School
Colegio de la sale foundation de tacloban College Philippines
• First Aid and CPR Certification
• Basic life support
• Coaching Certificate
• I enjoy leisure reading and contact sports like basketball and badminton. I like learning about other cultures being with people. I value my friends and more importantly my family.
• I love to cook and bake as well but I prefer cooking when we have guests around.

June 13th 2018
RE: Cover Letter
To Whom It May Concern:
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you as of today to let you know that I am looking for employment as of now for the Long term and, Let me tell you more about myself and my background. I am Ej John S. Avellana from Tacloban City, Leyte Philippines and right now my focus and goal is to look for a job that will give me that experience that I would need in my life and for the long term, I have very strong Entrepreneurial skills and a Strong Character to build relationships with others in the world and I speak English very fluently with lots of practice for many years.
My background consists of many different avenues I have been in Student Government in my school which in this type of position I personally served the people in my school and also in my Community to pressed on the issues that is needed to be addressed for the long term and to help others so that their lives can be changed for the long term.
I have volunteered for some outreach programs for some major events and for some major companies in my community for experience , I would like to tell you more about that and it really felt great that the lives of people were changed in my area and I made a positive difference. My skills are very strong, I like to be prepared and interact with others on a daily basis out there so that I can help others and to build a positive relationship and form that foundation.
I am educated from the one of the best top schools and colleges in Tacloban City Leyte, Philippines. I would explain that to u when I get the chance to talk to you when getting interviewed.
If you need anything else from me especially more information please don’t be hesitate to let me know. Thank You So much
Ej, JOHN S. Avellana

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