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Ted Salonek <> - 2018-04-28

What we do

Class100 is an online education company focusing on teaching students in public schools across China. We have developed our own curriculum in accordance with what is being taught inside the schools and have created a teaching platform where the classes take place. We teach primary, middle and high school students with around 35-40 students in each class. Classes are 30 minutes long and we place teachers in schools according to their availability and the schools satisfaction with the class. We encourage a fun atmosphere focusing on speaking and listening. Inside every class a Chinese teacher is present who can assist with translation when needed. The aim of the class is to make English fun and interesting. We believe this is the best way to learn a foreign language.

Why choose us

1. Class Time

Class time is flexible. Our teachers submit a time table that is suitable for them(around afternoon and evening time). The class time does not interfere with personal schedules or a healthy night’s rest. The common corresponding time zones are as follows:

Beijing time: 7:30 am ~ 12:00 am
Beijing time: 1:30 pm ~ 4:30 pm

2. Mission and Values

Class100 is dedicated to providing authentic foreign faculty resources to remote areas in China where it would otherwise not be available. Unlike other online English language companies, our mission is to help children in relatively poor areas rather than just families that are economically better-off. As a teacher at class100, every class taught will help 30-40 children improve their English language proficiency. In this way, children from all different economic backgrounds will be able to enjoy the benefits of the foreign teacher experience equally.

3. Fixed Amount of Classes

Most online English learning companies adopt the method of having the students/school schedule their classes. As a result, the number of classes you could have each month may change drastically depending on the students’ choices. Our company on the other hand works in cooperation with public schools, employing a system of a fixed amount of classes. With this arrangement our foreign teachers can anticipate how many classes they’ll have each month as well as their salary. Foreign teachers can have up to 25 lessons per week, and reach out to 1000+ students each semester.

4. Competitive Wages

We provide a basic salary of USD $16-21 per hour. More importantly, the contract period signed by other online English teaching institutions and foreign teachers is generally six months while our contract is for three months. This means that there is a possibility of a salary increase only after six months with other companies, while with us a salary increase can occur when renewing their contract after three months. After three months working with us we can conduct a performance assessment in preparation for a raise.

5. Mobility

There is room for growth as a teacher with class100 from beginner level, to intermediate, to advance. You can start out as a foreign teacher and later advance to higher positions:

· CBT (Sign contract according to quantity of classes, higher guarantee of more monthly classes and involvement in more interesting tasks outside of teaching)

· Star Teachers (Receive more VIP specific classes, one on one/one on three tutoring sessions)

· Coach (training new teachers, higher wage)

The mobility provided as a foreign teacher with our company gives the opportunity for more lessons, higher salary and more interesting and challenging tasks.

6. Annual Curriculum Calendar

Class100 provides foreign teachers with an annual school calendar. With a full year’s schedule, our teachers can prepare for their courses in advance and arrange their holidays, travels, studies and personal schedules accordingly.

Applicant Requirements:

· BA degree or above

· TEFL/CELTA or other teaching certificate preferred but not required.

· Fluent in English and have a neutral accent

· Classroom English teaching experience or classroom ESL experience

· At least 15 hours a week available between the hours of 7:30am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm Beijing time

· Interest in educational technology, our company, and ESL

· Proficient with computers and technology

Equipment Requirements:

· Desktop computer/laptop access

· Internet Connection with 5 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed (Wire DSL preferred)

· Headset and HD webcam

· A quiet, bright, and clean teaching environment/room.


Please download and fill out the form at this link:

Also, test your internet speeds by visiting this website:

Please attach the form, your most recent resume, and your speed test results (both upload and download speeds) to an email and send them to

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