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Stevan Djukic <> - 2018-03-29

Curriculum vitae
Stevan Djukic
Personal data

- Name Stevan Djukic
- Email address
- Skype name djukic.stevan
- Date of Birth 1992.

Career Aim
Searching for a company in which I could develop my skills to the fullest

Teaching English Qualities

- 3 years of teaching English language
- Open and flexible approach with positive attitude
- Constant desire for improvement
- Working with students with various levels of knowledge
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Education and knowledge

- 2014. Technical University - Graphic engineer
- English language, University exam 2 semesters
- Teaching English, University exam 2 semesters
- Microsoft Office, Auto Cad, Photoshop, Skype, QQ, WeChat, Internet etc.

To whom it may concern,

I’ve been teaching English language since I have finished University. At first, I was engaged as private English teacher. All the lessons were one-on-one, helping students pass their exams, improve their communication skills too. Later, as I have moved to live in Europe, I have chosen to start working for online English companies. I’ve worked with students from Japan, China, Spain and Italy. Have TEFL/TESOL certificate for teaching ESL since 2015. I’ve been working with people who had different level of understanding English and with different requirements. Some of them need to improve their speaking skills. On the other hand there are students who need to pass serious exams to enter University in English speaking country (IELTS, TOEFL) or they need to pass exams in their own country for receiving a better chance within a company they are working for.

During my life, I got a chance to improve my knowledge, to learn different skills and to work in different environment. I am sure I have all the qualities that are required for excellent work within your company.

I have excellent communication with people, I enjoy working with them and I certainly hope to receive even more progress as a part of your team. High spirits and persistence are the best way to achieve the goal.

Maintaining good relations with students is always part of my ambition.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Steve Djukic

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