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Bobby Lee <> - 2018-03-29

Private Tutor – English Teacher (06/16 – 10/17)

• Held private 1-hour sessions for foreign students (primarily Japanese, Chinese and Korean) interested in learning English

• Wrote a website that each potential student would tell me about themselves, and also state what area they wanted to focus on (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc.)

Volvo Car Group – Software Engineer / English Teacher (06/14 – 05/16)


• Worked primarily as a software engineer, but also held weekly classes to teach all Volvo employees how to read, write, and speak English

Best Learning (Private English School) – Foreign Teacher (02/11 – 05/14)


• Held various 2-hour courses for teaching Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, all with a focus on the English language (taught ages 6 – 16)

• Responsible for crafting lesson plans for each class, which articulated what was to be taught each minute of the class

• Wrote parent notes 24 hours ahead of each class, which included the lesson plan (this was for the benefit of the parents, so they would know what would be taught each class)

Software Engineer – Software Engineer (01/94 – 01/11)

Various USA Locations

• Was responsible for programming, technical support, quality assurance, research and development, architecture, etc.


The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
Bachelor of Business Administration: Management Information Systems, 1993

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