Private Tutors - any language
Reading messages All users can see the board.
Default index format Show messages posted within the past 4 Week(s) and show them By Threads, Reversed.
Posting messages Allow New Threads.
Users CANNOT post follow-ups (responses) to existing messages.
Allow preview of message before posting.
Allow email notice of responses to your message.
The script will automatically hotlink URLs and email addresses in messages.
Users may append a link address to their message.
Users may append a link to an image on their own or another server.
Users CANNOT delete their messages.
If a message contains "naughty" language, the submission will be rejected.
Formatting messages Users can use Smiley code in the subject or body of their message.
Users can use Format Code in the body of their message.
Require Profile Posting does NOT require registration.
Moderation New posts are put 'on hold' until approved by the administrator, rather than being publicly displayed immediately.
IP address Posters' IP addresses will be recorded in the message files for the administrator's reference.
Upload images Users may upload images with their messages.
Maximum size: 1200 kb per file.
Email Readers may email the authors if they have provided their email addresses.

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