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New posts may be put 'on hold' until approved by the administrator, rather than being posted publicly immediately. You'll be informed whether or not your message will have to await moderation.

Posting a new message

To start a discussion on a subject, create a thread. You can do this by clicking the POST MESSAGE link on the Message Index page. You are taken to a page containing a form to fill in. Enter your name, the subject* and your message, then click Submit your message. You'll be taken back to the index, where you'll see your posting immediately.

* In the form is a list of 'mandatory' subject prefixes: 'English Tutor: American Accent: Business English: Test Preparation: Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Teachers Looking for Online JOBS: Students Looking For Tutors: Chinese Tutor: Other Languages: Students/Tutors Portals: Videos: Apps: Others: Warnings:'. You must pick one of the subject prefixes, which will precede whatever you enter as the subject of your message.
Note: POST MESSAGE should be used to start a new topic. To reply to earlier postings, use the link under the message, as explained below.

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There are a number of things you can do and cannot do:

  • You can preview your message before posting it. This is recommended.
  • You can enter your email address. (Privacy policy)
  • You can request that you be informed by email of responses to your message. This only works if you provide your email address.
  • You can include URLs and email addresses in your messages. The script will attempt to automatically hotlink them.
  • You can use Smiley code in the subject or body of your message.
  • You can format your message to make it more readable.
  • You can provide a link address at the bottom of your message.
  • You can include a link to a graphic image on your own or another server.
  • You can upload a graphic image directly from your own computer.
  • You cannot delete the messages you have posted. (See removing a message.)

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Replying to messages

Posting follow-ups (responses) to existing messages is not allowed.

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Approval of messages

Messages held for moderation will normally be approved, so long as they are relevant and do not contravene the rules of 'netiquette'. If you are in doubt about your message, you should probably post it, since this means that your intentions are the right ones and that any mistake you make is an honest one. The policy of moderating postings is intended to keep out abusive mesages and 'spam' (unsolicited advertising.)

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Message content

You are asked to keep the content of your messages consistent with 'netiquette': eg respect for other people's copyright, no heated messages ('flames') and definitely no personal abuse, no overlong postings, make your subject lines relevant and informative about the content, use mixed case in your postings (UPPER CASE LOOKS AS IF YOU'RE SHOUTING,) etc.

The message board administration takes no responsibility for the content of messages posted on this board. Nonetheless, the administrator may remove or amend, without warning or notification, any material that may be considered abusive, significantly off-topic or otherwise disruptive of the purposes of this message board.

Software routines are in operation to guard against breaches of netiquette. If your message contains "naughty" language, the submission will be rejected.

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Removing a message

If you would like a message you have posted on the message board to be removed, please email Administrator. The request must come from the email address that you registered on your profile or cited in the email address field of the message, or it will be ignored.

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Formatting a message

This board allows the use of Smiley Code and/or Format Code.

IMPORTANT  Never assume that your message will look the way you expect it to look. Always preview your message before you post it.

Smiley code

The following ASCII smileys will be automatically converted to images when they appear in the subject or body of a message.

Smiley Type this.. Smiley Type this..
8) 8) :( :(
>:( >:( :| :|
;) ;) :b :b
:O :O :\ :\
:) :) :D :D

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Format code

The following Format Code allows you to have more control over how your message looks, without having to know or use actual HTML codes. Format Code will work only in the body of a message.

You type this.. It becomes this..
[red]text..[/red] text..
[i]text..[/i] text..
[b]text..[/b] text..
[big]text..[/big] text..
  • text..
[small]text..[/small] text..

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Reading messages

The default format of the message board index shows messages posted within the past 4 Week(s) and shows them By Threads, Reversed.


message does not contain any original body text.
message contains a link URL.
message includes an image.

To read a message, click on the message name and a page will be displayed showing the message or the thread (a thread is a message and all the replies to it,) depending on how your preferences are set up.

To return to the index, click on the Return to Index tag at the top or bottom of the page.

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Marking all messages as read

When you log on for a second or subsequent time, messages that have been posted since your previous visit, or threads containing such messages, will be marked 'NEW:'.

You can set all messages displayed to appear as if they have been previously read by clicking on the Remove "NEW" tag at the top of the index.

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Searching the message board

You can search the message board for a specific topic or for postings containing specific keywords by clicking on the Search tag at the top of the index. You are taken to the search page, where you fill in the form, click Search and you will be returned to the index page where messages fitting your criteria will be listed.

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Upload graphic image

The maximum size of each file (GIF/JPG/PNG format) that can be uploaded is 1200 kb. Images take time to display when a visitor using a dial-up service opens the message page, so please keep the file size as low as possible. There is no limit to the pixel dimensions of an image you might wish to upload, but please keep pictures to below 500 pixels in height.

There will be a pause while the image uploads either when previewing the message or when submitting the message.

Privacy policy

Email addresses are held purely for the purpose of notifying subscribers and users of postings made to the message board, and, if necessary, of adminstrative matters relating to the use of the message board. The message board administration will not pass on to third parties email addresses obtained via user registration or subscription.

If you'd like your email address to be made available to readers of the message board, include it in the body of your message or on a web page linked from your message. DO NOT include the addresses of third parties without their permission.

Public posting of email or other addresses is entirely at the discretion of the poster, and the message board administration accepts no liability in regard to this.

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies. Cookies allow the board to recognize you the next time you visit, keep track of messages posted since your previous visit, maintain your personal index display preferences, and automatically insert your name and email address into the post forms.

If your browser supports cookies, using them will make your visits here more productive. If your browser doesn't support cookies, or you have disabled them, you will lose the convenience of the functions that they provide here.

The cookies that this site sets are not shared with any other website, nor is a copy kept on the server. We don't use the cookies for anything other than making the discussion board easier to use.

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Contact admin

  • If after consulting the help page, you still cannot work out how to do what you want to do;
  • If you have an idea for improving the board; or
  • If you have suggestions for changes to this help page in order to remove errors, to make it clearer, or to address aspects of using the message board not already dealt with..
please email the message board administrator.

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