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Travel Tips

World Travel Facts !

You may wonder what is the healthiest way to spend money? What causes us travel and be globetrotters? Where can a long trip on plane take us to? And where does the only palace exist in the United States?

Discover 10 of the finest tourist facts that will introduce you to the world of travelling just you might have never heard of before. Please read and enjoy:

1 – A vacation for travelling usually reducesthe risk of heart disease
2 – Research studies point out that the money you spend for your travelling makes you happier more than the money spent on real goods
3 – Citizens of Austria have the biggest number of vacation days in the world. They could take 22 days paid holiday, in addition to 13 days of Christmas.
4 – The alphabets in Hawaii contain only 12 characters
5 – Honolulu in Hawaii is the only place in the United States that contain a royal palace
6 – France is the most visited country in the world by the largest number of tourists yearly
7 – The longest flight in the world is that between Sydney in Australia and Dallas, Texas in the United States and it is a 16-hour continuous trip.
8 – The most expensive hotel room in the world with a price of US $ 83,000 per night is a Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland
9 – The Atlantic ocean is saltier than the Pacific
10 – Canada contains more than 3 million lakes! And it is the top country that has such number of lakes.

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