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Busted: Popular Travelling Myths
By:t2india.in <info@t2india.in>

Busted: Popular Travelling Myths

Travelling is one of the THE rites of passage of the world. Everyone has this inherent need to travel whether they are from the stone age looking for better pastures or the new age man or woman looking to add some colour to life with a short trip abroad. Exploring new lands and gaining new experiences is a great way to broaden your horizons. However, the so called ‘fear of the unknown’ still remains. Exaggerations, half- truths or plain old travel myths can prove to be a deterrent for some while making a place sound more exciting than it actually is to another. Following are just few of these myths which can be considered just plain stupid without any truth backing them:

• Public transport is the best way to get around:
Every city in this world has its own little gems to be seen and experienced. It has been popularly believed that the best and the fastest way to seeing them is by public transport, whether its a bus, rickshaw or a subway. However, that is certainly not true. Travelling in public transport deprives you from some great experiences that you can have while just walking from one place to another. This way you get to live and feel the place. Travel when you have to in a rickshaw or a subway but don’t miss out those interesting anecdotes that you can relate when walking round a place and taking a look at how the locals live.

• English is spoken everywhere:
Though pretty common, you have to realize that not everyone in this world has a grip on this language. It is best to learn at least a few local words that would help you in case of any stuck up situation. In addition to hand gestures, these can actually help you in case of any problem.

• No need for Travel Insurance:
Many people think that nothing can happen to them while travelling. However, this is not true every time. Eventualities and accidents come without knocking. Thus, it is always wise to purchase travel insurance to cover any emergencies. In fact, many countries even make it mandatory as a condition of entry for you to have insurance. Save money in any other way but never compromise on the insurance part thus providing you a cushion in case of any problem whatsoever in a foreign land.

• Always carry money in a money belt:
This is a popular myth that has been propagated since a long time. Just think, when have you ever seen a local citizen of a country wearing a money belt to carry money. They don’t. In fact, it is better to be safe and cautious about your belongings and cash than worrying about a special pouch to carry the same. Pickpockets are everywhere and a money belt or a pouch just screams ‘tourist’ to everyone you meet during your holiday. If you are worried, take only the essentials with you while going out and keep everything else in the hotel safe. Still if you must take them, keep them in the front pocket or somewhere you can keep a constant eye on the same.

• Street Food is unsafe:
Many travellers prefer eating in a restaurant rather than taking a bite of the delicious local street food of the country they are visiting. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to eat in an air conditioned place, the thought that the hotel food is healthier compared to the street fare is dubious at best. This is because, while out on street, you can at least see what ingredients are going into your meal and get it prepared right in front of your eyes while it is hardly the case in restaurant kitchens.

• Custom packages are more expensive:
There is a common presumption among general travellers that package deals are always cheaper than customized packages. However, that is not the case in today’s scenario. Customized packages offer a plethora of travelling options while keeping you within the budget. That is hardly true in case of package tours where you have to follow a set schedule without any changes according to your personal choice.

So, forget what they say about travelling being unsafe and out of budget and release the wanderer inside you. Scratch these myths from your itinerary and experience the world without any fear or half truths weighing down on your subconscious.

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