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Travel Tips

Packing Tips
By:Kum Martin

Packing is a very important part of your traveling experience. You don’t want to bring too much or too little clothes. New airline luggage restrictions make it harder for a traveler like you.

So what should you pack in your carry-on luggage? When you pack, you must make sure that you pack your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, airline tickets, and map.

If you have a medical condition, you must make sure you carry your medications with you. It will be less likely to get lost. You also want to watch out for temperature-sensitive medication. You should try to carry your medication in their original bottles. You don’t want to avoid security questions. If it is possible, you should know the generic names of your medications. Brand name can vary in different countries. Especially, if you are traveling outside the United States, check to see what you can take with you. The same drug may not be legal in the country of your destination. You don’t want to go to jail.

If it is possible, you do not want to take your valuables with you. If you must take them with you, you should lock it carefully in your luggage. If you can put it in carry-on bags, you should put it there. If you place any valuables in your luggage, hide them in the lower sections of the bags so a quick look inside won’t reveal them.


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