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#1 Parent You'reDumb - 2018-12-26
Re: Online franchise

You people are dumb if you think this is a real thing. I saw this company advertising on Craigslist with the domain They just buy domains and run scams on them and then buy up other domains. Domain registration date/age does not matter as anybody could have registered it in 2013 and then this company scooped it up after it expired. i anything is always going to be registered so of course someone legit may have registered before these scammers bought the domain from them or scooped it after expiration. Either way, you're an idiot if you give a company 6 grand to become a "franchisee". I just googled to see how many morons got scammed by this company after i reported their post on Craigslist after I came across it.

#2 Parent interested-buyer - 2018-03-27
Re Online franchise

The next morning I got an email saying I wasn't on the short list for moving forward

I would say that if they rejected your application then it's hardly a scam?

#3 Parent Due diligence - 2018-03-27
Re Online franchise

Dear Richard, Thank you for taking the time to reply, I value your added insight. It seemed the only way to get information was to have a 30" Skype call with the marketing person. I did that, but still didn't have all the answers to what I considered very basic financial questions. They were vetting me to see if I was a good fit, but I made it clear to them I needed to fully vet them to see if they were a good fit. The next morning I got an email saying I wasn't on the short list for moving forward. There were a lot of red flags for me while I was doing my research. I do not know for a fact if they are a scam or not. But I know for a fact they are not a good fit for me. Again, thanks for your information.

#4 Parent Richard - 2018-03-27
Re Online franchise

If they registered in the UK it might make sense but they also registered in Estonia when there is zero need to do that.
Be very careful, some sort of scam is in process.
The UK has a bizarre law called "Invitation to treat" what this actually means is they can offer you one thing, but you actually get something else and if you did not nail them down to specifics, they get away with the scam.
Selling a franchise and all that comes with the creation of a franchise, this bizarre UK law fits in perfectly for scamming a buyer.
They have no reason at all to double register in Estonia unless they are planning something which is not acceptable under UK laws or systems.

#5 Parent Due diligence - 2017-07-05
Re: Online franchise

Thank you for taking the time to research this a little for me, I appreciate it.

#6 Parent Observer - 2017-07-04
Re: Online franchise

Acording to they created their domain in 2013 which is quite some time ago. They provide a name and address is their domain registration.
Their website is 2,030,886, which is not bad.
I would say they are real.

#7 Parent Due diligence - 2017-07-04
Re: Online franchise

Here is the link to the offer:

The general website:

#8 Parent Observer - 2017-07-03
Re: Online franchise

What is their website?

Due diligence - 2017-07-03
Online franchise

Hello everyone. I am researching an online TESOL franchise opportunity and want to know if anyone has heard of &/or had dealings with this company. The assert they have been around since 2002. Their company is registered in the UK, company number 10768376 and in Estonia, company number 14244786. Both these registrations happened this year (2017). Does anyone have information on International TEFL Limited?

Thank you in advance for anything you may have to report!

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