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Teacher - 2018-06-05

I posted this to the glassdoor and it has been deleted several times.

1- already left your misery and started new well paid job June 1st from $8/h with your miserable pay structure to $27/h with respectable company, Exploring teachers to the level of pure slave is terribly wrong , a class of 6 students and a work of 2h for your miserable $8 while you are pocketing millions of students and teachers' money.

2- you spend your time on glassdoor, and other social medias website so you have no time to answer teacher's emails and address their concerns this is why it takes you for every to answer our messages.

3- you spend your time telling teachers who post honest reviews, you will flag them to glassdoor. you are dictators and shameless like well noticed by many true teachers here on glassdoor website.

4- you send your time giving false hopes to the teachers by saying to them [we are improving we are improving we are improving], in reality what you do is spending your time making all kind of policies in order to dig into teachers ' pockets.

5- ROFL you still post the so called "good reviews" and you think people are stupid, right? well when posting tones of stupid so called "good reviews" in the same date with already seen titles and decorate all of them with 5 stars. they posted fake and so called good reviews on esl teachers board website with the same IP address. I will let you conclude who is stupid. you truly have miserable minds.

6- All teachers know full well about your DECEPTIVE TACTICS, LIES, AND THEFTS. we don't need to go far to see how much teachers find your deceptions disgusting, we only need to read the posts from real teachers on glassdoor. Hope students will realize soon.

7- you have a PAY STRUCTURE FRAUD that you use to mislead the teachers and at the end they find themselves poorly paid, that is exactly how I feel each time there is a "new bonus structure" announcement.

8- Amazing, I saw it in many of your responses to honest reviews. Each time a teacher opens up his/her mouth your run around crying out loud : "slander" "libel and will be flagged with Glassdoor management.". We are well aware of your dictatorship attitude and deception. if you don't know the definition of libel then don't use at all the word "libel". when you lie about others the way you do then it is libel however when you speak the truth, it is called "exposing your scam".

And each time you see an honest review from a real teacher you flood glassdoor with your fake reviews to push down the true reviews. We have just to look at the titles that you stupidly wrote most of them in upper case, and as said by other comments you all give them 5 stars and now all 4 stars. Told you, you have poor minds and this same poverty is contagious and tricking you.

The poverty of your minds contaminated the pay and bonus structure and who are paying the price of your minds' poverty? we got it: STUDENTS AND TEACHERS.

what kind of CEO is the one who is encouraging all these unethical business practices? it's question of time before you collapse and the roof of you so called "company" falls on your miserable heads.



No advice for these Itutorgroup crooks.

I have advice to students, teachers and whoever is thinking of taking courses or working with them:

1. To Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese Students: don't waste your money with them they're careless about how hard you worked for it, go with honest companies and they are lot.

2. To all teachers: lodge complaints to a better business bureau and Department of labour, and this is what I'll do.

3. Students and Teachers please flag all those massive so called good reviews written on the same day with all 5 stars. Also keep exposing them by posting honest and accurate reviews everywhere. filter the reviews from low, you will hear what honest teachers are say about these crooks.

4. To Governments: Crooks and liars like this company should be banned from north America and elsewhere.

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