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Alex&em - 2018-06-03
In response to Re: (Been There)

The IP address for the GT server is Chicago Illinois and Denver, Colorado most recently. GT has switched servers 10 times since their original domain registration, including Denmark. However, the IP addresses from the two agents I corresponded with are in Amsterdam, Netherlands which smacks of fraud. I paid the 70$ fee 3 months ago smelling a rat, but I couldn't find any complaints or warnings from other clients when doing a web search at the time. Thus, I took a gamble. In April, I was contacted by a woman whose name or pseudo-name was Irene Ludlow. She claimed to be the hiring manager of the Bilingual Learning Centre and to have received my resume from GT. Yet, she didn't tell me where the school is located, probably because it doesn't exist anywhere. Either in this thread or one in another forum, I discovered from the grievance of a past client that this school was located in Iceland, though there's no public record of it there. Anyway, I contacted her by email to ask where the school was, but she has never replied until now. I do know that there is no such school or even hiring manager by the name of Ludlow. This week I traced the IP address for the email I got from her and found her location was in a reservoir in the USA. GT is definitely fraudulent. Legitimate recruiters only charge a finders fee to the employer. I've been teaching EFL in Asia for 23 years and have never had to pay this fee while finding great jobs very fast. If we go to there are lists of schools for just about every country where there's a demand for EFL teachers. We can contact the schools directly by ourselves by visiting their websites.

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